3 Jun 2016

I'm on my own at the cinema one boring Monday afternoon. Hardly anyone there. Some action movie is playing - one of those franchise movies, which is all action & no story. A couple arrive late and the female sits right next to me in the darkness. I steal a quick glance and see she looks like an office secretary; tight white blouse, short black shirt and, as she crosses her legs, I can see she's wearing black stockings. I also notice her wedding ring. I try to concentrate on the film - it's tricky.

As the film goes on I realise her husband (or at least i think it is) has put his hand between her legs, rubbing her pussy. It's got me very hard. My cock is starting to bulge, and I'm dying to stroke it. She opens her legs, notices me looking and smiles. She then takes out his huge cock and rubs it. I can't stop looking. She looks at me as she rubs, then suddenly she puts her other hand on my cock and rubs it through my trousers. I'm in heaven. Then she gets on top of her husband reverse cowboy, and rides him while watching the film. She gets my cock out and strokes it while they fuck. She looks glances at me, gets off his cock and sits on mine, and rides me very slowly for 10mins until I cum. She then get backs on her husband and fucks him till he cums. They sort themselves out, then leave...