Written by Me Dic

4 Oct 2009

The woman was feeling rather nervous. At 42 years old, unmarried and still living with Mother, she had begun to wonder if she had gynaecological problems since her cunt had stared to leak a white substance occasionally and was required to attend the consultant's outpatient clinic for an internal examination.

The nurse, who was very friendly, called her into the consulting room , told her to undress down to her pants, and left the room for a few minutes. The woman quickly and nervously took off her blouse, skirt, bra, stockings and suspenders and got up onto the couch with only a pair of silky panties to cover her modesty. She could not understand why she had to strip down to her panties,since she did not think her titties needed examining but did not like to challenge the authority of the nurse and the medical profession.

Her nervousness was making her feel a little cold and soon her large nipples began to stand up; she was so embarrassed. Eventually, the nurse came in and said 'Ah, good. Mr Winston will be here shortly. He has asked me to prepare you for him.'

The woman did not undersatnd what to expect but acquiesced and, although surprised, did not resist when the nurse squeezed some gel out of a tube and began to massage it into her erect nipples. The woman let out a little gasp; the gel was so cold. The nurse, trying to reassure her,said ' Don't worry. I will show you exactly what I need to do to you if that would help.' The woman thanked her, but was not prepared for what was to follow and was genuinely shocked when the nurse began to remove her own clothing. She sensed something was not quite normal, but still did not like to say anything.

The nurse was now naked too, apart from her own scanty panties, which were see through and very brief, giving a very clear view of a mound of pubic hair, much of which protuded from the crutch and grew down onto her inner thighs. The woman, knowing it was rude to stare, tried to avert her gaze, but was drawn back again to take in the sight of the nurse, standing at the side of the examination couch, her pendulous breasts, which were around a 42 GG, almost touching the womans face as she drew nearer, saying 'Just watch for a moment my dear, I will show you what I need to do to you by first of all demonstrating on my own body.' At this, she squeezed some gel straight onto her own titties and massaged it into both her hanging orbs and enlarged nipples. She smiled as she continued to do this, then reached out and took the hand of the woman on the couch in her own hand, and began to rub the womans fingers over her own tits and nipples The woman didn't resist as she was now almost petrified and allowed herself to be submissive and continued stroking, rubbing and tweaking the nurse's massive melons.

'That's good, really, really good' said the nurse, who was now breathing a little heavily, 'now let me show you what I will be doing to you when I have finished with YOUR titties.' 'Look carefully, because I need you to see and then probably help me for a while'. At this, the nurse took off her own tiny panties and asked the woman to hold them. Still not understanding, the woman agreed. Nursey then lifted up her right leg and placed her foot on the stool by the side of the couch, revealing the magnificent bush and just a hint of her cunt lips, She then proceeded to squeeze more gel onto her fingers, pulled the bush and the cunt lips apart and started to massage the gel into her cunt hole and onto her clit!! The woman, though shocked, could not help but stare in astonishment. She had never seen her own cunt like this before, let alone anyone elses!

The nurse was now pulling her cunt lips wide apart with one hand and with the other was fingering her now shining and wetly glistening cunt hole. Her breathing became even heavier, and as the woman gasped at this incredible sight, the nurse climbed onto the stool with both feet and then put her right foot onto the couch, giving the woman an even better view of her now gaping cunt hole and clit. Cunt juices were mingling with the gel and were starting to leak over the bushy hairs, some of which were so long they were being shoved into the nurses cunt hole as she fingered herself even more viusly. The woman was now experiencing a sense of fascination, curiousty and excitement. Her fears were fading, and , feeling bold now, she reached up her hand and gently touched the nurse's fanny hairs and caressed the swollen lips around the cunt hole and clitty. That's a very very good girl' said the nurse, 'Push your fingers in even deeper dear' and she grabbed the woman's tentative hand and rubbed the fingers over her clit and now sopping cunt hole, at one time pushing them even further, three at once, into that dripping hole. The woman was now completely excited, all fear forgotten, and probed harder and deeper with her fingers. The nurse was panting hard by now, her knees were trembling and she could no longer support herself as she crouched over the woman. Suddenly her knees gave way and she collapsed, hard, onto the womans fingers, which in turn were forced to dig into the nurses's cunt. The nurse let out a little cry, the suddeness of her collapse had made her urinate a little; she was about to come, but wanted to prolong the experience. She lifted herself up slightly and the woman, no fully turned on, grabbed the nurse's arse cheeks and pulled that soaking cunt down onto her face. The smell of cunt juice and piss was overwhelming and the woman gave in to the urge to lick and probe the nurse's quim with her tongue and fingers, urgently exploring the clit and cunt hole with equal enthusiasm.

The nurse started moaning and crying ' you dirty filthy whore, doing this to me. I will punish you for this!!' Her arse was bouncing up and down now as the nurse face fucked the woman, her massive titties slapping up and down and swaying from side to side.

Her butt cheeks were quivering and soon parted wide as the excitement mounted. The slurping of cunt juices, tounge, quim lips all slapping and sucking together was overwhelming and neither of them noticed the consultant, Mr Winston, enter the room, stand behind at the end of the couch, take his 9 inch, thickly engorged black West Indian cock out, saying as he wanked himself 'You have prepared my patient well Nurse. I have a beautiful view of your lovely brown anus hole, your bushy cunt lips and I can even see my patient's quim peeping, not so shyly, out of her panties. How can I ever thank you?'

Needless to say, he found a way to show his appreciation and give the woman a thorough examination before sending her home to Mother.

To be continued...