Written by chrisandruss

30 Nov 2012

It was a Friday evening. For the first time in months you and your husband will both have the weekend free. It’s been frustrating barely seeing him on your free days and I was determined to make the best of it. We had planned to go for a romantic walk during the evening, and then we will go home and make love for the first time in ages. We plan a magical, lazy and pleasurable weekend in bed together.

You spend the afternoon getting ready. You’ve bought new underwear specially – a bra, thong, suspender belt and black stockings. The set is red, baroque, satin and silk. It will look stunning when your husband sees it decorating your body. You want this to be perfect. You shower and spray yourself with the most seductive perfume you can imagine, and then you put on the lingerie as if it were amour. Before putting on your outer clothing you spend a half hour in just your underwear, feeling ever more erotic and seductive with every new second you spend undressed. No one else will see you like this, just your husband. Eventually you chose a tight black dress to wear for the evening out. It looks great on you – your husband says so when he sees it. It’s still early and neither of you feel amorous yet, but you know that you will after a walk by the riverbank. It’s in a beautiful part of the world and very secluded. You feel almost like it’s yours, a secret place that only you and your husband know about. You’ve been going there for years and never seen anyone else walking along that path. Sometimes you’ve even joked that it’s so secluded that you’ll make love in the open air out there, in plain view of everyone – because you know you won’t be seen. It’s an idea that really appeals to you, but it’s only a fantasy. It pops into your head as you drive from your home that this might be the day to finally do… but you file the thought away. It won’t happen today – your lovemaking will be so much more sedate and private. Perhaps, you think, a little boring as well…You also get a bit warm when you recall the subject that you both often talk about when you are horny, the subject of being naked in bed with a black man. you have already told your husband about your fantasy of being made love to by a black man, and to your surprise he was not shocked or annoyed by this, or about your fantasy of being gangbanged by a group of black guys. You often talked about that and both of you got excited at the thought of him being made to watch as you are being gangbanged and raped by them all, you know that all that is a fantasy but by wanting to make love in the open you know that you could be seen and that thought makes you even more excited. It’s a warm, light evening. The weather is perfect when you arrive. You plan to walk for three quarters of an hour down one bank of the river, cross over at a narrow footbridge, and then make your way back the other side. You make your way slowly, barely talking, just admiring the scenery and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a lovely way to spend your time, but you want a bit more than lovely, you want some passion, and more than passion – lust. Then something happens that disturbs the serene sense you’ve had since arriving – you see other people on your footpath, on the far side of the river. There are three of them – all young men, all black. They’re very noisy, joking and chatting with each other in loud voices. It looks like they’ve got a video camera with them and are just larking about with it. They don’t seem to notice you or your husband as you pass them by on the other side. Once they’re out of sight, your husband notices your discomfort and suggests that you go back rather than cross the bridge and risk spoiling the romantic mood by having to walk past some noisy yobs. But you shrug this off – it would spoil things more if you turned back now. Besides there’s something about this that makes you feel slightly excited. What if, you think, what if you and your husband had after all decided to fuck naked on the riverbank, under the trees, what if these men had stumbled upon you. That thought made you inwardly wanting it to happen today. The idea of sex in the open air is exciting but the idea of getting caught by THESE three all the more thrilling! Still it’s only a daydream. By the time you reach the bridge you’ve almost forgotten them. But they’re still there as you and your husband make your way back on the other side of the river. Its summer so the light is still very clear – the sky is a warm and a perfect blue – and you see them up ahead of you. They look as though they’re aged between 18 and 25, but it’s hard to tell – they’re all over six foot which might make them seem older. They’re slim but you can sense muscle underneath their clothes. There’s power in their bodies, real strength. As you get closer you see that they are very black, like ebony. Your husband clutches your hand tighter. As you reach them one of the men steps out in front of you and stops you. Your mind races, you think NO this can't really be going to happen, it is all just a fantasy ‘Hey,’ he says, me and my friends are looking for a dog, have you seen one?’

Your husband says that you haven’t seen a dog. You notice that the other men still have their video camera out and are pointing it at you and your husband. You get an odd sense that they are focusing on you in particular ‘We saw you about half an hour ago,’ you say. ‘You didn’t have a dog back then.’ ‘Yeah well we were still looking then,’ another man says. ‘We’re looking for a bitch.’They are standing in your way on the path. You can’t get round them without scrambling up a muddy slope or actually wading out into the river. Your husband is clearly impatient to get on but you have to stay and chat. It feels forced but it’s only polite. ‘A bitch?’ you ask. ‘Yeah, a bitch in heat. Running round the woods looking for some hounds. Bitch wants cock. Bitch wants lots of cock. I guess you know that. The man standing in front you looks like the eldest, maybe in his mid-20s. He’s very close, interposing himself between you and the path. He’s standing so close you can almost feel the heat of his body. He’s not touching you but he only has to reach out an inch and his hands would be on your body. You begin to feel threatened… and maybe something else as well as threatened. You are starting to get damp. Your husband is blustering slightly: ‘What does your dog look?’ ‘Oh,’ says the leader. ‘She’s a real bitch, she’s white and she’s horny. ‘She’ll be after big black hounds,’ another of the black men pipes up. ‘She likes the big black cock. Bigger and blacker the better.’ He just as you’re looking at him and thinking that he’s probably the biggest and the blackest of the three men. Your husband has had enough of this and tries to push past, but the men stand together to block him.’ We’re just out for a walk,’ he say's, ‘you’ll have to find the bitch yourself.’ It’s okay; we reckon we found her already.’They’re looking at you with hungry and lustful eyes. That sense you feel of being threatened increases and so does your sense of excitement. Your whole body feels alert, ready to run, or to fuck. Your nipples are hardening and below your waist you begin to feel molten. The video camera is pointed at you. The man with the camera moves it up and down your body, admiring it. Your husband tries to pull you back but another of the men still stands close in front of you. His hands still aren’t touching you – you are frightened of him but you almost want him to be touching you, your hands, which are helpless at your side, are barely an inch from the front of his trousers, which you can see is bulging. How much cock does he have in there? How much cock do they all have? And how hard must they be, these three black hounds looking for a white bitch? Do you like to watch films?’ the man with the camera asks. Neither you nor your husband says anything, so he asks again. Me and my mates are making a film. We are going to make a film about a white bitch and some big black hounds. Want to star in our film?’ Your husband manages to shake his head. ‘OK then,’ says the leader, ‘maybe we should just let these nice people go on. It’s a nice day. Let ‘em enjoy their walk. You people just out for a walk, yeah?’ ‘Yes,’ you mumble, hoping that they’ll let you go ‘Or,’ says the leader suddenly, ‘maybe you’re out for a swim. Nice cool swim in the river, that’s what you want on a hot day innit?’ ‘No!’ your husband protests. Just get out of our way. ’The leader looks offended. ‘This guy wants a swim so bad.’ And as he , he and the man standing behind you seize your husband and push him into the river. You hear the man with the camera laugh and yourself shriek, and then your husband hits the water with a heavy splash. Fortunately it’s not a deep river. You only have a moment to see that he’s alright before the two men in front of and behind you move closer, until there’s no space between your body and theirs. They’re both taller than you, both pressing hard against you, both muscular. You imagine you can feel stiff squirming pricks pressing against you, one on your stomach, the other on your backside, almost precisely on the cleavage between your buttocks. You are the filling in the sandwich between two men, a sandwich where the meat is on the outside. ‘Now, little white bitch,’ says the leader. His breath is warm. He reaches out and touches your cheek with one hand. His other hand isn’t touching you, not yet. ‘You ready for your swim?’ ‘Maybe,’ you say. ‘Would you like to swim with me?’

