Written by jeff720269

29 Jun 2013

Looking out your window the snow is heavy, there at least six inches on the ground already, but nothing is going to stop you from having a good night at the office party, but looking at the weather you think it will better to walk even though it’s a good thirty minute walk from your house.

Dress is a beige skirt and jacket, with purple underwear and stockings to keep your legs warm while walking through the snow, top of with a pair of knee length boots, there’s just a little gap between your boots and the hem of your skirt that shows a glimpse of your stockings, you head of through the snow to the party.

Ten minutes into your journey the wind picks up making it hard to walk, your even having to hold your skirt down with your hands has the wind is so strong it has already lifted your skirt up once displaying your stockings and underwear for every one to see, by the time you arrive at the party your freezing cold, entering the building the warm air inside the building makes you feel better even though your whole body is freezing, has you enter the reception you head of to the cloak room where you remove your coat your fingers thumbling with the buttons as they are very numb with the cold, eventually removing your coat you head of to the lift, as your about to enter the lift your met by one of your bosses, martin is dressed in a pin striped suit, he just a inch short of six foot broad shoulders and a fit body, you’ve always wondered what he would look like naked even though he is about ten years older than you, you have always fancied Martin from the first time you met him when you first started working here, but because he’s married you always thought he was off limits.

Just as you both are about to enter the lift you are join by more party goers pushing you and Martin to the rear of the lift, your standing slightly in front of Martin, your body inches away from his you can feel his hot breath on the back of your head, has the lift arrives at your floor the movement from the people in front of you forces you to step backwards forgetting Martin is standing there your arse is pushed into his groin by you stepping back, you suddenly feel Martin’s hands on your thighs to stop you from falling back to much, you turn to apologise he acknowledges your apology and tells you not to worry about it.

Leaving the lift you both go your separate ways into the party you find a few girlfriends to drink and chat with, your with Jill who is in her late fifties, she has a worn face but the body of a twenty year old all the curves in exactly the right places, and there is also Jane with you a nineteen year old who’s body is still forming into a women, but she has the longest legs you have ever seen on a girl she even towers over you at six feet two. Even wearing a knee length skirt for Jane looks likes her wearing a mini skirt.

Has the party continues and drinks continue to flow Jill starts letting out a few office secrets, she informs you both that this is her tenth office party and every year she has ended up with a different man, you reply what you’ve gone home with different men every year, Jill replies oh no I’ve had sex in different locations on the premises before going home, you ask I take it your husband has never found out, Jill shocks you no he never found out because he don’t need to cus when I get home I tell him, and I tell him every little detail, we then end up having mind blowing sex, you ask he doesn’t mind then, oh no replies Jill he looks forward to the office party every year, waiting for me to get home to tell him what I’ve been up to. Jill then informs you and Jane that it won’t surprise her if both of you got some attention tonight considering this is your first office party. She then tells you what ever you do tonight will be forgotten tomorrow, no one ever talks about the going on after the party has finished.

At that point you are joined by two office juniors, Jeff and Jake, they are both in their early twenties, and if you didn’t know better you would of thought they were bothers has they both look alike, they are roughly the same build with brown hair and hazel eyes, standing at five feet eight. They start chatting to the three of you about this and that, looking at your glass you notice it’s empty so you make your excuses and leave them to grab a refill asking if anyone else wants one, Jane is the only one who requires another drink.

Grabbing a drink for you and Jane you head back to the group, on your return you hand Jane her drink and also notice that Jake is standing very close to Jill infact he’s that close you can’t even see any light between them, then you realise why has his left hand is all over Jill arse. Has for Jill she standing their as this is a normal occurrence. She is paying no notice to Jake feeling her arse.

Turning around looking towards the dance floor you notice that there are even more couples doing exactly the same thing on the dance floor, your thinking god this is a sex party not an office party. Has you turn back Jeff asks you if you would like a dance, not saying yes straight away, both Jill and Jane urge you to dance with Jeff, so looking at Jeff you say ok, grabbing you by the hand he leads you onto the dance floor, as the music being play is soft and romantic, Jeff grabs hold of you and pulls you in close to him his arms moving around your waist and onto the small of your back, you do the same with your arms, as you move around the dance floor you can feel Jeff rubbing his groin into you, with the drink inside you and the romantic music playing you let yourself be taken by the moment, and you don’t even care or try to stop Jeff when his hands drops to your arse, at first he waits for you to resist, but because you don’t he starts to move his hand in tune with the music over your arse, every now and again giving your arse cheeks a little squeeze through your skirt, not wanting to be undone you drop your hands to his arse and pull him in closer to you.

