Written by Ann

28 Nov 2008

I am Ann, 24 married to a loving but very emotional husband, Mark. Mark is 30 and is working as sales consultant. We’ve been married for 2 years during which time I’ve been off the pill and trying for a child.

A medical check-up as confirmed Mark is not capable of producing children. He was very disheartened of the findings because he loves kids and he became depressed and even lost his sex appetite about the outcome.

To make things worse Mark’s Mother passed away a few months ago leaving his Dad on his own, so to ease his Dad’s grieving we asked him to stay with us through the distressing period.

Mark’s Dad - Danny is 59, very energetic and a hard working man who looks good for his age.

One evening after dinner, Danny asked are there any children planned, Mark broke the bad news, so I brought up the idea of the possibly of adopting a child, but this didn’t go down well with my husband.

Danny interrupted and told Mark that when he was 23 (the year he got married) his Mother had insisted that he kept a sample of his sperm in a sperm bank in case anything happened to him. He then suggested that we could use his sperm to help me conceive through in-vitro method. I was totally against the idea, but to my amazement Mark was all for it, stating at least our child will inherit most of my genetics. After much debate I finally gave in.

We made the arrangement privately and the following weekend I had the sperm implant. A month later I had to go back to clinic to find out whether I was pregnant or not. Unfortunately Mark was away on business so his Dad Danny took me for my appointment.

As I was waiting in the lobby of the clinic having given a sample, Danny came back with the result from the doctor. I asked well? He said I’m sorry dear – Negative. Oh God how will Mark feel.

Danny took me home and we sat together on the sofa where he comforted me as I sobbed into his arms and cuddled to his chest. What am I going to tell Mark? He will devastated.

Danny said there is only one option and if you love Mark you must agree. What is that, I asked? Danny replied I’ll have to plant some fresh seed inside of you, which means us having sexual intercourse. Angrily I shouted no way I can not be unfaithful to Mark especially with his father.

Calm down he said, you don’t want to lose Mark do you? After all it’s not that you are being unfaithful has you have already taken a sampled of my sperm. It will not be a great sin. After a period of silence, I said I suppose I don’t have much choice, but if must be clear that it will for business and not pleasure.

He said it had to be both for him otherwise he would be able to fill me with his SPUNK. He started kissing my neck and ear then his right hand opened my blouse and released my tittie. His kissing. sucking and nibbling then moved to my erect nipple. For some reason my head went back and my eyes shut as pleasure ripped through my body. I then felt his hand slip under my skirt and he started caressing my inner thigh, moving it further and further up my leg until he reached the crutch of my panties. Not knowingly my legs had opened naturally giving easy access. He found his muffed goal and started rubbing my swollen quim through the outside of my now wet pink panty thong.

Knowing my father in law was about to FUCK me made me feel incredibility horny and from this point I knew the business part of the deal had gone out of the window.

He repositioned himself and his kissing moved downwards. He spread my legs further apart put his thumbs inside of the waist band of my panties and started removing my wet knickers. I lift my bum to aid him.

With my panties in his hand he raised them to his nose and sniffed the sodden gusset saying; I hope your pussy tastes as good as it smells.

I have never been licked out before so I didn’t know what to expect. But boy didn’t it feel good, all of my resistance had now gone as I felt his tongue deep inside of my yoni, whilst his finger teased my love bud. I almost passed out has I squirted cream into Mark’s Dad’s mouth. I tried to hide my cum, but I think he knew that I’d had an orgasm, because my juices were all over his face. My pussy was so sanative at this point I had to push his face away from my sexual treasures.

He stood up and said Ann you are about to get a good hard shagging. I’m going to fill you love hole to the hilt and spill my spunk. With that he removed his trousers and undies to expose a massive prick. It must have been at least 3 inches longer and probably twice the thickness of his son’s. His cock had obviously been well used because the foreskin was so stretched.

He moved towards me, his boner fully hard and shaped like a banana. His bell end was dark purple (full of blood) and leaking pre cum. Not knowing what to expect he pulled my head forward and ordered me to SUCK him off . I have never sucked cock before but it seemed to come naturally and I loved the sweet, salty tasted of his pre cum. After about 5 minutes he said his balls were heavy and his cock was ripe and ready to plant its seed. I asked him to be gentle as I did not know whether I come take his huge fat prick. He said you’ll have no problem I am sure.

As he opened my cunny lips and I felt his knob end touching the entrance of my cunt at this time. I begged him to pack my quim with baby. My pussy was well lubricated form my cum earlier so his cock entered easily and before I knew it, he was balls deep and pleasuring me to the limits. He fucked me hard and fast, almost withdrawing and then slamming it back in again. I have never shouted before; but I was screaming FUCK ME and wondering why Mark my husband couldn’t make feel this way. I came again with an incredible force, this time unable to hide it (screaming with pleasure from his well endowed manhood).

Danny said, I believe you have just cum over my rampant cock. I said please fill me with your warm jism, I want your baby. He withdrew his cock got off the sofa and move towards my head saying before I do open your mouth. I followed what he had requested. He then rammed his 8.5 in dick into my tiny horny mouth, within seconds I felt the old mans semen jetting with such force down my throat. For the first time, I experienced and tasted a full load of SPUNK and how I enjoyed it. It was at least 3 times the amount my husband ejaculates.

Then I though what have I done - I just swallowed my father-in-laws SPUNK and I don’t even feel guilty, in fact I loved it.

I then came to my senses and asked him wasn’t you supposed to shoot and plant your seed inside of my unprotected pussy and make me pregnant.

My father-in-law pulled out the test result from his wallet and showed it to me,to my surprise the test result was positive.

You Bastard.

He replied I’m sorry but I’ve always wanted to FUCK you and I know the way you look at me you’ve wanted my dick also. Tell me the truth, have ever masturbated thinking about me? Because I have about you. I just smiled.

My father-in-law and I now fuck, suck and lick when ever possible, after all he is the father of my son, but I still love and adore my husband, unfortunately he can not satisfy me like his father.

One down side, I’m back on the pill because the virile old man, who can raise a massive hard on anytime, will not take no for answer and refuses use a condom and will therefore spunk me to pregnancy given the chance. He has even broken in my bum hole and fucks it mostly during my periods