Written by Happy Man

5 Dec 2008

I have just dropped my wife off in town, she is out on a girls pre Christmas night out with two friends.

Last night we lay in bed wanking ourselves in front of each other, watching a bit of porn and talking through our fantasies, I was also taking the time to admire my Christmas present, for six weeks ago my wife had a boob job to bring her tits up to a large C cup and I must say they are a stunning addition to her slight 8-10 5 foot 5 frame.

As we pleasured ourselves in front of each other, something we do quite regularly and the pleasure became more intense, talk turned to her night out tonight. In the end I challenged her to come home with cum on her new tits, preferably from more than 1 liaison, I was sure I would be rebuked, but it would seem that her new tits have brought a new confidence and she just smiled.

We went on to talk the night through how she would achieve this, its incredibly erotic to talk so openly about my wife giving a blow job to a total stranger.

As she readied herself tonight, I took the opportunity to deliver a glass of white wine, as ever she looked stunning, finishing off her makeup, she reached for her dress, a short number backless to the top of her curvaceous ass. No bra doesn’t need one these days her tits are always pert, she only wares one for work to avoid any embarrassment. Slips into he mules and then pulls up the skimpiest of thongs, as she does revealing her shaven cunt, which glistens slightly under the glaze of her bronzer.

I help her into her coat as I do playfully run my hand over her breast, her nipples always seem to be erect these days, she gives me a knowing smile and a peck with her ruby red lips.

The 20 minute journey into town is quiet, I ask her if she is still up for our wager, cheekily she says I will have to wait up for her, I say my cock will be hard and ready just as we pull up alongside her friends, she gives me another peck a knowing look and she is off into town.

As I drive back my mind returns to the fantasies we shared the night before, her night out will consist of a few bars then onto Dreamers a club for adults of a certain age, we are both early forties. Dreamers has been going since we were young, when I would go with mates hoping to bag a granny, how things have changed.

In the club the three girls are an obvious target for male attention, they drop their coats grab a drink and head for the dance floor, its about 10.30pm, no all night clubbing for us. As they dance a group of men circle them, moving from the edge of the dance floor, after a couple of dances conversation is struck and they retire to the bar as a group to get more drinks. My wife’s friends are of a similar age and all in good condition one is married but they all enjoy male attention to various degrees. At the bar the group splits, my wife’s attributes particularly her new tits have attracted the attention of two young males, they engage her in conversation, one of them Simon is more confident than his mate, he is flirting outrageously with my wife by this point, his mate is trying to keep the pace, she laughs at his jokes and he places his hand at the base of her back, running his finger over the back of her thong.

Simon’s mate says he’s off to the toilet, Simon grasps his opportunity, suggesting they find somewhere more secluded, my wife agrees knowing what may happen but enjoying the fission of elicit sexual activity.

The club has a couple of dimly lit lounge areas, these are used by couples, we have had quick sex there, as they enter, their is just one couple, eating the face off each other. Simon and my wife retire to the back of the room, she walks in front of him and reaches back toward his groin, feeling his stiff cock in his jeans, as they arrive at the back of the room, she places her finger over his lip, and reaches with her right hand to undo his belt. Simon doesn’t need asking twice and soon his cock is out, not massive but a good 6 inches.

My wife places her mouth over the tip of his cock, his legs shake a little, she immediately deep throats him on the first stroke, she likes to gag a bit, his breath is taken back a little by this and he grasps the back of her head, she continues with deep strokes holding the back of his legs, he is hot and tastes good. Her mind is a blur of excitement and guilt, but wasn’t this my husbands suggestion? She remembers and as she does uses one hand to lower he dress over her fabulous tits. Time for Simon to cum, he has grasped the back of her head tight now and is beginning to take up the thrusting, she can taste him, he begins to cum, she pulls his cock from her mouth just as his first spurt, cum dribbles from her mouth and she wanks him hard his spurts again this time it hits her chest and runs down toward he cleavage and tits, she rubs her tits as his head goes back again in raptures.

Quickly they redress, my wife goes to the toilet and washes her mouth, as she returns to the group, her friends are in conversation and dancing with other blokes, she rejoins the group of men, its obvious word has got round as Simon retuned ahead of her and the way her top is sticking to her tits and her nipples are erect is an obvious give away. My wife is now hot property, the subject of knowing looks. Graham a bloke of a similar age to us now strikes up conversation, he asks for a dance, she agrees they take to the dance floor, he is immediately very close, probably too close, my wife feels his hard cock through his trousers. One of the younger members of the group also dance with them in a very odd synchrony, the pair look oddly alike, then it hits her they are farther and son, an opportunity too good to miss.

The three return to the lounge, its fuller now, the majority are couples enjoying each others company, again she makes for the back of the room. Graham is much more forceful and controlling than Simon had been, his hand is up the back of her dress tugging at her thong, they find a couch in the dark depths of the lounge, Graham wastes no time, his hand is squeezing her clit, her cunt is very very wet, the son stands to one side, Grahams cock is out by now he forces my wife onto all fours on the couch, pulls her thong to one side and enters her with his fat cock. My wife gasps, this is not what she wanted she is way out of her comfort zone here, he nods to his lad, out pops a much younger slender and longer cock, its offered to my wife’s mouth and she eats greedily. The slut is being spit roasted in a club by a father and son, her dress is now wrapped around her waist, pulled up and then down over her swinging tits, which still glisten slightly from Simons sticky cum, a small group gather round, she is in total extorcy, the lad is due to cum, again she cleverly gets this onto her tits, its dripping from them, the father is still going, he is good, very good. Suddenly he shoots deep inside her with just a few rough thrusts, his cock slips out she was just beginning to wank her clit, she has man fat all over her ass and tits. The crowd has grown she is embarrassed and quickly straightens her dress and heads for the cloakroom, its still early but she is off into a cab and rings her friends from the cab saying she doesn’t feel well and has had to leave.

I hear the taxi pull up, my cock is absolutely rock hard, I am sat up in bed reading and its all I can do not to wank myself senseless. I am breathless as she enters the room. She slips out of her shoes and I pull back the covers my cock feels harder than it ever has been, my wife straddles me looking down at my cock she lifts her dress around her waist her thong is still pulled to one side of her shaven cunt, the black thong is smeared with cum, ad her lips are puffed up, she lifts my cock to enter her, her cunt is wet and very sticky she begins to writhe on my groin, then she reveals her tits, slowly pulling down the top of her dress, half dried cum is everywhere, she leans forward and offers her tits to my mouth, I eat away as if I had not had food for days, the taste of other men’s cum on my tongue from my wife’s Christmas present to me. She begins to tell me her story of the night she has had and just then she spurts cum all over my groin, we smile together and continue hard fucking into the night.