Written by Suzie J

26 Aug 2012

Late night taxi pick up

The steam created by my extended shower filled the small bathroom, it created an almost spooky effect. Next time I should shave my pussy before I shower...even better get Chris to shave it for me. Stepping out of the shower and almost slipping on the tiled floor only served to shake up my already churning stomach, I really couldn't recall when I last felt so nervous. The build up to the meeting had been pretty slow in truth, a few weeks spent looking online for a suitable candidate then moving step by step from email, text, chat room and then to phone chat, who am I kidding....phone sex - very good phone sex in fact.

The phone chat sealed the deal for sure, Nick had such a sexy voice and if he's as good as his word, my pussy will be dripping wet within minutes of his fingers slipping inside me! I didn't know men could be so articulate when describing a finger fuck, just the calls were almost enough to make me drop my knickers and run to him  in fact, I would be lying if I said that some serious self fingering didn't take place while he continued to go step by step through his plan for me.

Guess we should feel sorry these days for all those people that can't let go enough to at least try phone sex, after all it's not hurting anyone - you can't get any STD's and it's really is not important what either party looks like as the attraction is contained within the mind and played out by the hands and fingers.

But less of the build up more  of the action plan.

Clothes laid out on the bed - shoes by the door with a small handbag and the all important mobile fully charged. What man could resist this smooth pussy lightly covered by white silk french knickers. The extra  fabric in french knickers makes all the difference,  in my dreams many a time I have been fucked up against a wall or a tree even a pillar in a car park... all this while still wearing my knickers it is so easy to slip a cock up the thigh between the fabric and pussy lips allowing rampant fucking and walking away afterwards looking demure, no grabbing knickers from the floor and stuffing them in a bag.

Almost slipped into self pleasure mode then, sorry folks.

No matter the shape, size or  age of a woman putting on fuck me clothes and shoes is an act not just for the men but almost a ritual of preparation-allowing the woman to slip into her alter ego, giving permission to give into carnal desires and fantasies. I am no different and on that cold night I enjoyed the dressing, knowing that once on my clothes were there to be removed by a tall stranger who had no care for anything but pleasure.

The agreed time was 10.30pm and the pick up point would be the train station about 3 miles away. 

Chris my husband had no say in the plans at all,  he was to observe take photos and film if he wanted to, no words, no direction just observation. The strain of containing his excitement was almost too much for him and from the hard bulge in his trousers I knew the mind games had worked a treat. 

He knows the drill, and he knows what prize is his for the taking so long as he keeps his part of the bargain.

The car engine sprung into life on my command, no need for manual stimulation and my back seat passenger took his place, camera by his side.

The roads on the way to the station became more like country tracks as I headed off the A roads, no street lights and few houses to light the way. Driving in the dark was often the start to my erotic dreams, lost and alone   is a favourite start, being broken down looking for help but being kidnapped is just another that always did the trick and results in moist pussy and damp fingers in the small hours.

The turn off to the station is marked by just a small sign, easy to miss if you are in a hurry, the lane to the station is flanked by fields and woods giving an almost ghostly feel to the long winding approach. The dam pot holes made me jump as the car slowly eased it's way towards the bright station light in the distance. 

I could hear laboured breathing in the back, nothing too obvious just the odd moan and deep breath but I knew that sound meant Chris had his cock in his right hand, balls in his left and was trying to relieve his erection without me knowing "don't you dare cum until I say you can, you excuse for a man, did you hear me?" silence "answer me" I said in my dom voice. Chris knows when I mean business and he acknowledged my command with a whimper and the sound of a zip being done up. "if you want sloppy seconds you have to earn it 

and don't forget it" my verbal bullying resulted in a silent acceptance and compliance, he knew that the wait would pay off and that fucking me after Nick was finished was a prize worth the wait.

Harrietsham rail station is very remote and is ideal for some late night action besides the rail line where you will be glimpsed by passing trains for sure and easily hidden from any roads. Having parked the car at the farthest point from station exit almost out of sight I opened the door and took in the sounds and smells of a night woodland, some rustling in  the leaves and the odd creak of branches but no voices and no human sounds at all.

Only 5 mins to find the right spot, no time to loose.

Pushing past a gap between the fence post and the railings it was easy to access the land around the station building, i'd seen a door on the side of the building without any apparent padlock. " Chris, here is the spot" I called out "you can wait in there for me after you've prepared me and don't shut the door, you can keep an eye on the action" he duly followed me to the metal fence by the tracks, my lace topped stockings were exposed as the breeze blew open my wrap skirt ...the fabric billowing behind me. Just enough breeze to flow inside my french knickers and over my soft naked pussy....I so love the feeling of just shaved lips, the contrast between the heat and the cool - memories of hot wax and ice cubes flash though my mind. 

Chris took 2 deep red silk scarves from my bag and tied each of my wrists to the fence, above my shoulders butt not quite above my head, then he used some old black stockings to secure my ankles in a "spread legs" position. Facing away from the track it was a gamble that Nick would be the only person to get off at this station and see this woman tied up ready to be used.

Chis kissed my lips and slipped his hand up my thigh " Stop .... I'm not yours yet" I whispered, he walked away, entered the doorway and stood in the shadow.

Seconds later the crackling sound of power coursing through the tracks told me the train was just moments away a shiver ran through me and my pussy lips twitched with anticipation, this is just the moment when I need my fingers to release the tension.

Not long now,  this will be a fucking to remember and if the next train passes by while he has me bent over they will get a flash of sexual activity they won't forget.

Footsteps are all I can hear now the train has departed - is that 1 person? not sure too many steps too close together, my breathing quickens as I strain to listen for a clue. He's the other side of the fence getting closer oh yes, yes, I'm ready just take me. In a flash a hand reaches through the fence between my legs and 3 fingers pushed up inside my pussy and pulled out straight away, then the hand wiped my juice across my lips and slipped a finger inside my mouth, sucking on the finger greedily and enjoying  the musky taste turned me on even more.  Almost at the same time a hand ripped open my blouse exposing my erect nipples above the steel boned corset. Oh I did make the right choice.

The hands on my body continued to explore pinching my nipples and pulling on them causing a delicious pain to shoot through my upper body. No words said at all, the only audible sound was my panting as my orgasm built up inside.

Opening my eyes I saw Nick walking towards me...what the fuck

It seems I'm not going to have 1 new cock but 2!

Hope this stimulated your imagination - post part 2 tomorrow