Out of the corner of your eye you see your husband struggling out of the water onto the river bank. The man who was pressed up behind you steps away – you see him approach your husband and take something out of his pocket that makes your husband freeze. Is it a knife? It must be a knife, pointed at your husband’s face. ‘We ain’t got swimming costumes bitch,’ says the leader. ‘And we’re not impulsive like your old man. We couldn’t go in the water in our clothes. We’d have to be naked. Three naked black bastards in the water with you. Might be you’d like that…’yes, you think, but you don’t say anything. His other hand touches you – on your stomach, then up to your breast, then down to your thigh, not invasive, not intimate but it’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever felt. ‘Don’t hurt us,’ you say. ‘We ain’t gonna hurt you, so long as you do what we want. And we just want a bit of fun. We ain’t going to do a thing to your old man either, so long as he watches. He might like it even.’ ‘Say you like it,’ says the man holding the knife on your husband. ‘Yes,’ he stammers. ‘I like it.’ ‘Tell the bitch to get in the water,’ says the man. ‘Just do what they say,’ your husband calls. ‘Get in the water.’ ‘No, no, no,’ says the leader. ‘This is a nice dress you’re wearing. Don’t want that to get wet and dirty do we? Take it off.’ Strip, bitch!’ says the man with the camera – and he moves forward to film you. Slowly, self-consciously, you unfasten your dress and let it slip down your body round your ankles. Underneath you’re wearing your sexy new lingerie and you can almost hear the cocks of all three men stiffening even harder than they were already. You step out of the dress, turning as you do. The man with the camera moves closer, drinking up the delicious sight of your semi-naked body and recording it mercilessly. ‘Twirl bitch, twirl,’ mutters the cameraman. You don’t hear your husband wretchedly telling you to do as he says but you do it anyway. You have never felt this frightened or this turned on in your life. Your big fear is that they can smell the perfume of your aroused, hungry vagina. You twirl slowly, too slowly for the leader, who demands that you twirl round and round faster. The camera is staring at you like a one-eyed madman. The leader grabs you by your backside and stops you spinning. You got a fine ass bitch!’ he exclaims. ‘Bend over so we can see more of your beautiful bum.’ You do as you’re told, bending hard so that your buttocks are waggling in the air. Your captors whistle their approval – your new thong reveals almost everything. That’s not enough for them, as one of them grabs the hem and yanks your thong down your thighs to just above your stopping tops. There’s a chorus of approval: ‘Fuck, that’s fine!’ Wanna ride that white ass.’ Hot ass, hot pussy, white bitch in heat!’ There are some appreciative whistles, and then - nothing, a moment of absolute silence when all you can hear is the ripple of the river and all you can feel is the mild evening air brushing against your thighs and bare buttocks. You no longer feel afraid, you feel embarrassed – and inside the embarrassment is a new sensation, the delicious thrill of being exposed and being seen. Then one of the men – it’s the leader, you’re sure it must be him plants a warm hand on your buttocks. One thick black finger slides into the crack so the square flat nail brushes your arsehole. You suppress a whimper of shock. Then the hand goes deeper between your thighs, those huge fingers exploring down the line of your perineum until it reaches your labia.

You hear the big black man sigh appreciatively, and again you have to struggle to make no noise. Unconcerned by the indignity he’s visiting on you, his hand gropes crudely at your vagina. You’re so damp that one finger slides straight inside, and another quickly wriggles in to join it. You feel the alien presence stuck inside you, thrillingly stroking your secret and most special area. Together those two fingers are thicker than some men’s cocks. You think for a moment of your husband, and how much you were going to enjoy his penis inside you this evening, but instead you have a black man’s fingers in your pussy and his nails feel so smooth stroking up and down your passage. You think of what it must look like down there – the shaft of his fingers penetrating your smooth shaved pussy, hard hot black flesh sliding in and out of your soft yielding white body. Damn!’ says the invader, close to your ear. ‘This pussy is so fucking wet. This bitch is turned on. This bitch wants a good hard fucking.’ His free hand is on your neck, the palm pressed tight against your throat. It’s not squeezing but it could. ‘Say it slut. Say you want a good hard fucking.’ I want a good hard fucking,’ you stammer. His grip tightens on your vagina. ‘Louder,slut! I WANT A GOOD HARD FUCKING!!!’ you scream. You pray that no one else can hear you. The hand releases your throat, which is a relief, and the fingers come out of your vagina – and that’s almost disappointing. There’s no more sensation for a minute but you hear movement behind you, then there’s a rush of hot air on your buttocks, and hands squeezing your hips and you realise that the black man is now down on his knees. You feel wetness on your bum as he carefully kisses and licks first your left buttock, then your right. Then the heat gets much intense as he pushes his face deeper between your legs and his breathing gets harder. You feel the flesh of his face on the backs of your thighs. Then another wetness as his tongue begins to lap at your pussy lips. And suddenly it pushes forward into your vagina. The point of his tongue – so much rougher and smaller and cruder than his fingers – runs up and down the length of your labia, tickling in it and tasting your juices. You can’t tell the difference between the damp of his mouth and the wetness of your pussy. It feels like a waterfall down there, like a huge heavy sponge swollen with fluid. The face withdraws for a second and he crows to his friends: ‘Fuck this pussy is fucking delicious! Could lick this all day and all night!’ Then he grips your waist tighter and starts to lick again. His hands reach round your hips and begin to massage the mound of your torso between your belly button and the top of your slit. It’s not long before they go down further to stroke and knead your vagina. And as the leader does that another of the men comes up behind you and unfastens your bra from behind. Roughly he tears at the straps and yanks it from your body. Your breasts spill out into the open air where the shock of being exposed makes your nipples harden on contact. Or maybe they’ve always been this hard, turned on by the unwanted attention that these black men have thrust upon you. You don’t have time to think about it, as the second man groans as if he’s just cum in his trousers just from the sight of your white tits. His hands reach out and grab them roughly, squeezing them. You squeal! Shut the fuck up bitch or we’ll have to stuff somethin’ in your mouth!’ But you can’t help it – it feels so good. Looking down you see black hands squeezing your white boobs. All you can think of suddenly is black skin, beautiful naked black skin rubbing against yours, black hands flicking all over your body, black cocks spunking up perfect white cum into you. Oh God, there are three of them, one for your pussy, one for your bum, one for your mouth… If you don’t please them now they’ll do that to you, taking turns to rape each hole in turn!

