Written by daveboy2222

14 Jan 2014

My first go at telling a story. This one is actually real. Being my first story it may be drawn out, and being real, it may seem cliche.

Every Girlfriend has been different.

My favourite, when it came to sexual adventure, was Heather (not her real name, of course). She was willing to try something at least once.

She had once mentioned having a diary that she wrote her most intimate fantasies in. She told me that she lost it or trashed it. But while she was away at work, I went through her things to see if I could find it. And I did. These were things she wrote when she was 14-15.

She had all sorts of fantasies, pages and pages of them. My favourite one was where she would be blindfolded in a bedroom, and several men would come in one at a time and have their way with her all through the night. They would come back in for a second time and even a third. I began to wonder if her little pussy could actually handle that much fucking.

She surprised me while we were laying in bed and just fondling one another. As I rubbed her clit harder and faster, she embraced me tighter, and began breathing heavy in my ear, whispering things . . .

"Would you love sharing me with another man? huh? Would love watching me get fucked?"

I wasn't going to mention anything about finding her diary, but I couldn't help but to say to her, "I would love laying next to you like this, kissing you, fondling you, rubbing your clit, while one man after another comes into the room, and each one mounts you and fucks you hard and deep like a jack hammer, one after the other, minute after minute, hour after hour."

While I was whispering this in her ear, she would thrust up at my hand harder and harder. "Do you really mean that? Would you want to do something like that?"

I said, "Something like that, yes."

Talking to her about it, I had told her about having done this sort of thing before, and having to have a firm agreement concerning bringing a third party, or more, to bed. Like having a code, so that no one can just assume to fuck her whenever they want just because we had a threeway with them. You would be surprised how often this happens.

I would have to be the final say on who the third party would be. He couldn't be someone bigger than me. I don't mean dick size, I know I'm not the biggest. I mean muscular. Because sometimes you get real pricks who want to treat a woman badly just because she's open to having more than one cock at a time. This is for the woman.

So it happened, one night after work and hanging at the pub with a newly met friend. He asked if he could crash at my place because he was too lit to drive. It didn't occur to me that it could be an opportunity for Heather and I to explore the depths of our relationship by having a threeway.

When we arrived, Heather was in the shower, so I told our guest that I had to let her know I was home with company, so that she didn't come out into the livingroom in nothing but panties. He said, "Damn it! That might have been nice to see!" That was when a light bulb went on in my head.

So I went into the bathrrom and peaked into the shower and watched her wash her hair and look sexy before I said, "Hello, Sweetness. I'm home." She reached over to me and almost pulled me into the shower with her, giving me a big kiss. She asked me to join her, but all I did was slide my hand down the front of her body and played a bit with her clit (I forgot to tell her we had company).

I had told our guest to look through the movies if he wanted. And after ten minutes, Heather came out, wearing only a t-shirt that was long enough to barely hide her nether region. She was shaved, but you can see her lips just peaking out a bit. And from the angle of the floor, where our guest was looking through movies, the view must have been lovely.

She didn't notice our guest at first, though he noticed her. He had a big smile and couldn't stop looking at her. When she noticed him, she stopped, her eyes wide in an apparent startle, which melted into fascination, and she turned and quickly walked back into the bedroom.

"Wow! that was hot!" He said.

"I forgot to tell her company was here," I said with a smirk. We were buzzed enough, so I added, "Would you fuck her?"

"Of course I would," he said.

"I mean, would you go in there and fuck her for me? I wasn't asking you hypothetically." I laughed a bit.

"Seriously?" He asked.

I said, "Yeah, just go into the bedroom, when she asks you what you are doing, just smile and say, 'You.' If she's willing, she'll ask you, 'what do you want?' Or she'll simply say, 'not this time.' If she's willing, just go up to her and begin to have your way with her." So he went into the bedroom.

I assumed she was willing, because ten minutes later, when I went to the door to peak in, he was going down on her. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy and her breathing was shallow and shakey. Her hands were pressing down on the back of his head, and she said, "I hope you can cum more than once or twice. I want to get fucked until morning."

At that, my dick began getting hard. Heather opened her eyes and looked right me as she thrust into his face and began to cum. I started to walk in, and she mouthed the word "no, not yet", shaking her head with a smile. So I stayed back and watched some more.

She hopped up to the head of the bed and laid back. Our guest went up and laid next to her and began kissing her neck and breasts. At that I went in and laid next to her. With her in between us, we were kissing her and fondling her. He would rub her clit while I fingered her. Her moaning was shakey as she was whining and wimpering. She had our cocks in each hand, looking down at what we were doing to her pussy, and then threw her haed back in an explosive orgasm, hard thrusting, and barely yelling out, "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!"

