Written by Jason

10 Dec 2007

It was obvious that Clara was feeling horny as soon as I got in from work....I suspect she had been on SH and seen some action, as after the first 'hello' fondle she suggested a take-away from our local Chinese, Wongs.

As I left to collect our order, Clara said 'Bring a stray feller if you can find one!' Now, Mr.Wong junior and I had often shared a little joke about English women, with enough nudge-nudge, wink-wink to make me think he was bit of a lad. Worth a try? As I paid for our meal, I asked if he would like to meet my wife when he finished work. 'Your wife velly good lady!!' he replied,....'I come your house 11 o'clock!' I gave him our address, and added as I left, 'Bring your friend!' 'Yes yes, bring friend!' he assured me enthusiastically.

'No spare feller, then, lover?' said Clara when I arrived back. 'Aha, all in hand...later, my little randy cherry!' 'Really?...you've actually got another guy coming?' Being a woman she wanted to know all the details, but I told her it was a surprise, and she would need to contain her lust until 11 o'clock.

Well before then she had changed into her flimsy nightie with only a scanty panty beneath, and by ten-thirty was convinced whoever it was would be a no-show.

At 5 past 11 the doorbell rang: As I answered it, a babel of excited voices filled the hall...Wong Jnr. had brought THREE of his mates! Clara heard the hubbub, and come to the lounge door....her mouth fell open when she saw the four young Oriental men taking off their coats......what she said was lost in the excited chatter, but as I showed them into the lounge they each greeted Clara very politely, refaining from sampling her obvious charms.

At the offer of a drink they all clamoured for whisky; this poured, I proposed a toast to 'sexy English ladies!' Feeling that as host I was expected to lead by example, I started to undress, getting naked in seconds: to my delight all four guys did the same, gathering round Clara with rapidly stiffening cocks. All politeness now evaporated; within seconds her scanties were removed, and eight hands roamed her naked body.

Cocks were offered, sucked and wanked....Clara was on a roll! She caressed and stroked, admiring each man's attributes in turn; some small, some thin, one short and thick, and one long and thin, with big balls that dangled down between his smooth thighs.

Time for action: A duvet spread on the floor became the arena, her first lover entering her missionary-style - he pumped vigorously, cumming within a minute with a lot of ecstatic noise: He pulled out, his cock still leaking cum, to be replaced instantly by Mr. Long & Thin with the big balls....Clara almost shrieked as he buried himself deep within, before he started the same energetic shafting as No.1, but lasted longer, giving Clara her first orgasm of the night. What he shot inside her we shall never know; he shuddered, made lots of cumming noises then carried on for at least another two minutes before drawing a still-hard cock from her cunt. Mr. Wong Jnr. was next, easing his nice todger in to explode inside Clara within about 30 seconds, to be replaced by Mr. Little who must have been on his first real adventure as he shot his load even as he entered her.

Mr. Long & Thin was ready for more; saying something in a tongue we did'nt understand, he turned Clara over for a shot at doggy; Straight in, she gasped a second time as he sunk his rock-hard length so far into her cunt that his balls were pressed against her mons veneris to such an extent that they were pushed hard between his thighs, pulsing with each thrust of his buttocks.

Two of the others were alternating their softened cocks in Clara's mouth until they, too, were soon rampant: A very noisy climax signalled the end of Long 'n Thin's residence up Clara, as he shot a second load inside her, pulling quickly out and moving round to her face to take the not-unsubstantial residue from his cock.

Wong took his place, a longer sojourn this time before more oriental ecstacy as he unloaded. The shy young guy merely played with his limpy cock, while the other oralist unloaded a thin dribble of seconds over Clara's tits.

Now my turn: Clara, still on all-fours, took my rigid cock, pushed her arse hard onto it, and had a huge orgasm such as I have never known before: I wanted to cum inside her, but for the benefit of my fellow-shaggers, pulled out and spurted my larger-than-usual load all over her bum, rubbing it round her cheeks with my dribbling todger. To my surprise, this earned me a round of applause from my appreciative and still-naked audience.

Mr. Long & Thin was obviously an oriental stud; even as the others were reaching for their clothes, he was fingering Clara's very sticky cunt-lips, his cock rising once more. I left him alone with Clara, saw the other 3 guests out, then went upstairs.

I have absolutely no idea what they got up to in the lounge (she will tell me when she feels randy!) but she came up to bed absolutely shattered at 10 to 4, with not even the energy for a much-needed shower.

It occurred to me that we might try the Indian take-away next time.........