After three songs smooching with Jeff you know that he knows what your wearing underneath your skirt, also has you leave the dance floor to join the others you realise your feeling very horny now, your pussy is aching for attention, before you join the others you both grab fresh drinks.

Rejoining the others in the corner off the room you notice Jake is satisfied with just feeling Jill arse he as now got both women standing close to him one on either side and he has his hands on the both of them, and with Jill he has even gone one stage further has he now has his hand up her skirt from behind, and from her stance and the look on her face you know he has his hands in between her legs, running his fingers over the crotch of her knickers from behind, that’s if she wearing any knickers. Standing next to Jill with your back to the wall you glance without any one noticing behind her, you notice your right he does has his hand up her skirt, turning your head back to join in the conversation, Jeff moves to the right of you getting very close, you feel his hand behind you, his hand on your stockings just below the hem of your skirt, surprising to yourself you find yourself taking a wider stance, as Jeff slowly slides his hand up your legs moving across your stockings over your little bit of bare flesh and onto the material of your satin knickers, sliding his hand down the crack of your arse and in between your legs you feel his fingers pushing against the gusset of your knickers forcing the material into your pussy, looking at Jane she smiles at you has she is getting the same treatment from Jake as well.

Jill then pipes up and tells Jeff why don’t you take her into the stock room and give her what she needs, before you can protest or agree you realise you being lead by Jeff into the stockroom, once in the stock room Jeff gives you exactly what you wanted for ages now, bending you over some boxes he lifts your skirt up around your waist, pulling your knickers to one side he slips his cock from his pants and slips it straight into your wet pussy, grabbing you around the waist he fucks you hard and fast until he explodes his juices deep inside your pussy, pulling his cock out and moving away you feel hands on your back again keeping you in that position. Thinking he wants more, you stay there, feeling a cock entering your pussy you realise this cock is even thicker, looking over your shoulder you see that Jake as now taken Jeff place, still wanting to cum yourself you let him continue, has Jake also fucks you hard and fast you feel your body shake as your about to cum, just at the time you cum Jake also cums inside your pussy.

After you both have cum Jake inform you that we had better join the others, you watch him place his thick cock back in his trousers as you adjust your knickers, pulling your skirt down you head back into the party, has you join Jane and Jill they both ask you did you enjoy it, you reply it was over to quick, Jill replies I know Jake had fucked us both before you and Jeff got off the dance floor, both Jake and Jeff as now moved onto new quests. Jane then heads of to get you all fresh drinks leaving you and Jill talking.

Whilst your talking Jill ask you which cock you like the most, you reply Jake’s, Jill then continues well he does have a thicker cock, also I had in last year as well, but he has no stamina, he just a wham bam thank you mam. But he’s a good start for the night, you reply you mean there’s going to be more, Jill replies I certainly hope so, you both laugh, you didn’t realise she was so sex mad, as to look at in the office she is so prim and proper, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

Has the night continues and the drink flows freely more and more couples are openly feeling each other up, Jane is on the dance floor and is pinned between Jeff and Jake, their hands are all over her body, in her blouse up her skirt and all over her arse. Jill as gone to the bathroom, leaving you standing there alone.

Standing there looking around the room you notice martin is walking towards you, your stomach starts to tense up as your pussy also starts to tingle inside your knickers, you hoping and praying that he his coming over to you, your heart stops a beat as he approaches you and starts to chat to you, as you chat with Martin you notice is eyes are wondering all over your body, so you decide to have a bit of fun to see how Martin reacts, dropping your handkerchief on the floor, your just about to bend over to pick it up when you realise your too late, Martin as knelt down to pick it up, but instead of bending he has adopted a crouch so that his face is now level with your pussy, his face is inches away from your skirt, your wishing you was somewhere else standing there naked in front of him, Martin pretends to loose is balanced and places out a hand grabbing your leg just above your boots, but instead of removing his hand he looks at you in the face still crouched before you to see what your reaction is, looking at him you smile, Martin then surprises you again as he slowly starts to stand up, again he doesn’t remove his hand this time he slides his hand up your leg as he slowly stands up, you feel his hand slowly sliding up your leg over your stockings, over your bare skin, continue upwards towards your knickers, he stops his hand once his fingers are over the gusset of your knickers, keeping his fingers on your gusset he turns you around so that your back is to the rest of the party goers, Martin stands there looking at you as he slips his fingers inside your knickers, his fingers now tracing up and down your clit. As he continues to slide his fingers up and down your clit he leans forward and whisper in your ear, Jeff and Jake told me you like the stock room but how would you like to go somewhere even quieter. You just look at him and nod to say yes why not, he then removes his fingers and leads you by the hand out of the room and into the lift, everyone in the room is to busy to noticing you leaving.

