Written by Rumplestiltskin

19 Dec 2011

Jenny had been working for our company on and off for about 4 years. She first came to us as a temp as she finished off her A – levels and now gave us a hand in the holidays whilst she was at university. She was a good looking brunette who was obviously spending a lot of time in the university gym these days. Recently she had been helping us box up documents prior to a move in the early part of the year. Short, at about 5 feet, but with a ‘bubble butt’ and good wide hips. She possessed a cheeky smile and high, full and firm boobs.

As is the way there is hardly anyone in the offices at this time of year and I was surprised to encounter her in the staff room the other day. She had obviously been crying and, talking to her, it transpired that at a new year’s party she had caught her (then) boyfriend fucking another girl.

I gave her a hug and the usual “there are plenty more fish in the sea” speech and she seemed better but, as I made to break away, she said softly under her breath “don’t leave yet, just a little longer”. As I held her I looked down and gazed almost directly into her milky white cleavage. Jen raised her dark, tear stained eyes to mine and, hardly missing a beat, undid the top button of her blouse exposing more mouth-watering cleavage and the frilly edged cups of her bra.

“Would you care to come into my office?” I asked, knowing the answer already. We had casually flirted at Christmas meals for a few years now and she knew the rude sense of humour I had.

Adjourning to my office we fell into an embrace almost as soon as we crossed the threshold. Her lips and tongue hungrily seeking mine; my hands gripping her wide butt moving outward so my thumbs grazed down the front of her hips before moving back around her bountiful ass cheeks to touch the tops of her thighs.

I turned her around so that she leant upon my desk, her hands planted either side of the planner on my desk, I kissed her upturned lips as her eyes closed and my nimble fingers undid the remaining few buttons of her blouse. Pulling the material back over her arms she arched her back and pressed her ass against my hard on, her bust straining against the lace of her underwear, her nipples hard against the soft fabric.

I began to undo the zip of her skirt with my right hand, my left caressing and squeezing her breasts through her bra. Reaching around behind herself she undid the clasp holding the garment on and slipped it off her arms.

Immediately I was surprised at both the warmth of her breast and the hardness of the nipple, like a piece of lusty raspberry jelly standing up firm from its surrounding dark, almost plum, surrounding flesh. As I slipped her skirt over her hips and buttocks I could see the lacy frills of her panties through her tights and I swear my hard on throbbed in response.

Turning her around once more, we kissed as my hands lifted and squeezed both of her beautiful breasts. I breathed in her moan as I traced around the wide areolas with my thumbnail and she slipped her hands into the back of her tights and slipped her underwear to the floor. Lifting her bubble butt onto the desk I undid my trousers and, while one of her hands loosened the buttons on my shirt, the other slipped into my shorts to release my manhood.

Sitting back onto my office chair I lowered the seat until it was at a suitable height, giving me a quizzical look, leaning back on her hands so that her cleavage took on almost biblical proportions, Jenny raised an eyebrow. I leant forward and planted a soft, wet, kiss on a pink sex that had obviously seen some expensive attention from a stylist at one of the city’s better salons. She raised both feet onto my shoulders as, supporting her weight on one hand and using her other to guide my tongue by moving my head, her fingers entwined in my hair, I took broad licks around the outside of her.

We took our time in this position, my hands under each of her pale butt cheeks, squeezing her firm flesh, my thumbs alternately rubbing her inner thighs and then her outer lips while my tongue and mouth gently teased and sucked her swelling bud. I could tell she was close and by the way my meat was throbbing, I knew I wouldn’t last too long inside Jenny and I sure as hell wanted to take my time. I paused and looked up into her face, eyes closed, mouth a gasp of excitement, a soft high moan on her lips as she leant back, her firm breasts red with arousal and I knew that this young woman needed this badly. Leaning forwards again, I did what was necessary.

