Written by Outlier

3 Aug 2010

My girlfriend Louise and I have been together for almost four years. She is 5-2 with a slim but curvy figure, and she still drives me crazy. I get turned on just thinking about her. Even though I love my girlfriend and our sex life is great I often surf the net for porn. The pictures and stories that turn me on the most are the ones where two guys are fucking a girl. I love to look at the pics where the woman fucks one guy while she sucks the other one off.

One day I was sitting at my desk in my home office looking at porn and I didn’t hear my girlfriend come in. She walked into the room to find me sitting in front of my computer with my dick out stroking it. I tried to put it away quick, but I looked ridiculous with my hard dick poking out through my underwear.

I thought my girlfriend would be mad, but instead she laughed and walked in and looked at the computer screen. She wrapped her arms around me, then reached into my underwear and pulled out my cock. She whispered in my ear”, “I want you to surf through the porn like you usually do, and I will look over your shoulder and hold your cock.”

I thought this was odd, but I was really turned on. Louise wet her hand with salvia and put it on my dick and started to stroke up and down. I clicked on a mpeg of a large breasted blonde woman sitting on one guys lap while she sucked off another guy. The picture came to life with the woman bouncing up and down on the man’s dick while she sucked the other one off.

She was slowly stroking my dick and I was hard as a rock, but she never stroked fast enough for me to come. I could feel her breath on my neck and her breast pressed against my back. “What’s on the other screen,” my wife whispered into my ear. I clicked on a screen that I had minimized and it was an erotic story I had been reading. “Read it to me” to said.

I read her the story so she wouldn’t stop stroking, but I didn’t think about what was in the actual text. The story was about a guy who was cuckolded by his wife and friend. The wife gets so horny that she makes the guy to come in her while her husband watched.

“Mmmmm, I like that” my girlfriend whispered as she leaned around me to pick up my bicycle pedal straps, two leather straps with a quick fasten clip designed to secure my feet in my pedals. I had an idea what she would do which immediately made me both nervous and excited. She brought the first one through the arm of my office chair and around my left wrist tightening it until she was happy that I could not release it before moving on to my right side, gently removing my hand from the mouse, she placed my wrist on the arm of the chair and lashed it with the strap.

I was immediately aware of the helpless situation I was in. There was no way I was able to release my wrists and I was now sat securely with my cock hard and throbbing, at my computer, to which my girlfriend now had free access. “So, what else have we got on here then?” my girlfriend teased as she took hold of the mouse clicking away through my folders.

She moved from behind me and I could hear her adjusting her clothes before she sat on my desk in front of me. She was wearing a shortish denim skirt and vest-top, I could see that she had removed her bra, I could see her magnificent breasts perfectly shaped and her nipples protruding through the cotton of her top.

I watched her as she bent forward repositioning herself so she could see me, the screen and control the mouse around the full screen of my surfing habits. I’d fantasised about this but it was only ever that, I never in my wildest thoughts really wanted my dirty habits revealed, she might like it.

She found my “porn” folder, my favourite collection of dvd’s, photo’s and stories, she clicked the photo’s and started cycling through them. As she did she placed her bare feet on my legs and in my lap using her toes and soles to touch my cock, just teasing and touching enough to keep me hard and make me squirm. She parted her legs and I could see she had removed her underwear, I was gazing at her beautiful pussy, just opening as she slipped her hand between her legs to feel her own wetness. “Oh my god, taste how wet I am” she said as she removed her hand and placed her two fingers on my lips and in my mouth for me to suck using her other hand to gentle stroke my stiff cock.

“So, tell me about these photo’s” she said, returning her hands to the mouse and her pussy and again teasing my cock with her feet. She made me tell her what about the photo’s turned me on, what I thought about when I viewed them. There were plenty of shots of girls being fucked by two or more big cocks, of men tied helplessly whilst their girlfriends fucked another man and even some of men being forced to eat their own cum or locked in cy. I told her for each one whilst she teased and toyed with my cock, never taking me far enough to come.

“Oh god please let me feel your tits baby” I begged, I loved her breasts, and I used to get hard just thinking about them. She removed her top and bent forward but not enough for me to touch them with my face or tongue, her hands cupping them, running her fingers over her stiff nipples. “You love my tits don’t you baby, maybe later” she teased.

With that she moved off the desk and turned around, hitching her skirt up bending so her cunt was just inches from my stiff cock. “Would you like to stick your cock in me baby?” she moaned. “Oh god yes please” I responded, “just for a little while then” she said as she lowered herself onto me.