Put something in this bitch’s mouth!’ snarls the second man. And the third man – the one with the camera filming it all– comes forward in front of you. While his friends keep licking your pussy and squeezing your tits, he wrenches your knickers down further, ripping your stockings down in the process. He puts the camera down on the ground so that the lens points upwards directly between your legs; now his hands are free he takes a pocket knife out and slashes easily through the lace. Your knickers come loose from your legs. The cameraman wraps the erotic but now useless lingerie into a ball and stuffs it into your mouth. You can taste your own juice on the fabric. For a moment you have the cameraman’s hot salty fingers in your mouth too, and it makes you think of cock again. You almost wish they’d get this over with, fuck you rough just so that they’ll be done with you!

Instead the leader keeps licking your pussy and the second man keeps fondling your boobs and the cameraman tears and cuts at what remains of your clothes until you’re wearing nothing but your high heels. The men push you down on all fours and your shoes come off as you stumble forward. Naked in public – you fantasized about this, but not this way! The camera’s still on the ground and pointed at you, the little light on the top recording. You imagine what it must be seeing – you disheveled and naked and panting on the ground while three enormous black men stand over you laughing.

You suddenly realise that if all three men are there then there’s no one looking after your husband. Maybe he’ll have been able to get away and call for help. Full of hope you roll over and are disappointed to see that he’s still there by the riverbank. The men have handcuffed him to one of the railings that line the footpath He looks almost as if he’s enjoying the sight of his wife stripped naked and abused and writhing in the mud. But then he notices your gaze and his expression changes to one of theatrical horror. Look, bitch is presenting’!’ jeers one of the men, pointing between your legs. And you realise that as you scrambled to get upright you’ve ended up sitting up with your knees crooked and wide apart – your pussy exposed to the world with the opening wide and smiling. Oh, she wants nigger cock for sure,’ says another of the men – the cameraman you think. To your horror he begins to unfasten his belt. You want to scream but your mouth is full of fabric. You scramble frantically to pull the gag out of your mouth. Stop this now!’ your husband shouts. You’re not sure if he sounds genuine or not. The cameraman just laughs and loosens his belt completely. But then something unexpected happens – the leader of the gang steps forward and holds his hand up to stop his friends. Hold up there,’ he says. He turns to smile at you, white grinning teeth in his ebony mouth, and then he looks round to your husband. ‘We ain’t going to hurt you. We just want a little bit of fun with you. If you just do what we ask then we’ll let you go on your way. How does that sound?’ Your husband looks sceptical and you’re sure that you do as well, but the gang leader goes on: ‘You might even enjoy it. What man doesn’t dream of having his lady pleasured by a whole lot of well-hung young dudes, especially when they’re black dogs? I bet you’d like to watch us fuck this bitch into next week.’ No!’ your husband protests, but again you think he sounds a bit unconvincing. Still, it has an effect on the leader who purrs thoughtfully. The man has a point. Not every white dude wants to see his bitch filled with enough cum to satisfy a slut, no matter how much she might want it. And sir, your lady is begging for it with her eyes and her pussy, her whole body wants the black cock right now, but we’re going to respect your wishes. So we won’t fuck her –’ ‘Aww!’ another of the men pipes up, but the leader tells him to shut up. We’ll let you go on two conditions,’ he says. The first is that your lady sucks every one of us off. She takes our big black dicks into her mouth and sucks our balls dry and swallows every drop. But that’s it – our cocks don’t go anywhere else in her. Agreed?’ Your husband’s face creases with indecision but eventually he nods, and then hangs his head in defeat. You just feel numb. You just want this over with but inwardly you get a horny throbbing down below at the thought of sucking their cocks but also feel disappointed that you are not going to have their black cocks in you. There are just three of them. You can cope with it! Second thing is he say’s to your husband we’re going to give you this camera and you’re going to film it all. Every second of every minute your lady spends with our cocks slipping and sliding in and out of her sweet little mouth, you’re going to be there with the camera. Don’t look away. She’s going to drink all of our cum and you’re going to drink in everything she does.’ Your husband nods again. You think you can see the line of a hard-on through the front of his sopping trousers. He may not like this but he seems to be making the best of it…! That having been agreed, the three men order you to sit up on your knees ready to take their cocks. They pass the camera to your husband and order him to start filming and not stop until he is told otherwise. He points the camera at you and begins filming. The leader takes something from his pocket – it’s a marker pen. He grabs your hair at the back of the head and begins to write something across your forehead, ending with a jagged slash of the pen down your cheek, he then draws an arrow on your stomach, pointing down to your wet pussy and writes something there as well ‘Zoom in on her face,’ he tells your husband. Tell her what I wrote.’ The camera whirrs. He tells you that the leader just wrote the words COCK HOLE on your forehead, and then drew a big arrow pointing to your mouth.’ and on your stomach he has written FOR BLACK COCK ONLY. Say that you love black cock, bitch!’ the men order. ‘I love black cock,’ you repeat. ‘Look into the camera and say it louder.’ Desperate to keep them happy you obey: ‘I LOVE BIG BLACK COCKS!!!’ ‘You love to suck big black cocks. ‘I LOVE TO SUCK BIG BLACK COCKS!!!’ Now say ‘I want the taste of black men's cum in my mouth.’ ‘I WANT THE TASTE OF BLACK MEN'S CUM IN MY MOUTH!!!’ Look at your husband and now say very loud, I WOULD LOVE ALL THREE BIG BLACK COCKS TO FUCK ME. Ooooh yeah!’ crows the leader. He stands in front of you so that his crotch is directly level with your face. As the camera whirrs he unzips his jeans and pulls them and his boxers down to above his knees. His cock – huge and erect – leaps out at you.