Once in the lift he pushes you up against the wall while at the same time pushing the button for the top level, where you know his office is situated, with you pushed against the rear wall of the lift Martin drops to his knees, he pushes your skirt up around your waist, you feel him pushing your knickers to one side, then his hot breath hits your pussy as he starts to slide the flat part of his tongue up and down your pussy, grabbing his head you pull him closer into your pussy, Martin obliges your wish by slipping his tongue into your pussy making you even hotter. Stopping for a second you feel his hands reaching for the top of your knickers, its not long before you feel your knickers sliding down your legs, you assist him by stepping out of them when they are around your ankles, you watch him place your knickers in his pocket has the lift comes to an halt.

Taking you by the hand again he takes you from the lift to the short walk to his office, inside the office he puts the lights on, where upon afterwards he grabs you and sits you on his desk, kneeling in front of you again he pulls you to the edge of the desk while forcing your legs wide apart, you feel his tongue on your pussy once more has Martin starts to finger and lick your pussy making you cum all over his face, once you have cum he stands up and kisses you letting you taste your own juices, dropping to your knees you remove Martin cock from his trousers, you notice he’s not wearing any underwear, his cock is about seven inches long and hard as rock, you don’t hesitate to take him fully in your mouth, your hands playing with his balls at the same time, its not long before you feel his cock jerk inside your mouth has he cums inside your mouth, you take every last drop making sure you haven’t missed any.

Standing back up you continue to stroke his cock with your hands to get him hard again, whilst doing this Martin also as his fingers deep inside your pussy again fucking you hard and fast, your finding it hard to concentrate as he makes you cum again, his cock now rock hard in your hand, Martin then pulls away so he can strip you naked leaving you standing there in just your stockings and boots, he has also removed all his clothes as well.

Sitting you back on his desk he gets you to lie down while lifting your legs in the air, holding your legs up you feel his cock against your pussy, he slowly enters your pussy, pushing in a little further every time with the movement of his hips, with his cock fully inside your pussy he leans forward still holding your legs up and starts to suck your nipples. While sucking on your nipples he fucks your pussy slowly to start with getting faster and harder with each thrust of his hips until he his fucking you so hard and fast you think you are going to faint, soon you orgasm all over Martin’s cock just has he cums inside you. You fuck each other all over his office before finally getting dressed and rejoining the party.

On rejoining the party you notice that Jill and Jane and the tow lads are missing, looking at your watch it’s getting late so you decide to finish your drink and head for home, stepping out side you feel a cold breeze on your pussy, you then realise you left your knickers in Martin’s office as you couldn’t find them. Finally getting home you grab a shower before getting some needed sleep.

Arriving back at the office the next day, the last day before you all go on Christmas break, looking around the office you wouldn’t realised there was a party in here the night before if you didn’t know. Also looking around the office work is going on as normal no one seems to be talking about last night.

At break time Jill joins you in the coffee room, she ask you if you enjoyed the party, you reply yes did you, Jill replies yes I did but I enjoyed what happened after the party even more, you look at her eyes wide to say do tell. You can see that Jill is also dying to tell you so she doesn’t waste any time.

Jill starts by saying you know I always tell my hubby what I get up to at these parties which leads to a dam good fucking, well I decided to go one further last night, I phoned hubby to see if he was up for it first, when he agreed I could feel my pussy acing with anticipation. You're thinking -- well go on don’t stop do tell.

Well I persuaded the boys and Jane to come home with me and put a show on for hubby, but what happen even had me coming and coming, well when we all got home I got the drinks out to settle every one down but Jake and Jeff didn’t need settling down they couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, my hubby was sat on the chair while Jane was sat in between the two boys on the settee, and there was a huge smile on my hubbies face, when I sat on the arm of the chair next to him I could see why, Jane wasn’t wearing any knickers and the two lads was running their fingers up and down her pussy, when I ask Jane where her knickers was Jeff replied we took them off her outside, Jane then said to me why don’t you sit here for a minute I need the bathroom, looking at my hubby he nodded his approval.

As soon as I sat down they had my legs apart, it took them about ten seconds before my knickers were around my ankles and their fingers were fucking my pussy, the next thing I knew was Jane knelt down in front of my hubby so he could still see then she took his cock out and sucked him dry, this was the first time I’ve seen my hubby with another women and god it turned me on I was cuming in seconds, didn’t think I was going to stop cuming. Then they threw we over the back of the settee, I was sucking on Jeff cock while Jake was fucking me from behind, I could also hear Jane moaning with delight, so I knew my hubby was giving her some attention. This went on all night long, I even had a sixty nine with Jane, and I watch Jane get fucked at the same time by all three men, and when they finished with Jane they fucked me, at one stage I had a cock in my arse my pussy and mouth, what a night.

