Written by merrydale

23 Jul 2010

We had discussed a holiday in Cuba but you hadn’t seemed too keen, so I was very surprised when you said ‘”OK, in fact I’ve already booked it!

We did the usual tours and sightseeing in the first couple of days, so you said that we would have a chill out day in the hotel complex the next day. The next day it was quiet at the pool, most of the guests were away checking out a banana plantation.

After a poolside lunch you suggested we have a couple of drinks before an afternoon siesta, I got the idea! You called the waitress from the bar to bring a couple of drinks, Lager for you and special Cuban rum for me.

She brought the drinks and said “My name is Roberta, enjoy your drinks.

The hot sun and the rum started to make me feel really sleepy and before I knew it I had dozed off.

I woke up with a start and tried to sit up but I couldn’t move, I was already in sitting position but tied to a wooden chair. I had been wearing shorts at the pool but now I was naked! I looked up, startled to see you also naked facing me, also tied to a chair. Grouped around you were Roberta and several tall men. Roberta was not smiling this time, “So you decided to join us after all, you will both be OK if your family pay the ransom money, after all, you are very rich people from London. Our contact is speaking with them.

“We aren’t rich or from London, I said, “just ordinary people from Yorkshire,

Roberta laughed “Don’t lie to us or try to escape; after all you will look pretty stupid running naked through Havana,

The room was hot and I could see the sweat running down your body and I could feel it running down my own. A man entered the room and whispered in Roberta’s ear, “So, she said, they will not pay. We will need to get the account numbers from you. She told the man to go out again and continue the negotiations

I tried to explain again, but Roberta just ignored my pleas. She took the men to the other side of the room and whispered to them. Returning to me she said “These men will amuse themselves with your wife, we will see how long it takes for you to give us the numbers and we will video it for your family in London!

Tied helpless to my chair I watched as the men pulled off their shirts and shorts. They approached you in your chair and you squirmed away from them but you could only move an inch or two. Even in the circumstances I could see they had pretty impressive erections already, they gathered either side of you, ensuring I had a good view. Hands caressed your breasts and cocks closed in on your face. I suddenly felt a stirring down below and I felt my own cock swelling at the sight. Roberta had of course noticed this and called across “Hey Mrs. Kim, look at this .It might take a while to convince your Husband to give us the numbers.

Only a few feet in front of me hands were all over your body, teasing your nipples and stroking your breasts. A hand slipped down to your pussy but the man complained that with your knees tied together he couldn’t reach. So Roberta loosened the ties and moved your legs outwards to the chair legs and retied them. Your pussy was free for all to see including me and I remembered trimming you short for this holiday. The eager fingers found you quickly and started to massage the lips of your cunt and two fingers entered you.

Meanwhile above, a hard swollen cock was at your cheek you turned your head away but your lips met only another from the other side, it pushed into your mouth and the head disappeared from sight I watched as your mouth worked on him for a few seconds and the you pulled away but his cock was instantly replaced by one from the other side. This time you took longer to move your mouth away. The sight of all this had given me a huge hard on and it was, of course, spotted by Roberta, Who said “As a form of torture this doesn’t seem to be getting us very far, but a good fucking is a good fucking, don’t you think?

Roberta walked across to you turning to me she asked “does your wife eat pussy? And slipping off her dress she climbed onto the arms of your chair and lowered herself down onto your face, you didn’t seem as eager as when you had cocks to deal with but you tentatively put out a tongue to the lowering pussy after a few gentle licks you pushed your mouth upwards to engulf the cunt above.

If I had been free at that moment I wouldn’t have run to escape I would have rushed across to join in. Roberta climbed down from your face and pushing the fingers in your cunt away she began to eat you out. Now your mouth was free the cocks returned but this time there was no holding back, you sucked and licked like a woman possessed and you pushed your hips forward so that Roberta had full access to your pussy.

One cock pulled from your mouth and a torrent of cum erupted onto your tits and stomach. Roberta pulled her mouth free from you and returned to me, “Your wife tastes good, I’m sure you know the taste, and she put her mouth to mine, I licked all your juices from her lips and tongue. By now you were well covered in cum it was running down your tits and on down to your pussy and your mouth was reaching for more cock to suck.

Suddenly the door flew open and two men entered, one was the negotiator from before, He cried out “We fucked up! It’s the wrong couple; the rich ones went home yesterday.

The whole room froze, and then everyone except me was laughing and clapping. You were let loose from the chair and I could now see that the ropes hadn’t been tied at all, I was the only one actually tied. You came across to me. “This was your holiday surprise; you have always said you wanted to watch, so here it is, and we have the video for back home.

“Not quite all, said Roberta, “This is my husband Tom, Big Tom to his friends! And she stood back to reveal the other man who had come in. He was black, not that tall but the big did not refer to his height. His dick was engorged and the tip reached to his chest. I was still fastened to the chair and my cock was hardening again, both you and Roberta came towards me and bending down started to caress and kiss my cock. I watched over your backs as Tom covered his massive meat with oil and approached you from the rear, I felt your head jerk as he steadily pushed into your pussy and then he started to fuck you with a steady rhythm. You and Roberta were swapping mouths on me and when I came I shot into Roberta’s mouth. By now all you could feel was the amazing fucking you were getting, after what seemed ages Tom stiffened and cried out and he pumped his cum into you. Tom pulled out of you, you turned around and stroked his dick in gratitude and kissed a last drop of cum from him, and turning again you pressed your lips to Roberta’s’ and pressed that last drop into her mouth.

We have the video still and it warms up many a session.