Written by purple_eye_babe

19 Dec 2010

I had been avoiding the phone for ages, I knew who was calling me, and it was no good I didn’t have the money to pay the rent.

I had 6 messages on the answer phone saying I had to pay up or I will be thrown out of my flat.

I loved living there, but the bills were mounting up and the thought of moving back with my parents was dreadful.

Three days ago I had just got back from work when the front door began to open, ‘oi you there?’ was shouted and my heart sank as I knew it was my landlord.

I had £2.35 to my name and there was no way I was going to be able to pay the last three months rent.

Tony my land lord walked in the sitting room, he is a real wide boy, a real jack the lad, full of himself.

So where is the rent he asks? , it’s been a bed few months I try to explain and that hopefully I should have the rent in the New Year. That’s not good enough he says and starts to point his finger at me as he moves closer.

I have people waiting for this flat he says and I want the money now, I explained that I did not have the money and would do anything to stay.

Tony begins to smile and sits down on the sofa. So what do you think we should do about this money then he asks me? You’re a pretty girl, if you let me fuck you I could let you off a month’s rent, but don’t forget you owe me three months so that’s three fucks I want from you.

Well it does not seem like I have much choice then, and I nod at him. I’m not a very experienced girl and have always let the boy take the lead.

Come here he says, and I walk forward, I stand in front of him and he places my legs on each side of his, so my legs are spread. I’m very worried as I don’t really know what to do.

He slides his hands up the inside of my stockend legs and up my inner thighs. I wish I had worn trousers to work today.

He turns me around and makes me bend over; he then pulled up my skirt over my bum so he can see the tops of my thighs and my knickers just covering my bum. He grabs hold of my knickers and pulls them down; my hold ups stay in place. I step out of my knickers, my bum is bear.

He then pushes me over again so he can see my arse and the lips of my pussy, he spreads my legs so he can see all of my pussy as I bend over.

He spits on his fingers and touches my arse and slides his fingers over my pussy lips and then pushes his finger in between them so I am opened up. I’m not wet yet as I’m very shocked at what is going on. He leans forward rims me then sides his tongue in my pussy. I want you so fucking wet he says, I’m going to use your pussy and your arse as I want to. He then begins to rub my arse and pussy with his fingers, rubbing my clit which I can feel is beginning to swell. He begins to finger me, god you are so tight he says, I’m going to love fucking you. He has his thumb on my clit two fingers in my pussy and now one in my arse, I have never done this before, but I have to pay my rent and he says I can get let off.

I’m now beginning to get very wet, I can help myself.

He now turns me around and makes me sit on the sofa, he stands in front of my. I’m going to get you to suck my cock he says, this is something I have never done before.

He pulls out hid big hard cock and crabs hold of the back of my head. Put it in your mouth and suck he says, he then pushes his cock in to my mouth and holds my lower jaw so I have to close my lips around it. He then begins to move his hips and starts to fuck my mouth. He has hold of my hair, pulling it as he fucks my face. Suck harder he moans and I try, he pushes it right down my throat and I gag, but he keeps doing it. That’s better he says, he pulls out of my mouth and he says to lick the end.

He then holds onto his cock so his balls are in my face, put them in your mouth and such he says, which I do so, he is loving it. Bite my balls he asks, just gently though. Which I do so he can just feel my teeth on them but not hurting him. I’m sucking and biting his balls. I begin to play with his cock while I do this, he seems to like it.

I want to cum in your pussy he says, and kneels down, placing my legs over his shoulders, the pushes his cock roughly in my pussy. He is thrusting it in and out really hard, taking it all out of my pussy so he has to spread my lips as he pushes it back.

He fucking me really hard, groaning while he , and calling me his little whore.

He then pulls his cock out and lifts my bum up a bit and I can feel his cock probing my arse. He pulls away and pushes a finger up my arse again getting it wet and lubed up.

He then slowly pushes his clock into my arse, really slowly and I can feel how tight my arse is and how it’s trying to push it back out.

He is going to bugger me whatever happens so he keeps pushing and before I know it I can feel his balls on my bum.

He begins to fuck my arse, its different, but I can’t tell him I like it, he keeps fucking me, and starts to play with my clit, my pussy is getting wetter, and this is running down to my arse making it really slimy, so fucking my arse is becoming really lovely. I can feel his balls becoming hard on my bum, he shouts that he is going to cum and does so in my arse. When he is finished, he pulls out and he watches his come follow, he then pushes his fingers in so he can feel how full my arse is whit his cum.

He then stands up, pulls up his trousers and says that he will be back next week for the next months payment and he wants to find me naked on the bed when he arrives.

I’m now starting to thing that I just might get something out of this too!