You’re so shocked that it seems larger than it must really be. It looks about a foot long with a huge smooth throbbing head about the size of your fist. There’s no way you’ll get that in your mouth. The slit on the head is wide open and dribbling precum. ‘Open wide bitch, here comes the meat,’ he commands. You open as wide you can and suddenly your mouth is full of his big black cock as it is pushed inside your mouth, smearing the taste of precum across your tongue as it goes in. You almost gag it’s so huge, and then you remember that you have to do this or you’ll never get away. He goes in as deep as he can, until the tip of his cock is almost down your throat and his huge smooth swollen scrotum is brushing against your chin. ‘Oh yeah baby, that feels nice!’ he purrs. ‘Now start sucking.’ Obediently you start to suck. After the initial sensation of nausea has passed you realise that you like the taste of his dick – it’s thick and delicious and salty. It’s good in your mouth and you begin to suck with more enthusiasm. He begins to slide it in and out of your mouth. It comes out and stands erect and beautiful, glistening with your saliva. ‘Lick it like a lollypop whore,’ he commands. Hungrily you start to lick and lap at his shaft. Your hands are free and you reach up and hold his cock in one hand, his balls in the other, so you can lick more effectively. You remember suddenly that your husband can see all this and wonder what this must look like to him. Too late now, he and you know that this is what you have always wanted to do, you both spoke about this moment often, you start to squeeze and lick and suck like your life depended on it, gradually drawing the cock back into the warm cavity of your mouth again. His cock-head feels lovely and smooth on your tongue, and it’s spewing out tasty precut. ‘Grab onto my ass while you’re doing that!’ he demands. You do as you’re told, imagining your white hands planted on his black buttocks. They’re hot and firm and muscular, and you squeeze tight, drawing his groin closer to your face. He grabs you by the back of your head; his hands are so hot as he presses you in tighter. You keep sucking and sucking. When is this going to stop… how long can he last? Your husband never takes this long to cum and just as you think that you feel the cock in your mouth give a little involuntary kick, and your master groans with his pleasure and your mouth fills with hot salt sticky fluid. It shoots out in violent jets, gumming up your mouth. For a moment it feels like drowning. You just want to spit it all out. ‘Suck it bitch!’ the black man demands in between grunts of orgasm. ‘Lick it clean!’ You close your eyes and swallow and swallow, shoveling it from the tip of his penis and down your gullet. It goes down slowly in thick unpleasant globs but you manage it, just about. His cock slides shriveling out of your mouth, though it doesn’t seem any smaller now that it’s spent than it did when it was proud and spitting a minute ago. ‘You a pretty little cocksucker,’ the black man proclaims. ‘Tell the camera that. Say it loud and proud.’ ‘I’m a pretty little cocksucker!’ you gasp at the camera lens, and at your husband. Your voice is strangled by all the cum you’ve had to swallow, but at least they don’t make you shout it. You feel happier. One cock down, just two to go.

The second man steps into your line of vision and your eyes widen in shock – he’s already naked, showing off a smooth, muscular hairless body and another huge erect dick with vast balls swinging between his legs. ‘Tie this slut up,’ he snaps. ‘I don’t want a skinny white-ass bitch touching me while she sucks my cock.’ The other men grab your abandoned stockings from where they lie and tie your wrists together tight behind your back. ‘That’s better,’ says the proud owner of your next cock. ‘Don’t want to hear nothing of you neither.’ He grabs your face by the cheeks, squeezing hard so that your mouth pops open. He rams his cock inside and begins to pump in and out. It’s thinner than the last one, easier to get between your teeth, but you feel weak and only suck gently this time. He doesn’t seem to notice. He’s too busy sliding his cock in and out of your mouth, almost as if it was just a hole he’s wanking into. You might almost not be there. About half a minute after he first penetrates he begins to laugh to himself, and half a minute later the first shoots of cum erupted out of his cock and gutter down your gullet. With his free hand he begins to massage your throat, feeling for the globs of cum as you swallow each one. ‘Oh yeah, she’s swallowing alright!’ He stands for a while longer, even as his dick begins to dwindle in your mouth. ‘I like standing like this. Whore’s gotta a nice place to hold my cock!’ he grins. Then finally he withdraws too. ‘Shame,’ he remarks. ‘I would like to have pissed in there.’ Just one more, one more cock to suck and they will let you go. After the last two you feel you can do it – just a few more minutes, and a lot more sucking…They untie your wrists and the third man comes forward. He unzips his fly and lets his huge dick – bigger even than the others – rise out like a serpent’s head. He leans forward so that it brushes across your face before he sticks it in you. ‘Let me rub those boobs first, for good luck,’ he asks – or pretends to ask, because before you can answer he reaches down and squeezes your tits hard. ‘Milk that cow!’ the other men cry delightedly as you gasp in pain. As soon as your mouth is open his cock dives inside. This is the biggest cock so far and your eyes water at the size but you steel yourself and start sucking furiously. As soon as this is over you’ll be able to go free. He pounds and pounds your face. This is easily the biggest yet – his prick is far too large for you. When you first caught sight of it you couldn't imagine that huge black dong impaled through your lips but it is right now. Your jaw aches from having to open so wide - and then cums the first spurt of semen washing across your throat. You gag and this time you can’t stop yourself. You wrench your head back letting the third man’s huge throbbing cock out of your mouth. You still have some of his semen in your mouth and it comes streaming out, over your lips and down your chin. At the same time his massive knob is still spunking out heavy loads semen – thick white globules spitting out of the black tip. They splatter across your face and your neck, splashing down your chest and onto your tits. It feels great to be able to breathe again. You feel like you were choking on that dick. But the splash of hot semen on your body also feels amazing. You realise that you’ve already had more semen in you than you could have dreamed about, and your vagina has been penetrated by nothing more than fingers and tongues…Despite this moment of exhilaration you still feel threatened. You’ve just spat out the cock of a black man who stands over you with furious flashing eyes and an expression of genuine anger on his face. ‘You didn’t suck my cock until I told you to stop bitch!’ he roars. ‘Roll over and show me that ass.’ Instinctively you obey, not because you’re frightened, but because you’re thrilled. You’ve broken the terms of your agreement. They’re not going to let you go. They could do anything to you now and you’re helpless and you… you want it!

