Written by jameswantsu

2 Jan 2014

The next morning after our encounter with Tony and Jackie i awoke with a raging hard on thinking about how he had fucked Sally the night before and Jackies part in the episode.I slipped my hand between Sallys legs and found her cunt still very wet so i slid down the bed and pushed my tongue into her.This woke her up and she stirred opening her legs to accommodate me, i have a very bad headache she said and i and a strange dream , ok says i i will get you some tablets and you can tell me about your dream.

I dreamt that the couple we met spent the night with us and he had sex with me she said , it wasn't a dream says i he did have sex with you and you loved it.

Next thing she is in tears tell me i did not do those things i dreamt about she sobbed, yes you did i said but it was just a bit of fun so don't worry about it you have had sex with other guys before and this one wasn't any different..After that she calmed down a bit so i climbed on top of her and pushed into her, she soon got a rhythm going and was bucking hard onto my cock, oh fuck she said his cock was so hard i wanted it so much , fuck fuck fuck me Tony ,,, i played along as she climaxed and i shot my load in her, we the went back to sleep for a couple of hours ..

Around lunchtime we decided to go have a swim and a sunbathe as this was a at sea day, we found a couple of sun beds and streched out in the warm sun.As i looked around s i spotted a rather attractive mature woman on her own a couple of sun beds away, i looked at her and smiled and she smiled back.Sally then rolled over and proclaimed oh my god i am so stiff i need a massage but your no good to which i had to agree, at this moment the mature woman leant across and said , excuse me but i am a masseur if you need some relief i can help you, ok says Sally i would love that but where do we do it ? here? no says mature woman better in private, so i suggested we go along to our cabin and do it there ..

We all trotted along to our cabin and Sally hopped onto the bed on her back still clad in her bikini, mature womans says by the way i am Zoe and its nice to meet you both .I sat myself in chair and watched as she got to work .Turn over now she said to Sally in a rather brusque manner, so Sally lay on her stomach as Zoe dribbled oil on her back.She began pummelling her back and shoulders working her way down to her waist the across her ass and down her legs .I knew Sally was enjoying this as she parted her legs a little ,Zoe worked the inside of her legs and pushed her hands into Sally bottom which only resulted in Sally opening wider.

i was getting quite turned on by this and expected Zoe to start something , but to my surprise she slapped Sally ass and commanded turn over, which of course she did, she lay with legs apart looking up at Zoe who now started to massage Sallys front concentrating on her tits and stomache, she squeezed and pinched her nipples i knew this was turning Sally on and i had a massive hard on but dare not do anything.

Zoe leant over her as she continued to squeeze and nip her tits then putting her hand between Sallys legs and rubbing her mound this was becoming very exciting and Sally was beginning to moan, the without any warning Zoe bent over clamped her mouth on Sallys and kissed her while still massaging her tits, Sally responded pulling Zoe on top of her and they french kissed and rubbed their bodies together, then suddenly Zoe pulled back stood up and slapped Sally hard across the face.You fucking slut she said how dare you think i would want you, and turning to me said and you , dirty fucker like to watch your wife with another woman.With that Zoe turned and walked out the cabin..i was amazed .Sally lay there panting and clearly very turned on by all this so being the gent i am i climbed on and we fucked hard until we both came.What did you make of all that says Sally, well i said i thought it was very erotic and just a pity it didn't go any further,Sally agreed and said although i have never considered myself bisexual i really wanted her , well says i we will never know now as horny as it was and we spent the rest of the afternoon fucking each other,..Sally fell asleep so i showered and wandered on deck for some air calling in the Lido bar for a cocktail.On my way back to the cabin i saw Zoe coming towards me , that was very enjoyable this afternoon say i to which she replied , i haven't done with you two yet by a long way your in for a nasty surprise and turned round and walked away , what thought i is coming next??????