Written by Angela

6 Aug 2008

We were going to a do organised by my husband’s rowing club. As usual it was going to be one of those events that starts off all nice and posh with ball gowns and black tie and ends in a fog of alcohol and mess.

I’d bought a new dress for the event and I’d promised my husband I’d go commando on the night which had seemed like a good idea at the time. But I was starting to get cold feet as I changed into the dress in the hotel room. I was a little worried about what the lads would get up to later in the evening when they’d had a few drinks. But a promise is a promise. And as my husband was already down stairs helping with the organisation, I couldn’t ask him for his opinion.

It was impossible to wear a bra as it was very low at the back and quite low at the front too, which wasn’t a problem as I often go without a bra. But as I looked at myself in the mirror, not only was it was very obvious I was braless but I was now feeling pretty sure that it was going to be very obvious that I wasn’t wearing knickers either. Although it wasn’t tight, the dress sort of clung every contour of my hips leaving very little to the imagination. But as I stood wondering what to do, there was a knock on the door and some friends called to collect me and as we were already a little late off we went without further ado.

As soon as I got in the room I noticed a few double takes from some of the lads and I have to say that the dress was a big hit with my husband and his mates, and I was feeling quite a celebrity. As the evening went on, my husband got drunker and drunker and by about 11pm he was asleep at the table. A couple of his mates helped me take him up to our room; we dumped him there and I went back down to the party which was now in full swing.

I ended up sitting with Pete his best mate and we were having a few drinks and we ended up dancing. Like lots of the rowers, Pete is a big fella. He’s probably about 6’ 5” and has a great body. I’ve seen him at events and he is very muscular, and he has a very impressive six-pack and wonderful muscular thighs. As we danced, I couldn’t myself touching him and enjoying the feel of his stomach muscles and the general hardness of his body. He had his hands on my hips and commented to me how sexy he thought my hips were and with his thumbs on my hip bones he gave my hips a squeeze and kissed me on the head. He immediately apologised and took his hands from my hips. I told him it was OK and outrageously I said, “we can’t do this here, can we go to your room”. He looked a little shocked but told me his room number and said he’d meet me there in about 15 minutes. With that he left the room and I went to sit with a few people I know and waited a reasonable time before I went to the room as planned.

As soon as I was in the room we started to kiss and he caressed my hips and stroked my bum though the silky fabric of my dress. I was feeling the muscles of his stomach and started to undo his shirt. I felt a shiver as I looked at the biggest, best body I’d ever seen. Tugging at his belt, I soon had his trousers undone and reached inside his trousers. He had no underwear on and was smoothly shaven. Oh god I thought, I just had to have that dick inside me. I stood back from him, partly to get a better look at him, but also to take my dress off. I undid the tie at the back of my neck and let the top part of the dress fall as I eased it down over my hips. I was now feeling very pleased with myself that I’d not worn knickers because it felt so sexy, and to see his face light up as he caught his first glimpse of my shaved fanny. Except for my shoes, I was now naked. I stepped forward and kissed him hard on the lips as I pushed his trousers down. His trousers were soon on the floor with my dress and he was now just wearing his open shirt and he looked amazing.

He picked me up and placed me on the bed, he leaned over me and kissed me as he moved his big hands all over my body. Then he gradually moved down, first kissing my neck and shoulders and then moving to my boobs and on to my stomach. As he continued to move down my body, I opened my legs in anticipation of feeling his tongue licking at my eager fanny. He was soon between my legs and after a short time teasing me by kissing and gently biting my inner thighs I felt the coolness of his tongue as he licked me. His tongue parted my lips and he entered me slightly. The feeling was so wonderful and I could feel a tingle through my whole body as he brought me to the start of an orgasm. But before I reached a full climax, he came back to kissing me on the neck as he positioned his bell end at the entrance of my soaking fanny. He very quickly entered me and was soon stroking in and out of me causing me to come almost immediately. This first orgasm was followed very quickly by another. We had now got a rhythm and I was matching his thrusts with the movement of my hips and he was really fucking me slow and deep and it felt like his dick had completely filled me. I pulled him onto me and raised my legs in the air to ensure I got him in me as deep as possible. I’d never had sex with such a big man before and I felt completely over powered by him.

We continued to fuck like this for a while and I was loving every second of it. I love dirty talk so I whispered to him as we moved our bodies, grinding against each in slow deliberate movements and repeated the words “fuck me you big bastard, fuck me harder, I want to feel you fuck me harder I want to feel you come inside me”. I was also telling him how much I liked it that he was commando and I asked him if it turned him on that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I wanted to know if he’d worked out that I wasn’t wearing knickers and I asked him if he liked to see me braless. Again I kept telling him to fuck me harder and deeper. It seemed that my talking to him was a real turn-on for him and spurred him on to fuck me deeper and deeper.

The feeling of his balls moving against my arse and the power and depth of his dick inside me was fantastic. Before too long he increased the speed of his movements and was soon hammering his meat in to me like there was no tomorrow. He had turned in to a big, powerful fuck monster and he was banging me like I’d never experience in my life; it was absolutely fantastic. He groaned as he offloaded his cum deep inside me and I felt the warmth of it and he pumped it in to me in three or four jerks of his dick. He lay in my arms for a few minutes while we both caught our breath and I could feel him softening in side me.

We fucked again a little later when he’d recovered and after that I went to my own room and took a quick shower before getting in to bed with my husband who was still asleep and completely oblivious to the fact that I’d just had my brains fucked out by his best mate.