You spat the cock out on purpose. ‘Keep filmin’ man!’ The black man roars from behind you. ‘Gonna spank some sense into your slut.’ You wait and wait and wait and – CRACK! – his heavy palm swings down and connects with your buttocks, once, twice, three times, again, again. It doesn’t hurt to begin with but quickly your buttocks begin to feel sore and bruised. You imagine the Black Hand beating them red. Each slap is like a new thrust of a cock deep into your vagina. Then – when you expect the next blow – nothing happens. ‘Don’t stop,’ you moan. You hope your husband can’t hear you begging like this. You hope your husband doesn’t realise that you’re beginning to enjoy your ordeal. How many more times can he hit you before you cum? That’s all that matters to you now – Cuming. You’ll do anything these men want, endure any humiliation, if they could only give you that special orgasm. What would it take? A huge erect black penis thrust deep inside you like a flag planted in virgin land, pushed in so hard and so far you can almost taste the cum at the back of your throat.‘Fuck me,’ you murmur. Your husband won’t hear that. Fuck it, you don’t care if he does, well you had both spoken about this kind of situation but only as a fantasy but neither of you thought this would ever happen for real, and Christ it is actually happening. ‘FUCK ME!’ you scream. ‘FUCK ME HARD!’ Then to your amazement your husband say’s you heard what the lady said, SHE WANTS ALL OF YOU TO FUCK HER so what are you waiting for? 'FUCK HER AND FUCK HER HARD. You snatch a quick glance behind you and see the third man reaching for his belt. Your heart beats faster – he is going to fuck you! Right now in the pussy or the ass… No, he just wants the belt…The realisation comes to you just before he bring the belt strap down on your bum. This time there is a horny pleasure – it’s very horny and your pussy swells at the same time. So much pleasure building up between your legs, how long before someone gets down there and fucks you? Please, please, please, fuck me….! No. The belt comes down again and again. You writhe and squirm each time. It feels like it lasts an hour. ‘On your back and spread your legs wide!’ the third man demands. You obey instantly, rolling into the muddy slope overlooking the river, so you’re not quite flat on the ground but lying at an angle. You can see your husband's smiling face still filming. He has the camera in one hand; the other one is gripping the crotch of his trousers. The big black one say's to your husband get your cock out and wank, I want to see you wank and watch us fuck your wife for not obeying the rules, he is enjoying this, you would love to see him rubbing his cock as he watches and films you being fucked. You want to cum. You want it. You want it so bad! The third black man – less angry than before – slaps the tip of his belt against your cum-sodden tits – not hard enough to hurt them. It’s almost sensuous. Then he makes harder, sharper blows between your legs. The belt is black and leather. When it slaps across your labia you feel amazing…! After a few minutes of this, he grows bored and drops the belt beside you. His friends suddenly move across the line of your vision and they are both naked. It’s the first time that you’ve seen the leader naked before and he is the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen. That huge oversized cock looks absolutely perfect in the context of his physique. It’s erect and framed between you and the sky. The third man, the one who just beat you with the belt, is also stripped off and for the first time you see all three men standing together naked. You certainly like what you see. We had a deal and you broke it,’ the leader says coolly. ‘You don’t like it in your mouth, we’re just gonna have to put it somewhere you can’t spit it out!’ The other men lie down in the mud alongside you, their warm black muscular bodies pressing against you on either side. They both take one of your hands and raise them to their chests… with a firm grip on your wrist they start to guide your fingers around their bodies. You find yourself stroking smooth solid chests, biceps, shoulders, faces, hair, thighs, hips, buttocks, genitals, wherever they want to be touched. Pretty soon you have a black cock in each hand, each hand held tight in a grip that makes you squeeze and rub them until both are frothing with cum. But it’s the leader who holds your attention. He turns to your husband and orders him to keep filming. ‘No matter what happens. We are gonna watch this tape later and we want to see everything. Don’t want to miss anything because you’re too turned on to focus.’ Then he turns back to you and lowers himself down on top of your torso, between your legs. ‘And while we’re doing this you’re going to tell us how much you like it. If you ever go quiet then we’re just going to get harder and nastier on your ass… and your pussy.’ The other men lift your legs so that your knees are raised above the leader’s shoulders. When he pushes down on top of you you’re almost bent double. Your vagina is raised upwards. His penis drives down into it. It’s huge, it slides into you. You moan loudly! This is what you have secretly been waiting for, for a few years now, this is what you and your husband have often spoken about, you being fucked with a big black cock while your husband watches as it all goes in to your excited fanny. ‘Tell me how much you like this!’ he roars as he penetrates hard into you. ‘OH YES!’ you bellow. ‘THIS IS SO GOOD. THIS IS THE BEST FUCK EVER.’ ‘Do you love my cock?’ he asks as he pounds. ‘I LOVE YOUR COCK! I LOVE YOUR MASSIVE COCK FUCKING ME!’ ‘What do you think of black men?’ ‘I LOVE BLACK MEN! I LOVE THEIR HUGE COCKS! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE FUCKED BY BLACK MEN!’ He’s ramming into you really hard. You push back with your hips, fighting back hard. He now knows how much you are loving this, they know how much you want this and that it’s not an act? ‘RAPE ME!’ you screech. ‘RAPE ME YOU BASTARDS!’ That’s what you screech, but then you crane your head upwards towards his ear. He barely notices – his face so intense with the effort of screwing. ‘I love this,’ you say. ‘I’m not just saying that. This is the best thing ever.’ After a moment he presses down into you so his lips are by your ear. He whispers: ‘All white women love black cocks.’ And he just keeps fucking you hard as he presses his open mouth to your very eager lips and you kiss and kiss and touch tongues as you are being fucked like never before,