Once Jenny had composed herself and I had wiped the silky wetness from my face she dropped off of the desk and, fixing her smoky, mascara smudged eyes on mine, dropped to her knees. As she wrapped a hand around the base of my meat she did a double take. “Jesus!” she exclaimed, “How is that supposed to fit in my mouth?” You see, it’s not that I’m well endowed, fairly average to be honest, it’s just that when I am fully aroused and about to burst, I can have something of a fat cock head. Looking down at the young thing in front of me, I had to see her point; this was going to break her jaw.

Doing her best to accommodate my swollen head Jenny leant forward and, with much drooling and with a hand around the base, she managed to get me into her mouth. Understandably this wasn’t too comfortable and it wasn’t long before she released my member, dripping with her spit, and looked me in the eye with an ‘ok, how are we going to do this’ type of wink. Standing her up I turned her around so that her beautiful bubble butt was almost directly in my face. “Lean on the desk” I answered, “I’ve got an idea”. Opening a desk drawer I removed a bottle of lube and a pack of condoms (After an office party that had me unload rather enthusiastically onto a colleagues bust I’ve always been prepared for the possibility of a quick one at the office). Slipping a rubber onto my Jones I worked a few lubricated fingers up into her, and then another, gently stretching her before oiling up the meat and putting it in the oven to roast. Pulling her hips down so that Jenny was able to use her body weight to skewer herself, she squatted over my cock, sliding it in and out of her more sensitive tight first few inches. Slowly incorporating more of me until she was well and truly jammed on it, we took our time screwing.

This sweetie had to have the tightest honey pot it had ever been my privilege to be in, and that is saying something as just the previous week I had been balls deep in an eighteen year olds ass (long story, basically a sister of a friend of my sister, back for Christmas from University, drinks on Christmas eve and then mercilessly buggered over a tombstone in the local cemetery, opposite the pub, whilst everyone else went to midnight mass).

After a few minutes of this gentle reverse cowgirl style she looked over her shoulder at me and it a gasp of a voice, fixing me with those smudged eyes she asked “would you blindfold me with my tights, please?” How is a guy to say no? I leant down as far as I was able and, scooping them up, tied them around her eyes. Then, standing behind her and lifting her arse into the air by her hips, so that she really had to put her weight on her hands, I really took to fucking her swollen, wet sex. This energetic rutting brought renewed groans and gasps from her as her not inconsiderable bust swayed with our thrusts.

Obviously this couldn’t last long as her arms were giving up, shaking with the effort of maintaining her position in the face (or rather not in the face) of a hard rogering from behind so I pulled out (with a satisfying schlup) and again I sat down. Pulling Jenny to me, she straddled my meat and again sat down. This time she was able to work her clit as she rode me and I grabbed a more than bountiful handful of arse cheeks, As we went at it again my hands snaked round for a firmer grip and my fingers took to rubbing her lips as they dragged up and down my cock, sliding in ever so slightly to add that extra little stretching sensation. With my fingers now moistened an idea popped into my head. Gently rubbing my wet fingers over her anus to give her an idea of where I was heading and an opportunity to turn me away I slid a wet finger into her puckered pink ass flower. The groan of her approval coupled with the way her pussy tightened on my cock let me know that she liked the sensation this new route was giving her.

After about a minute of this double stimulation (and remind me to tell you about another episode with a colleague involving double stimulation) Jenny stiffened and, gasping hoarsely with a little whimper, soaked my thighs with a squelchy wet come. I could feel my moment approaching and having pulled out to ensure that the rubber had held up, whipped off the Johnny and sprayed a triumphant load across Jenny’s bountiful bust.

Looking at me with smoky eyes from under heavy lids Jenny took my still dripping dick and with a smile rubbed it over her meaty chest, spreading my monster load over her flesh. Once my cock had finished it spasms and stopped dribbling over her Jenny spent quite a time licking, sucking and kissing me clean, so much so that I thought we were going to go again, before standing up and retrieving her clothes from where they lay and getting dressed.

Whilst we have never been together again like this at work there have been similar low key adventures (eating her in the corner of a rarely used broom closet, rubbing her to a squealing O before riding the lift to the top of our offices and then taking it all the way down spanking her the whole time until we arrived breathless and red faced in the basement) and I hope to write of them soon.