Written by Forever fantasist

8 Aug 2018

This story is complete fiction but I've played it over in my mind plenty of times and it never fails to arouse me.

Firstly let me describe my beautiful wife she is a curvy size twelve stunning eyes, perfect 34e breasts, a curvy bum and lovely thick thighs and when she wears Heels her calves, thighs and bum look amazing although like a lot of women she isn't confident and doesn't realise how sexy she is and is often admired and checked out but she seems to be oblivious to the attention she gets and when I point it out she doesn't really believe me which sets the scene for my story.

I arranged a weekend away to try to recapture some romance as we had been snappy with each other over the last few months due to work and life pressures so felt we needed a suprise break so I took her to London to enjoy some food drink and r and r, we enjoyed a afternoon in a sauna, hot tub and pool whilst sipping a few beverages and we was both feeling relaxed when we retired to our room to get ourselves ready for a evening out.

I'd thought ahead and bought her a mini dress in black which would show off all of her curves to the max low cut on the front and mid thigh length and I just knew it would accentuate her lovely bum and cleavage so well, she took one look and said there was no way she could wear it outside but would be happy to wear it in the bedroom, after some convincing and reminding her nobody knew us here she agreed to wear it along with a tiny mesh thong and black high heels and no bra and wow she looked so amazing but it was clear she was nervous about going out dressed like this but she agreed to give it a try.

We enjoyed a very nice meal and myself and the waiter couldn't keep our eyes of her and after several times of our "clumsy" waiter dropping cutlery etc next to her so he could check her out as he retrieved it she started to laugh and relax and the wines started to flow so we decided to head onto a livelier pub with some music to enjoy the night together.

The pub was fairly busy and was loud with the sound of conversation and music, we settled into a booth and I went to order some drinks at the bar, after several drinks I noticed three guys sitting almost opposite us had started to take a interest in my wife and they was clearly discussing how nice she looked, so I decided I needed the toilet and told her I wouldn't be long as I went to return to our table I saw two of the guys had ventured over to our table and was talking to my wife so I held back for a few minutes to watch and noticed lots of laughter and smiles from the three of them as I returned they quickly introduced themselves and shook my hand and the third guy appeared and suggested that I went to the bar with him so they could buy us a drink leaving my wife with the two other guys.

We spent a good a hour or so talking and laughing with the guys and everyone was getting along well as the pub started to empty out it transfired one of the guys was the owner and he suggested we took some drinks into one of his private lounges at the rear of the building where there was a few sofas, tables and music piped into the room as we was all enjoying each others company we thought why not as there was no sign as to where the night might lead it was simply extending our enjoyable night out.

Once we had all made ourselves comfortable I found myself in a armchair and my wife was sat next to one of the guys on a sofa and the other two guys sat on another two seater with a table between us a few more drinks were consumed and the conversation driven by the guys was getting a bit more personable and flirty and they was all paying my wife lots of compliments when the conversation turned sexual and the guys started to ask my wife questions which she answered but uncomfortably the guy sat next to her was talking about her hands and nails and said "I bet you give a really good hand job" my wife nervously laughed and before anyone knew what was happening he stood in front of my wife and dropped his jeans bringing a semi hard cock into view and he reached for her hand and brought it to his cock she pulled away but he held her hand and brought it back to his cock and said just touch no pressure, this was a awkward moment id gone on about my wife wanking another guy off in front of me for years and she hated the concept and by the look on her face I thought things had gone to far and she would be upset, but she looked at me and with a look that said in this opportunity I'll do this to shut you up but never again she slowly reached out to his hardening cock and slowly placed her hand around it and held it, this moment seemed to last for ever as she agonised on what to do next, she sighed looked at me again and then started to stroke his cock back and forth.

A million thoughts rushed through my mind I was feeling slightly sick and jealous but also totally aroused and proud of my sexy wife and suddenly became aware of how hard my own cock had become whilst watching her stroke this guys cock as it grew to its full length of I'd say around 6 inches a little smaller than me in both length and girth but my wife's beautiful hand looked so good wrapped around it and I knew with her technique he wouldn't last long and then she would want to leave so I tryed to savour every moment of the view in front of me and had become oblivious to the second guy who had stood behind her and pulled the straps of her dress down exposing her amazing breasts and all three of the guys really appreciated them as they came into view for the four us to look at I couldn't believe my eyes but knew this would be stopped at any second just as the guy who she was wanking started to groan and started to shoot 4 or 5 jets of hot sperm onto my wife's neck and tits after enduring less than two minutes of her handwork.

I was irratated he had shot his load so quickly and had brought everything to a premature ending but I was also in awe of my beautiful wife for fulfilling my fantasy and I never really thought about what might happen next, that thought was shattered as I heard my wife say no as the second guy pushed his cock towards her face, he grabbed her hair and pulled her forward so she had almost no choice as his cock went into her mouth and as she pulled back from him I saw his purple helmet being pulled back past her lips I felt frozen to the spot and couldn't react all I did was sort of smiled she glared at me and I thought she was angry with me for allowing this and then she looked at his cock looked at me and proceeded to suck the tip whilst wanking the base of his cock she looked so amazing and beautiful with another cock in her mouth and she looked as I'd pictured her in my imagination so many times as she expertly slurped up and down his shaft and vigorously wanked it in between.

The third guy had sat beside her and had so far just watched like myself I saw him stroking her back and he manourvered her so that she was half leaning on the table and had her back turned to me so I moved to allow myself to watch her giving the blowjob as the other guy was stroking her back and feeling her bum over her dress, she let out a muffled sigh but it was muted by the cock in her mouth and I now realised he had started to slide his fingers along her arse crack and had found her Pussy and had managed to slip two fingers into her velvety Pussy and had started to work them into her, this moment was disrupted as I noticed number two had started to tremble and was about to cum, now my wife doesn't swallow but this guys cock was deep in her mouth and I think she sensed his arrival but she sighed real loudly and I realised the third guy had managed to penetrate her from behind and had thrust deep into her pussy just as number two pulled out and shot his load over her lips neck and tits she looked so amazing with two loads of spunk on her stunning face and chest.

The third guy was hammering away inside her and as he slipped out I notice he was probably half a inch longer and bit thicker than my own cock and he had very big full looking balls, my wife's eyes were closed and I knew she was about to climax herself and as she does she really clenches her muscles which takes some serious discipline to not cum with her and she started to make the gentle oohhs of when she starts to cum I watched as she tensed up and saw his face change as he realised he wasn't going to be able hold off cuming despite only enjoying her for a few minutes as her pussy contracted he cried out in pleasure as he emptied his large balls into my wife and they both started to come down from there orgasms this was all to much for me I pulled him away and watched as his sperm dribbled out of her pussy and pushed her onto the sofa on her back and immediately entered her to find the most amazing sensation of my wife's stunning tight pussy but the different feeling of the other guys sperm and thier juices combined around my cock and balls was unexplainable and I fucked my wife like a man possessed whilst telling her how beautiful and sexy she was as I took her to a big orgasm and once again her orgasm made her clench and I couldn't hold off from cumming very hard and deep and reclaiming my beautiful wife's pussy as my own.