You reach out and start to stroke his naked chest, then his back, then buttocks. Your hands are free – they have been for a while. They have been exploring the bodies and stroking the cocks of the other men because you wanted it, not because they did, In the meantime they’re on top of you as well, licking your exposed skin, your face, your neck, and your nipples. You let the leader go and turn your attention back to them, sliding your fingers into their mouths, seizing and squeezing cocks, stroking bums…When the leader cums it explodes in your pussy. Your vagina feels as though it’s on fire. The orgasm that judders through him now rolls through you. Every inch of your body tingles, your vagina explodes with pleasure, and you gasp desperately for breath. And inside you the cum spits and spits and spits and fills up your insides. They take turns like that, fucking you repeatedly, until you begin to lose track of which man is which – there’s just a wonderful amalgam of arms and legs and mouths and torsos and penises – especially penises – lying on top of you, pressing themselves into you, stroking you and loving you. ‘YES!’ you scream. ‘YES! OH FUCK, YES!’ It’s all you can say. The pleasure is so intense. By the time they finish the sky is going dark as evening sets in. The three men, all thoroughly smeared with mud and your juices and theirs, reach a crescendo by crouching around you with their cocks directed in a single point over your face. You just lie still – whimpering in pleasure – as they wank and wank and wank until the seemingly endless flow of semen spills out another load. You open your mouth wide to catch the falling drops and eat them up hungrily. Some cum rains down on your face. It’s getting cold now but the thick fluid keeps you warm. And then they’re done. It’s almost disappointing. From wanting desperately to get away you now desperately don’t want it to end! Your husband is shivering in his wet clothes but still manning the video camera and wanking as he watches what they are doing to you. He must have filmed some amazing things. The leader of the gang struts up to him and takes the camera away from him. Your husband say's, ‘there’s some good stuff here,’ he announces cockily. ‘I bet you can’t wait to see it on a big screen.’ It takes you a moment to realise what he’s saying – but you see realisation dawning on your husbands face. The black man laughs. ‘Your wife is hot man. And she’s got so much more in her. We could fuck her all week and not get everything we want…! ‘We’re gonna take you both home with us!’ Sorry but we have not had enough of her yet. And I do believe that she likes being our white bitch. You feel a straight mix of despair and delight. Your husband looks strangely pleased but you can’t help but think that – to his eyes – you must look equally pleased as well when you hear that. ‘Just one thing before we go to our car,’ the leader says. He grabs his friends’ belt from where it lies on the path. He looks at you and say's: ‘come here bitch.’ though stark naked and exhausted, you obey and stand before him. He loops the belt round your neck like a makeshift leash, and then pulls it tight. You choke as if your mouth were full of semen – but it isn’t, not yet anyway. ‘We told you we was lookin’ for our bitch,’ the man jokes. ‘Now we found her and we gonna take her home to play with her. Walk bitch!’ They put on their clothes and pick up yours from the muddy grass bank and hand them and what's left of your underwear to your husband. With the leash jerking at your neck, you are led naked towards the men’s car knowing you are to be driven to their home; being naked you are hoping no one else is about at this time of the evening. The leader with the enormous cock is walking you on the leash and talking excitedly to someone about the two of you on his mobile phone, while the other two are touching your body all over as you try to walk, as you stumble along you hear something about somebody coming to the car park to drive your car back to their home because you are going to be driven back in their car. You wonder what they are planning to do when you get to their home and who is he talking to. You are quietly getting horny again, what with the two black men touching you and the thought of your husband being made to watch everything all over again as you are hopefully fucked again. Your husband is told to follow behind and watches you walking naked between the three black men that have held you both captive and that have been fucking you for most of the afternoon. Then a thought hits you... has the big guy invited more of their black friends into the house when he was talking on the phone. After what seemed like walking for miles you reach the car park, you are pleased to see it is empty of cars except a big silver Mercedes and your car, it is getting dusk now but you notice that even though you are naked it is quite warm for the time of evening. You are led to the Mercedes where your husband is ordered to get in, one of the black guys gets in beside him, as you go to get in the car you are ordered to lean forward with just your upper body in the car, as you do one of the men holds your arms while behind you another one has dropped his trousers and slides his again erect black cock into your pussy and starts fucking you from behind as you are half in and half out of the Mercedes in full view of anyone that may happen to drive into the car park. The one holding you in the car has now got his cock out and grabs your face and forces it down onto it, you suck it eagerly, wondering if your husband who is having to watch this catches the pleasurable look on your face as these two black men are taking you again. They virtually cum at the same time, as they do you swallow one as the other one cums inside you. You are sure your husband knows you cum as well and secretly hope he did. As you did you hear a car drive into the car park behind you and wonder whether the occupants got a glimpse of you a white woman being fucked by two black men, but by now you even find the thought of those in the car seeing you makes you horny. At last they at least let you put just your dress on, nothing else, no underwear, it was ruined anyway, the dress is dirty with mud but at least you are covered. They all get in the car and drive off leaving your car to be picked up by somebody else. After a short journey you arrive at a big detached house in a country lane, you then realize that you only live about three miles away from each other. Then you are both ordered from the car. As you enter the house you sense a change of mood with the big guy. Once inside he orders you to the bathroom with one of the men and say's get that muddy dress off of her and bath her and then added, we need her bathed and ready for later, you wonder what has he planned for both of you now? The black guy with you in the bathroom seems ok so you ask him but he say's that he cannot tell you. He runs a deep hot bath and orders you to take off the dirty dress and to get in the bath. You ask him if he is going to leave you on your own to bath but no is his answer, I am going to stay and help you wash any mud off of you. You strip and get into the nice hot bath water; already you notice a bulge in his trousers as you wash yourself. After awhile he orders you to stand up, which you do and are surprised when he picks up the soap and starts washing your body, tits, pussy and your bum, you get a nice feeling down there as he touches your most private parts. You think of what they have been through today and now this is feeling very nice indeed. He is getting excited doing this to you and so are you as he is touching you.

Suddenly he say's that's enough washing and orders you to get out of the bath then starts drying you with the large towel and still you get a very horny feeling as he again touches your pussy. I would love to fuck you again right now he say's but I have been told by the big fellow just to get you clean and horny and in the right mood for what is in store for you and your husband later adding, your husband has seen nothing yet but seeing him watching you this afternoon I know he will get very horny as he watches what is happening to you later. He hands you a tee shirt which you are told to put on, which you do, which does not cover anything down below. You ask him if there is any underwear that you could wear but he say's, you will not need any.... You go back downstairs after being bathed and toweled dry by this black man and enter the room where your husband and the other black men are sitting, each of them stare straight at your exposed lower bits as you walk in.

You are told to sit down next to the big guy, who say's right ok, I’m Leroy then pointing say's that is Gerard and he is Michael pointing to the other black guy and we had some some fun today with you bitch as he touched your leg, you and your husband enjoyed it too and don't say you didn't because we know better, you bitch cum as many times if not more than all of us put together so we know that you enjoyed being our bitch, Do you want to cum some more? Tell us and your husband that you want to cum some more with black cocks fucking you, go on say it; Say it loud. OK, I DO WANT TO CUM SOME MORE WITH BLACK COCKS FUCKING ME. He then turns to your husband and says. And you liked watching her being fucked with black cocks and seeing her being our bitch, didn’t you, go on admit it, say it, and you say it loud, OK, I LIKED WATCHING HER BEING FUCKED WITH BLACK COCKS AND SEEING HER BEING YOUR BITCH And then he turns to you again and say's, now you tell your husband loud and clear that you want to carry on being a bitch to black men. "I WANT TO CARRY ON BEING A BITCH TO BLACK MEN" And so you shall my bitch and so you will.