Your feeling a little disappointed because you know when four thirty comes it will be the last day at work for nearly two weeks, and just when work was getting interesting.

Chapter Two

The Christmas period was un-eventful you spent Christmas day with your parents, sat at home boxing day your wondering what to do for new year when you receive a text from Jill she has invited you to a party at her house, she informs you that most of the office staff will be there, this starts your mind pondering about how Jill and Jane had sex with three men at the same time, something you always wanted to try, the thought of it makes you go upstairs and relieve your sexual tension with the use of your vibrator.

The eve of the party you find yourself putting on the skimpiest out fit you have, you have placed on a pair a purple throng with matching bra, a skirt that barely covers your arse, stockings and suspenders and black boots with a dark blouse to hide your bra, yet undone at the top so your cleavage can be clearly seen.

By the time you arrive at the party at eight o’clock its in full swing, the house is packed, there are even people in the back garden having a good time. Jill tells you to make yourself at home she then whispers in your ear if you’re lucky enough to pull you can use any off the bedrooms as long as no one else is using it. Everyone from the office is there at the party even Martin is there, you find out is wife as gone back to England to see her parents, Martin will be joining her in two days he had to remain behind to do so work, your glad he’s there your also hopping that you can have some more of him, you find yourself thinking I wish he would take me upstairs and fuck me right now, just then you are joined by Jeff and Jake, you greet them both with a kiss, but when you kiss Jake he’s not happy with just a kiss, he slips his hand under the back of your skirt and has a little squeeze of your arse cheeks as you kiss him, when he breaks away you hear Martin saying now how comes he gets a feel and I don’t, with out thinking and teasing Martin you find your self saying I have never stopped you from having a feel, without saying another word martin moves to the side of you and slips his hand under your skirt at the back, but instead of removing his hand he leaves it there while you talk to all three of them, your glad your standing with your back to the wall otherwise everyone would see martin’s hand under your skirt.

You excuse yourself from them for a moment has you need the bathroom, on your return you notice that the boys have a smirk on their faces, Jeff has got you another drink which he hands you as you return back to your standing position in between Martin and Jake, within seconds of you standing there martin has returned his hand back to your arse cheeks, but this time Jake has also joined in has his hand is also under your skirt, you feel your self getting very horny as Jake and Martin squeeze your arse cheeks, you get even more hornier has Martin’s hand is now sliding underneath your throngs from behind teasing your pussy through the gusset, you take a wider stance to allow him better access, your pussy is really starting to get wet now you want to feel a cock inside it.

Martin sensing this he removes his hand and informs Jake and Jeff I think we need to take this little lady upstairs, before you get the chance to say anything you are being taking upstairs by the three lads.

Once upstairs you search for a free bedroom, the first one you open has Jill and Jane fucking Jill’s husband, Jane is squatting on her hubby’s face while Jane is riding his cock, shutting the door you head to the second bedroom, opening the door it’s empty, it has a king size bed in the middle of the room which is that big will fit all four of you on at the same time lead side by side. You them feel yourself being took over to the bed where you are laid down in the centre, before you could say boo Jeff and Jake are at your side they have unfastened your blouse, and have pushed your bra up freeing your breasts, within second Jeff and Jake are sucking on a nipple, being pinned to the bed by Jeff and Jake you also feel your legs being pushed apart, then your skirt is pushed up around your hips, then you feel your panties being pushed to one side, you let out a gasp of delight as you feel Martin’s tongue on your pussy, with your nipples being sucked and tweaked and your pussy getting a good licking it’s not long before you find yourself cuming.

While Jeff and Jake was sucking on your nipples they also managed to stripped themselves naked, somehow Martin had also done the same, after they had made you cum you find them sitting you up and ripping your clothes of you leaving you in just your stockings and suspenders, martin then works his way onto the centre of the bed, he grabs you and gets you to sit on his cock, which you do willingly, with Martin’s cock inside your pussy you feel a hand on your back as your being pushed forward over Martin, you then feel a cock enter your arse as the third one is offered to your mouth, with all three cocks inside you they start to fuck you hard and fast, which in turns has you having an orgasm, infact you find yourself having two orgasms before the first cock explodes inside you quickly followed by the other two. This goes on for another hour as all three men take it in turn to change position so that each one has fucked your arse, pussy and mouth, you find the third cock cuming in your mouth just as the bells for midnight sounds, starting of the new year with a bang