Our guest then pronounced his pawn, and Heather took it in as deep as she could. She grabbed his back and pulled his cock into her mouth even harder. While she was busy with this, I nuzzled my face along her thighs, working my way into her nether region. As my lips and tongue met her luscious pussy, she started thrusting slowly in response to my eating her.

She then turned to one side, continuing to suck our guest. She then begged and whined, "I need someone to fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard!" So I said, "Guests first."

He and I switched places, and he began by teasing her pussy with his hard cock. She would thrust up to meet his cock when he would put it at her entryway, only to thrust forward to slide his throbbing member against her clit. He held it there, and I noticed his cock was long, passing her navel by two inches. She reached down and started to massage it, not to get it hard, but to feel its sheer length and strength. And pulling my dick down to the head being in her mouth alone, she looked up at me with that look of hers, seeking aproval. I nodded.

As he slowly slid inside of her, she was slowly taking in a deep breath, her face making a big "O" expression. She stretched her arms out straight in front of herself, pushing back on his stomach so he couldn't slip it in any further, kind of wincing in pain. But at one point, after thrusting in and out of her for about ten minutes straight, when she stretched out her arms to keep him back, he was able to still thrust further with his hips and push it in deeper, almost to the hilt of his shaft with about an inch to spare, and he left it there inside her. I can tell he hit rock bottom because he was still pushing in, though without making any headway as she let out this slight yelp, her teeth gritting in a maniacal looking smile and her eyes lit wide open.

He pulled back a couple inches and began thrusting into her again, slowly at first, but then picking up momentum. She would moan and whine, trying to clamp her legs shut, pushing against him, but he was able to keep thrusting it into her with his hips, harder and faster. He kept fucking her like this for another fifteen to twenty minutes, her every breath more laboured and deep. Every so often she would look up at me, and in a whimpering moan she would say to me, "I love you for this, baby. Thank you, thank you!"

She came at least five times during that little bangfest, screaming, "Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder!". Apparently she got used to his length because she quit trying to push him back, laying there with her legs wide open getting pounded with both her hands on my cock, her head tilted back off the edge of the bed and her lips slobbering all up and down my shaft. I started thrusting my cock deeper into her throat, the back of her tongue would tighten up around my head as it slid out, until I finally gritted my teeth and said, "I'm going to cum!"and I exploaded. She sucked harder as I came and I can feeel her swallowing every burst. I laid down by her side and began sucking her tits and kissing her neck. Her moaning in my ear was getting me hard again. That and the fact that she was massaging my cock.

Finally after five or six hard thrusts our guest slammed it in her, pull out a few inches and blew his load inside her. I watched his cock thob and pulse with each squirt of his hot load inside her. He then pulled out of her, and laid next to her, snuggling up to her.

I started massaging her clit to keep her going, I could feel her muscles tightening as she pushed his load out of her pussy. She reached over and grabbed a hand towel to wipe up the rest.

After awhile, Heather just laid there, massaging a cock in each hand, being kissed and licked and nuzzled. She whispered in my ear, "I want your cock inside me."

Propping herself up on one arm she gently pulled at our guest's cock and took it in her mouth. I set myself between her thighs, rubbing my cock on her clit, getting her to respond with light thrusts against my hardening cock. I finally slid into her. Only my head at first, quickly pumping it in and out of her, making her whimper and whine and wanting it more. I love the whimpering trill she makes when I do that to her.

I began thrusting my cock deeper and deeper inside her. Pumping harder and harder, I fucked her straight for fifteen minutes, getting hornier watching her suck his dick, making it harder and harder. I can see her taking it into her mouth further and further. I never knew how much she could actually take into her throat! She came at least three or four times, her moans were intoxicating, and I couldn't hold it back anylonger. Grunting with every hard thrust, I finally slammed it into her and blew my load deep inside her.

As soon as I rolled off her, our guest was back on top of her, not even waiting for her to push out my cum and wipe my load off. He fucked her like a machine, looking into her face for signs of response - and she responded with livid animation and sound. I just laid there and watched in amazement.

After some time, he rolled her over. She quickly said, "Not in the ass!" He took her doggy style, and with every thrust of his she kept moving forward a bit, as if to get away from his length. Every so often when he went in deep, she would say, "Owe, owe, owe! Not so deep!" - turning me on.

I stood up at the side of the bed, and gave her my dick to suck. But she couldn't keep sucking for long. She went from being on all fours - knees and hands - to knees and elbows, to ultimately knees and chest. She was so wasted, he kept fucking her for a good half hour. All in all we fucked her for six hours straight, our guest and I came at least four times each.

When our guest left, she and I talked in anticipation about doing something like that again. And we did, several times. A few times with another couple, and one time I was able to fulfill her fantasy of being blindfolded and having men coming into the bedroom one after the other, having their way with her while I laid there watching, fondling her, and getting my cock sucked. We had seven guys for that one. I miss having her for a girlfriend.