The door bell rang and on answering it a black guy as black as can be came in with three other black guys, I have brought that car back as you asked Leroy, Leroy thanked him and said yes these are the people that I spoke to you about on phone, this is our white bitch and that is her husband, a very nice white bitch too, with no knickers on he replied. As he says that you feel very exposed dressed as you are with your naked pussy and bum showing, you now have seven black men staring at you. Leroy said now stand up and let my friends get a look at you. You do as you are told and stand up and try to put your hands over your naked bits. Get your hands off and let my friends get a look at you, I’ll tell you what, Gerard strip her off, get that tee shirt off of her, He does and you stand there naked in front of seven horny black men but you are quietly getting horny yourself as they look at you, give us a twirl bitch Leroy say's and you do as you are told and twirl round and round while they stare at your naked body. You are starting to get moist as you twirl and have flashbacks of the three black men doing what they did this afternoon but this time there are four more of them and you know that very shortly they are going to be naked and are already waiting to fuck you. You are at their mercy and there is nothing you or your husband can do about it, you are their captives and you are their bitch to do whatever they command you to do.

Leroy surprises you by telling your husband to go to the bathroom and bath or shower and to go straight to the bedroom naked when he's finished, where we will all be, he said I want to see how hard and horny you get when you see seven black men's cocks fucking your wife, because that is what is going to happen. Go to the bathroom now and get that mud off of you, to which your husband obeys. With that he leaves the room and leaves you there with all these black men who are eager to humiliate and fuck their naked white bitch. Your husband had only just left the room when Leroy said let's get started with our white plaything, he reaches for his marker pen like he did this afternoon and writes once again on your naked body, it say's "This Pussy and Mouth are for Black Cocks only" now take the bitch upstairs and show her what a white slut has to do. You are taken upstairs to a large bedroom with its super king size bed and straight away Leroy demands that you lay on the bed which you do. He say's now hold her hands and legs. You are spread-eagled and firmly held by the wrists and ankles on the bed naked, your legs apart. You watch helplessly as all seven of these naked black men stand around the bed staring at your naked body, who is going to be first you wonder and you also wonder when you see the size of some of black cocks standing erect and ready whether you can take all of them? Three of the new guy’s cocks are at least ten inches long and very thick. Leroy say's now my friends show the white bitch that I meant what I said this afternoon, that she will be punished for spitting a black cock out before she was told to. I want each of you to humiliate her and her husband while he watches but until then see to the bitch, with that you are subjected to having seven black horny men all over you, your legs are held down now wide open as the first ten incher is trust into your waiting wet pussy or fanny as Leroy likes to call it as the first of the new guys pushes his cock into you. Your mouth is now being invaded by another big black cock at the same time you are told to wank two more cocks with your tied hands. As you are being attacked by a mass of naked black bodies your husband walks naked into the room as he was told to do by Leroy. He stands naked watching what is happening to you and sees the black’s only writing on your body. He is told to go to the bedside table and pick up the camcorder that he had to use this afternoon and told to start filming what is happening to his wife. You are then released from your straps and made to kneel on the bed, your pussy is wet and exposed from behind and as the others play with themselves and watch Leroy slide his rampant black cock into it and he notices that your husband his getting horny at what he is seeing and filming. Keep filming no matter what is going on he orders and asks as he is fucking you hard, do you understand? He stops fucking and takes his cock out of you. You are both made to listen like naughty school children; I said do you both understand? You say breathlessly, yes I do understand, your husband replies, yes I fully understand. You are our bitch and we will do with you whatever we want and you will both obey everything we tell you to do, do I make myself clear? Both of you, let me hear you say yes Leroy, Yes Leroy you both answer. He then say's now let the real fun begin, then orders that you be fucked by all of his friends and himself and demands that some humiliation to the white slut bitch and her husband is also done. As all the others watch and your husband resumes filming you and they can see that he is horny and Leroy say's, I told you he would get a hard on seeing his wife being fucked by a lot of black cocks, He then got back on the bed and slid his stiff cock back into you, after six or seven long thrusts of his big cock he say's, I also knew that our white slut bitch would get horny and she is, she is wet and very horny and ready to take all of us in her, that's when the serious fucking began, as one of them cum and flopped out another hard one was inserted. As your husband stood watching and filming, his cock was standing stiff but not as big as these very big black ones, the ones that you love, he could see that you were having an orgasm virtually every time a black cock cum inside you, he did not need to be told that you were loving being fucked in whatever position they put you, For some reason Leroy was seemingly in a bad mood, he has fucked you twice already, now the other six are taking it in turns to fuck you, you have twice had anal sex with a black cock and felt it cum in there and twice had a cock in the front and the back at the same time, you're husband could see the look on your face as he filmed it all as it was happening which said 'I am loving this' You still wondered why Leroy was not happy, he has his white bitch plaything being fucked by his friends and yet he is angry about something. Then suddenly he shouts STOP everything, he say's she is enjoying all this and she should not be, not until I say she can, so now I want to see her squirm as she and him, pointing to your husband have been humiliated by us, we are in charge here and they are our white playthings to humiliate when and how we want to. Now first let us humiliate him in front of his slut wife, come here and give me the camcorder so that I can film you wanking a black cock, go and rub Gerard’s cock until I tell you to stop and you slut bitch can watch him doing it. He starts rubbing it and it grows hard again as you watch, now put it in your mouth Leroy say's and your husband has to obey, he is going up and down on Gerard’s cock with his mouth, now how humiliating is that bitch Leroy say's watching your husband sucking a man's cock? You don't answer but secretly you find that watching him doing that gives you a very horny feeling. After about five minutes Leroy tells your husband to stop and then barks out another order, ok now humiliate the slut bitch in front of him, meaning your husband, lay her on the floor on that plastic cover, you are taken off the bed and told to lay flat down on it, as you lay naked with your legs forced apart and everyone including your husband watching Leroy say's to his friends now I want you to really humiliate her by pissing on her, piss all over her body, as they do you get a very horny feeling all over as the hot piss soaks your naked body, strangely you rather liked that horny feeling. Leroy gets really excited watching this and hands the camcorder to your husband with the command to keep filming what they are doing then he joins in by wanking his big erect cock until it cums again but this time he tells you to open your mouth then he cums in your open mouth, you are forced to swallow it as it gushes from his black cock. How do you like that say's Leroy? now your husband can see you being a right slut bitch so what you are going to do now is this, you were made to stand with your legs apart over his face, and you are told to lower yourself onto his face, he thrusts his tongue between your pussy lips then starts sucking on your pussy which makes you cum in his mouth then he said now get your own back on me and humiliate me by pissing on me, go on piss on me now you black cock loving bitch to which you duly obliged as he rubbed his cock. You lay back on the bed exhausted and thought that must be the end of you and your husband's ordeal? Maybe soon you will be allowed to shower and go home. Well you got the first part right. Leroy said, you may go and shower, after you had showered you came back down stairs, you said that you needed to get dressed but you need clean clothes and underwear to go home in. Leroy said, how about if your husband goes to your home and gets you your clean clothes and you can stay here with us until he gets back, what about that then? I know said Leroy we'll have a vote on that, all those in favour of my idea about her husband going home and her staying here with us raise your hands or anything else? All seven black guys raised their hands, well that's what we will do then, said Leroy. You knew there was nothing either of you could do about that arrangement other do as Leroy's vote had gone. As you stood there with just a bath towel wrapped around your naked body and your husband about to leave the house, you were going to be on your own in that house with these seven black men, who were very much still eager and horny to fuck their white woman some more. Leroy told your husband to turn on the computer and the web camera when he gets home and said I will call you, you will be able to see that your wife is being looked after while you are away sorting out her clean clothes. Then he was told to leave, as he did you heard the front door shut and you were now alone with these black guys. You thought now what and when will it start? An hour went by and nothing happened except one by one the black guys went upstairs, showered and came back down and dried their wet glistening naked bodies in front of you, you had to admit that was turning you on. Leroy came into the room naked and stood in front of you with his cock hard and horny, he was ringing your husband on his mobile phone, he answered and Leroy asked if he had the computer and the webcam on, to which he replied yes. He then took hold of your arm and walked you into view of his webcam. He asked your husband if he could see both you and him and the other black guys in the room, when your husband said yes that he could see it all Leroy pulled off your towel leaving you naked along with everybody else in the room, the only difference was that you were the only woman and the only white person. While your husband had to watch the screen of your computer at your home and you at Leroy's house. He took you over to the bed and you were held in a kneeling position by the other black guys as Leroy slid his very hard black cock into your now very horny fanny, as Leroy fucked you from behind, doggy position. You were very much turned on by the thought of your husband watching from your house as Leroy was fucking you this way, no more were you frightened of these black men, you thought I’ll give my husband something really horny to watch as you reached out for a black cock to suck. You were sucking hard when it cum into your mouth and you were so turned on and horny knowing that your husband was watching that you called out to Leroy, saying fuck me harder please fuck me harder, as he obliged and began shooting loads of cum into you from his throbbing cock. As another big black cock took over from Leroy it was slid in your wet pussy. Leroy asked your husband via the webcam, how feel to see your wife being fucked by all of these horny black guy’s? You heard your husband say, it looks very horny indeed Leroy, as he watched his computer screen the other six black cocks fucked you one after the other, and he said that he could hear you moaning with delight as you took them all inside you. He said that he had your clean clothes and underwear ready to bring back to the house but Leroy said to him, look your wife looks like she is enjoying all this black cock that she's getting so she will not need her clothes just yet, why don't you just sit back and watch while we enjoy fucking her and she enjoys herself with us, you can see she is loving it, you could ask her yourself but at the moment she has her mouth full of black cock as you can see. Anyway she won't be leaving here until the morning, there might even be some more of my black friends that would like to come and have a look at her and might get to fuck your white woman if I call and tell them that we are having a white bitch fuck party here, Leroy asked your husband if he heard what you just said, he said, I don't know if you heard that? Your wife just said that she would not mind if I invited some more of my black friends to come here to the house, so there is no need for you to come back here with her clothes until the morning as she won't need them tonight.

