Written by dreamer

18 Jan 2011

Nearly 3 weeks after my wife had told me about going out on a date in a foursome she had not mentioned it again,she did however continue with her studs,bringing them home and

having sex,but now she made me watch and clean her and her stud up afterwards.One day she and her stud laid on the bed after a long noisy shag,come and get my stud hard again wimp she commanded,I knelt in front of him,started to suck his cock which started to harden and grow,he moaned,thats good wimp he said he was soon rock hard,put his cock in my cunt wimp she said,I did as told,he fucked her again but when he was ready to cum he pulled out,open wide wimp he shouted and pushed his cock into my mouth and fucked my

mouth until he shot his juices, filling my mouth.

The next day she said tonight you have a date with a stud who loves wimps,we are going to a club so you must look good,she had bought clothes for me to wear,I had to put them on,red satin panties,black wet look tight trousers,a red satin shirt,she then painted my nails red,you look a real wimp she laughed.She also got changed into her clubbing clothes,tight dress and high heels,she looked great.

I drove us to the club,her stud was waiting,hi he said,this is your date wimp,this is

Tony,he was about 30,big and good looking,hi he said,I've heard a lot about you,may I call you wimp he asked, yes I stuttered,they all laughed,Tony kised me on the lips,put

his arm around my waist and took us into the club.We sat at a table ordered drinks,soon my wife and her stud were dancing,let's dance said Tony,pulling me to the dance floor,he held me close his hands all over me,he pushed my hand to his cock,it was hard and it was enormous,thats all yours tonight he said,I am going to fuck you all night,We danced while Tony kissed my neck driving me wild,we had more drinks, more dances,much later Tony told my wife I'm taking my wimp home,I am going to make him my whore,we left and yes Tony did turn me into a whore,anyones whore.Tell you later,xxxx