Written by Leedscpl40s

27 May 2009

It is some time now since we last fulfilled our fantasies, meeting up in the cafe before going home and enjoying our bodies. Sex since has been good, but it is now her turn for a fantasy, what it will be I do not know. I am on my way home from work, she has been home all afternoon preparing for what I can only dream. Then I am walking through our home, where is she, I hear the shower running, I move upstairs. She is waiting, she gives me a kiss on the cheek, and directs me to shower, which I do. I dry off and make my way to our bedroom where she awaits me. The curtains are drawn, subdued light comes from candles, the bed is bare except for bottom sheets.

She is stood there, dressed in black Basque, tight at the waist but flared out at the bust, exposing her creamy white bosom, with just a hint of nipple peaking out above the black lace. Black stockings held up by suspenders hung from the bottom of the Basque, matching black thong. She turn to show me, I approve. The contrast of black against the creamy whiteness of her skin, particularly the black tightness of the suspenders across her firm white buttocks, shown to there best by a thong string barely covering her rear. When she turns back to me I see she is holding something in her hand. She smiles, and shows me a blindfold. Is it for her? No for me. She gently blindfolds me, then guides me onto the bed. My mind is going wild in anticipation of what to come. Senses are heightened by lack of vision, but still I do not know what will happen. I am laying on my back, and feel her move onto the bed, before she gently kisses my lips. She tastes sweet and fresh, her lips brushing mine, her tongue gently running around the outside of my mouth. She moves down to my neck, and nuzzles by my ear, sending shivers of pleasure down my body. I feel her hot breath moving lower, she kisses down my body, lingering by my nipple, again sending shivers of pleasure down my body, before moving lower still. I feel her breath on my hardness, which is aching in anticipation. Then a warmth envelops me, I sigh with pleasure as her tongue circles my helmet before her mouth plunges down my length. She moves rhythmically up and down my shaft before using her tongue down its length. I feel her tongue circling round my sack, teasing me in ecstasy.

She pulls away, but tells me not to move or look. I do as instructed. She returns a few moments later, and I hear a quiet buzzing noise. I am intrigued at what it is, but then I know, as she gently runs her vibrator the length of my penis, sending small shock waves through it. She gently runs it around my helmet, before pausing it at the tip, its vibration moving down my hardness, my body shaking, the it is stopped. Again I feel the wetness of her mouth moving down me as she savors my taste, then moves up to again tease me with the vibrator, moving it up and down the back of my length and around the helmet, before again enveloping me in her mouth. She moves up my body to kiss me hard on the lips. I feel a coldness on the end of her finger as it circles my nipple. Cold and wet, but not. Then she licks it and sighs in approval, offers her finger to my lips. I suck, taste a sweetness, like jam but thinner. She again circles my other nipple with the substance, then moves her hand down to my groin, spreads it across my helmet and down my length. I know what is to come.

She licks gently at my nipple before taking it into her mouth and sucking off the sweetness, I sigh loudly. She again moves down to my groin and I feel her licking the sweet substance off me, sighing and slurping at the same time. She opens her mouth and takes me inside, sucking as she moves back up, setting a steady rhythm that has me shaking, She is sucking the sweetness off me as she takes me to the edge, and soon the sweetness of her syrup is complimented by my hot spurts as I come into her mouth. She removes my blindfold and I see a squeezy bottle of honey in her hand, she kisses me again, and hands me the bottle and blindfold. Her turn now.

She lays down on the bed and I blindfold her. I tell her not to go away, and I go in search of the things I want to use. She is intrigued, as she thought I would just use the honey and my mouth, which I will later, but first. I return with my equipment, give instructions for her not to move

I join her on the bed and gently kiss her, working my way down from her willing mouth, across her neck, into her cleavage, teasing around the top of her erect nipples. I move lower to tease through the fabric of her black thong, pushing with my tongue against her mound. She sighs and arches her back, opening her legs, I run my tongue down the fabric, teasing her as I do so. She lifts her bottom off the bed, and I tug down her thong, savoring the musky smell released. I stand to prepare the foam, which I gently massage into her mound. She wants to know what I am doing, I tell her to be still and quiet, and not to touch the blindfold. I place three fingers upon her pubic hair, draw around in the foam making a template for my razor. She is very still now as I start to shave her, careful not to cut her soft skin. I shave around the template I have made, leaving an oblong of hair from her opening towards her stomach. I was her with a warm towel before gently rubbing cream into the shaved area. She's moaning now as I gently massage around, straying occasionally across her clitoris, sending shivers through her body.

I pick up her discarded vibrator, turn it on and begin to move it across her stomach, the muscles tensing as it approaches, then send vibrations through her body. She moans again as I move it lower to her pubic mound, teasing near but not touching her clitoris. I skirt around and lower to gently probe by her vaginal lips, careful not to push yet, letting the vibrations tease her. I dip my head and lick her lips, competing with the vibrator for her attention. My tongue moves up between her lips, tasting her sweet wetness, she moans as I push my tongue into her passage, wiggling around before moving further up to tease her clitoris. She moans as I begin to gently probe her vagina with the tip of the vibrator, whilst still licking around her lips, moisturizing her hole to make it easier for her to take its length. I push the vibrator further in, and move up to suck her clitoris, then flicking with my tongue as I gently ease it in and out, adding the steady motion to the vibrations coming from it. I can sense her orgasm building within as I continue to lick and slurp her, easing the vibrator fully our to tease around her lips, before easing back in to push up a against her g-spot, adding to the building tension within her. She arches her back, pushing against me as a blush spreads across her cleavage to her neck, her hands tensing as her orgasm bursts within her. I continue to lick but more gently now as she begins to subside from her pleasure, easing the vibrator out and discarding. We kiss again, and she tastes her own juices on me, before ripping off the blindfold and pushing me backwards on to the bed.

Her leg swings across my body, and she urgently seeks my manhood, impaling herself upon its hardness, urgent in her actions as I ease her breast out of the confines of the Basque, reaching up to nibble her nipples, and run my tongue around their erectness. My hands smooth down her stocking legs seeking her bare firm buttocks. Squeezing the bareness of them before again moving across the silkiness of the stockings. Her actions and noises become more urgent as she pushes firmly down against me, before easing up my length, and down again, her eyes screwed tight with pleasure. I can not stand much more of this, try to get her to slow, but she will not, she's too far gone to care. She put her head back and moans as again she is racked by her orgasm, her internal muscles tightening on me and causing my own orgasm to erupt within her. Milking me as she gently rocks on me, bending down to kiss my lips, again her tongue darting out to tease my own. We stay like that, with her impaled on my softening manhood, but easy with ourselves in this position. I run my hands down her legs and again squeeze her bottom in thanks.