It was now 11-38pm and they were all resting and sitting around naked in the bedroom, you and two of the other black guys were lying naked on the bed, somebody said to Leroy that there was a knock on the street door, when Leroy answered it there were four more of his black friends and a white girl. He invited them in and all came up to the bedroom where you were laying naked on the bed. Leroy said to you, do you remember saying a short while ago while your husband watched you on the webcam that you would not mind if I invited some more of my friends to the house? Well then, here they are, they have all come to see you and are ready and horny for you. I will make sure your husband is still watching the webcam. He was and he said that he had just seen another four black guys come into the bedroom. You thought, oh my God, and you thought it was just something Leroy had said jokingly to your husband but it was for real. The four of them and the girl stood around the bed looking at your naked body, and then one of them suggested that the volume was turned up on the webcam microphone so that your husband can watch and hear you plead for more cock or plead for mercy. The microphone and the picture were adjusted on the webcam for your husband’s benefit and Leroy said; let’s get this white bitch fuck party going. As your husband watched the screen at your house and with you alone with now eleven black men at Leroy’s house the first of the four new guys stood in front of you touching and squeezing your tit’s as you sat naked with legs apart on the edge of the bed, you undid his trousers as you were told to and lowered them down to his ankles along with his underpants, what a sight befell you, a very big and hard black throbbing cock, which you were told to lick and put in your mouth, which you did eagerly as you grasped the shaft with both hands, as you sucked on it your thoughts turned to your husband watching this on the webcam back home, and you thought to yourself, I bet he is loving watching me doing this and is as horny as hell, so I will give him something to really make him and me horny. You let go of the cock in your mouth and watched as the other three new ones strip off their clothes, once again you inwardly gasped when you saw their very large black cocks, one of the now naked men stripped the girl of her clothes and she was laid on the bed like you, naked, you then watched intently and intrigued as five of the black guys played with her as she rubbed and sucked their erect cocks and they in turn fucked her right beside you while you fondled a horny black cock. You could imagine what your husband was doing as he watched these rampant black cocks fucking the girl beside you and you teasing the cock in your hand, you just assumed and hoped that he was as horny as you and that he was still watching all this at your home on the computer webcam. You just lay there as a black hands stroked your horny pussy and your erect nipples, you were quite content to lay there as you watched these black guys taking turns at sliding their black cocks into her, they had her legs in the air and wide apart, you did say to them that seeing that was making you even hornier.

It was big Leroy who was beside you and who’s black