Written by Me Dic

5 Oct 2009

You will remember that we left the consultant and the woman and the nurse in a state of high excitement - the woman patient on the couch, her face buried in the nurse's cunt and the consultant excercising his 5 fingered widow on his massive prick. It is time we moved them on to an even more incredible state of bliss.

'Nurse!' commanded the Mr Winston 'enough preparation! Get down from the couch and let my patient rest!'

Far from wanting to rest, the woman was desperate to carry on sucking and slurping at that smelly fanny, but nevertheless agreed to relax her position even though she was experiencing a strange urge to put her hand into her own panties and to explore and probe the burgeoning sensations.

Sensing this, the consultant said to her 'Fear not my dear, your turn will come. First of all Nurse and I will show you how to practice genital hygiene.'

At this prompt, the nurse sat her still naked self down on the consultants chair and immediately spread her legs and hooked them one by one onto the wooden arms of the chair. The consultant smiled lasciviously. Although the sight of him doing this, with his erect cock still protuding from his flies, should have rung alarm bells in the woman's head, she was compelled to watch and cooperate. The consultant walked behind his chair, took Nursey's massive swollen tits in his hands and swung her and the chair round so that it and they faced the woman.

Now my dear' he said 'I want you to examine Nurses cunt first because I want you to understand what to do to keep yourself healthy.'

Eagerly now, the woman obeyed and, leaning forward, pulled the nurses hairy cunt lips apart and stared hard into the dripping folds and gaping hole. the red swelling of the clit was hard to ignore and the woman touched that tentatively first then pushed and pinched more confidently as the nurse began to gasp and moan. 'Now' said the Consultant ' run your finger down to that cunt hole and have a good feel in there.' As the woman traced the slimy trail of cunt jiuces into the now twitching hole she felt an almost unbearbale sensation in her own knickers as she fingered and stared at the mass of hair glistening with juicy drops of piss and sex water on the outer lips of the open fanny and the amazing redness of the inner lips, the clit and cunt hole, right there before her very eyes. Unable to resist any longer, the woman put her other hand to her own crotch now and pressed her fanny lips urgently.

'I see you are getting the idea now my dear' said the man, 'I think you are now ready for the next stage. Please remove you panties.' As she obeyed the man fetched another large chair and placed in front of the nurse who was now frigging herself violently whilst watching the other woman pull off those panties.

'Sit down dear' said the man, who's prick was was throbbing and dancing outside his trousers, 'and sit with your legs up just like Nursey here.' As she did so, the man and the nurse were pleased to see that there were streams of cunt juice already escaping from the woamns now open hole and that the cunt lips and clit were engorged and shiny red. The man then bent his head down towards the fanny of the woman and straight away inserted his forefinger into her hole, circling round just inside it. 'That all seems well my dear. let me see if I can relax you any further' With his thumb he bagan massaging and flicking the woman's clit whilst his fingers moved even faster and deeper inside her cunt. She began moaning and gasping and did not notice now that the nurse had finger fucked herself to the point of orgasm and that her juices were spurting from her gaping cunt hole now and running down between her bum cheeks onto the chair.

The man continued leaning in even closer to the woman as he worked on her even more. She could feel his massive cock rubbing against her leg and as she reached down to grab it his trousers and pants fell to the floor revealing all of his huge prick and enormous balls. She squeezed hard on the shaft as the man said' Ah excellent, excellent. What a very good patient! Just hold on tight my dear and all will be well. ' As the woman gripped his shaft even tighter, and as he worked on her cunt and tits ever faster he bagan to thrust back and forth against her thigh,his bell end rubbing on the arm of the chair his balls slapping on her wrist as she gripped tighter for fear of letting go also because her own climax was imminent and she was spinning into oblivion. The man started to grunt and puff like an animal as she felt his cock swell and twitch then release a long stream of spunk which ran down her arm and onto her thigh. This mingled with her cunt juices which flowed more liberally now and she felt a rising thrill of hot excitement in her cunt and clit which then exploded in divine ripples throughout her body as she came for the first time in her life!

'Fantastic result!' said the man who was on his knees, his now limp cock dangling flaccidly between his thighs.

'Indeed it was' said the nurse, still lying legs akimbo in the other chair as they both watched the woman regain her senses after her climax and who now looked ashamedly at them both.

'Oh, I am so sorry' she said 'I really don't know what came over me then!'

'Oh we do' said the nurse and the consultant, 'we do!'

I wonder what will cum over who next?

More to cum..!!