Written by Jsmith123

6 Jan 2015

Having spent the Friday night of our weekend away in Leeds fucking two Indian lads we meti in a bar while my Hubby watched I was amazed just how grateful hubby was on the Saturday morning. I let him go down on me when he woke up as he was worried that he may have missed some to Taz and Ali's cum from last night he was in ecstasy! We spent Saturday shopping and having a nice lunch then about 3pm my phone pinged. When I checked it it was a text from Taz saying "tonight is on I have 6 Indian lads gagging to fuck you" I showed it to Hubby and said "well?". He looked at me imploringly and said "Pleeassee". I knew then it would be a night to remember.

We had an early evening meal at the Hitel Restaurant then about 8pm walked down to meet the boys in Flares just down the road. True to their word Taz and Ali where there with four of their mates ogling me as I walked to meet them. I was wearing a black lace bra that you could see my nipples through underneath a sheer see through black blouse on top and a matching lace G String and black stockings held up with the matching suspender belt and a tight short pencil skirt with a side split that revealed my sticking tops and thigh if I moved my legs apart. "Hi boys" I said "so nice to meet you all, I hope we are all going to get to know each other better tonight". Hubby was so hard that his jeans looked like a tent! He was though very attentive chatting with the lads and buying drinks while I flirted outrageously. As the night went in their hands wandered all over me I luuurrrved this and dancing and snogging and feeling loads of hard young brown cock through their pants.

Around 11.00pm I said "OK boys who is up for some fun?", "Oooh all eight of you then, let's go back to our hotel". We walked back to The Queens and in the lift I had hands everywhere on my tits fingering my cunt and bum and God it felt good! Back at our room the boys sat down on the seats bed and floor and Hubby pressed play on his phone and Marvin Gayes Sexual Healing started. I danced around brushing against the boys and getting them to undo buttons and zips as I got down to my stockings suspenders and G String. I pulled Taz up off the floor and sat him down I then bent over in front of him and touched my toes as I did so I felt my String pulled aside and three of his fingers slide into my very wet cunt. I stood up picked up his hand and sucked my juices off his fingers before giving Hubhy a big wet kiss.

"OK boys" said Hubby "Taz and Ali go first then we draw lots for pthe others" I said "don't worry boys Hubby will suck you hard so you are ready to go and he will suck you clean afterwards". This time Taz went first with his big briwn 9 inches pounding my cunt to the cheers and encouragement from his mates. I felt him stiffen heard him groan and felt his hot cum flood my cunt. Ali was next but I stopped him slipping his rock hard 7" brown beauty I got up on my knees and said "Ali pleaseee fuck my arse" the boys went wild cheering and shouting encouragement at least three of them were filming this on their mobiles as I felt Ali's cock push against bum and then slip into my arse and start fucking me. God I was loving this new whore within me.

The night was a big messy spunky extravaganza Hubby prepping and cleaning and emptying my arse and cunt as they filled them up with hot young spunk.God were they horny at least five of them went twice and two very horny boys came three times each! I wax spit roasted, double penetrated vaginally, made airtight and spunked over!

Hubby and I must have ingested gallons of spunk before the last of them left at around 6am. I looked actors at Hubby and said "can we do this again?", "God yessss!!!" he begged. I couldn't help but agree, I am not sure how but this petite wife and Mum is now a Gangbang Slut and I am loving it!!!

Love Jane xxxxx