It was a glorious feeling as her warm wet pussy slid down my cock, I could feel my cock pulsing but had a feeling I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum just yet. “So what else have we got here?” she asked, returning to the mouse and browsing through my files.

As my girlfriend was riding me I could feel myself getting harder and harder, she tilted her head back and started to whisper in my ear, “There seem to be a lot of photo’s of girls having more than one cock and many stories about cuckolding” she mused “Wouldn’t you like to watch me fuck some body?” I was lost in the fantasy and said yes. Then she ask me to tell her about it.. “Why don’t you tell me how you’d love to see me sat on another mans cock?” she suggested.

I told her how much I’d love to see her pleasured, how I’d love to see her stroking and sucking another man, watch him fondle her breasts and explore her cunt with his fingers. I told her how I’d love to see her bent over on all fours being fucked from behind while she was sucking off another man. I told her how I’d love to see her straddling a big cock, her breasts in full view for its owner allowing him to caress, suck and lick as they fuck each other.

“Oh yes, you bad boy” she moaned, I’ll tell you a secret she said, “I love cock and I love being fucked, especially by a big cock so I can feel my cunt being stretched. I love the idea of opening my legs for another man to put his cock into me. I’m so glad you like it too...”

Without another word she got off my lap and walked away behind me into another room, leaving me sat, hot and flustered with my big stiff cock sticking out of my pants covered in her juices.

She returned to my office and sat back on the desk. This time she had her dildo in her hand, it was realistic and cock shaped, roughly the same size as my own, maybe slightly bigger, I had bought it for her birthday – I had a feeling she would like it’s realism...

She opened her legs toying her feet around my cock, and slowly started to tease the dildo into her waiting cunt. “oooh, I love my second cock Ant” she moaned as it slipped deeper inside her. I was so desperate to cum it was unreal, if my hands were free I would have taken hold of my cock there and then and in a couple of strokes I would have unloaded my pent up frustration. “I wish it was a real cock though Ant” she breathed, my cock twitching uncontrollably as she teased it with her toes. “I wish you would really let me have another cock” she said leaning forwards and touching my cock with her hand. “Do you think I should?” she asked, “oh yes Louise, of course you should” I was so horny I would have agreed to anything for her. “Good, I’m glad we’ve got that settled” she said.

“I think I’m going to cum now” she murmured, leaning back to show me her cock sliding in and out of her gorgeous pussy. Her free hand cupping her breast before moving down to her sweet pussy to stroke her swollen clit. Within seconds she was cumming, I watched as her head rolled back and her eyes closed as her orgasm took her, it was one of the horniest sites I had ever seen. As her orgasm subsided she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. “You are a bad boy aren’t you?” she grinned, stroking my cock before taking hold of the mouse and clicking to the “Movies” section of my porn folder. “I remember, you telling me which one was your favourite” she said as she double clicked the movie file.

The movie came to life, it was indeed one of my favourites, a girl had picked up two guys and was in the process of being undressed by them, her tits and cunt exposed and their stiff cocks ready as she stroked and sucked them whilst they explored her exposed body.

She knelt down in front of me. I could see her hair, her face, her naked breasts as she started to stroke my cock, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but not enough bring me too close to cumming. She bent her head down and licked my cock, I was fit to burst. “Do you think I should let you cum?” she teased, “oh please Louise, please let me cum” I begged. “hmmm, lovely” she said as she increased the speed of her strokes. “Do you think you should cum in my mouth Ant?” she asked innocently “or perhaps I should just let you cum over my tits, mmmmm, I’m just not sure...” she mused.

I could feel my whole body tense, her voice had always turned me on and I could feel the now unstoppable force of my own orgasm reaching through to my cock. She knew it too and just as I began to spurt my hot sticky liquid she pointed my cock straight at her gorgeous tits my spunk covering her breasts and nipples as I almost collapsed from the tremendous release of pressure. “Oh my god” I panted, “that was amazing” but she wasn’t finished with me just yet.

Rising from her knees, her tits dripping in my cum she straddled me once again, this time facing directly towards me. Pushing her tits into my face I was able to offer no resistance. “lick my tits clean” she demanded squeezing my sensitive nipple in reinforcement of her desire. The pain was too much and my position was such that I had no choice. I stuck out my tongue and tasted my cum for the first time, the cold saltiness was not at all pleasurable but another tweak on my nipple told me that my ordeal would not be over until I had done as she demanded and licked her tits thoroughly clean.

“Good boy” she said as she got up and released me, “I think we’re going to have a lot of fun, I only wish we had discovered this sooner...”