Written by Beaute_Noir

7 Nov 2010

Its late on a Friday night. We're chatting online and you're making the usual threats about the size of your tool and how skilled you are with it!

I'm listening as usual, but this time I call your bluff. Its around midnite and I type, "Ok I'm on my way to yours, what's the address?"

You hesitate, because now you realise that you may have to come good on all the BS! But your curiousity gets the better of you. Lets face it hot, black, wet pussy on a plate. It's a no-brainer!

You hurriedly type in your address and press 'send'. in the same moment you're overcome by a wave of regret. You're thinking, 'Shit, what am I doing? This could be the worst mistake ever. What if she's an absolute dog? Now she knows where I live???'But just in case its a good call, you take a quick shower, freshen up and wait. Your heart is pumping and your cock is rock. You can feel the blood pumping from the base to the tip. Your knob end is throbbing as it pushes against your jeans. 'Fuck it!' You whip your jeans off and remove your boxers. That's bound to make things easier later on!

As you're trying to get you leg back into your jeans a light bib on a car horn sounds under your window. 'Ok, it's game on! '

You almost fall head first into the door as you rush to get your jeans done up and grab your keys. As you close the door behind you, you can see a black convertible VW Golf. the windows are tinted, so there are no clues to what awaits you. Your heart is beating in your chest as you take hold of the door handle and slowly open the car door.

You dip your head into the car and see the cutest smile and the brightest hazel eyes. 'Hi' she says. Her hair is short and punky in a sexy, messy kind of way and her voice is deep, throaty and warm. Just the tone makes ur cock tremble in anticipation.

'Get in' she says. Soon you're sitting there, next to her, after 2 months of sexual cat and mouse conducted in cyberspace. There's a sizzle of electric tension in the air and as you hold each other's stare it begins to lightly rain. You can hear the flat, broad droplets as they impact on the canvas roof. You feel like u should say something to break the tension, 'What do u want to do?' you ask in a shaky voice. 'You' she replies.

She drives to the local jet ski club and parks as close to the waters edge as safety allows as the waves begin to crash against the sea wall and thunder lightly rumbles a few miles away. You realise that she's completely in control. This is her agenda, so you might as well just go along for the ride. She reaches across and puts her hand on your groin. Your cock is a dead giveaway of your level of excitement. Through the heavy denim she traces the outline of your swollen member and your cock stirs under her touch. She undoes the buttons and your penis springs out, erect, red, throbbing and ready.

Hungrily she takes the head of your cock between her teeth and carefully guides the length into her mouth and to the back of her throat. She's ambitious, but she can only manage two thirds of your generous portion as she closes her lips around your warm cock and begins to suck tracing the length back up to the tip in a slow, firm stroke.

Slowly she increases the pace of her stroke and you can feel the excitement mounting, but you don't want this to end too quickly. Reluctantly you gently guide her head away and push her back in her seat. As she sits back her coat falls open and you see that she dressed, only just, for the ocassion! Her large coffee-coloured breasts spill over the top of a white silk bra and the triangle of the matching kickers are visible but a shade darker. You move your hand between her legs and discover the reason why. She's totally soaked!

As your hand touches her most private area, she gasps in reaction. You go to move your hand but she grabs your wrist and presses it against her, harder than you would have dared without her encouragement. Your fingers quickly find a side entrance into her sodden briefs and there you're confronted with the warm, wet waxy juices that indicate that she's ready. You quickly try to undress and manage to bang your head on the windscreen and almost put your elbow through the side window! 'Get in the back' she whispers. You jump out of the car and move to the back door, shedding as many clothes as possible when you're in the open. Once you get into the back you realise that she's been busy in those few short seconds. As you sit in the back seat, she's facing you, with her back to the windscreen. A leg in each well at the front, she squats steadying herself with a hand on the handbrake and her pussy poised over the gearstick.

Your eyes are locked into each other as she takes two fingers and moves her wet knickers to one side. You know whats about to happen and still your breath is caught in your chest waiting for the actual moment. She obliges first closing her eyes, raising both arms and locking her fingers behind her head as she gently lowers herself onto the rounded golf ball head of the gearstick.

You hear the wet give of her pussy as the lubricating juices give way to allow access. She continues to lower herself, eyes closed and mouth open. Then slowly raises herself to the tip, without allowing the stick head to escape. You suddenly become aware of your own actions and realise that you are frantically wanking and close to the point of no return.

'Don't come' she says. 'I want you to fuck me in the rain'. You leap from the car and meet her as she gets out the front door. Facing the sea with deafening thunder and pelting rain, she turns her back to you, bends over with her feet spread apart and places her palms on the floor. Your cock stands at 90 degrees and needs no instruction. You move forward and nudge the head of your penis between her wet, glistening pussy lips as excess juices run down her inner thighs. As you rip into her, her screams are barely audible, competing with the crashing waves, driving rain and rolling thunder.

You're both completely soaked, but nothing else matters except what's happening right now. You feel your orgasm pushing from the pit of your stomach and you grab her hips and hold her close as you release your hot steaming load into her. Your body is warm, tingling, but also slightly numb.

As you both hold your position, you become aware of a sensation in your back. Like a spasm or a muscle twitch. You open your eyes and realise its actually the touch of a person. She's still hanging limp between your legs as you turn your head to be greeted by one of Kent's finest. It's a policeman, gently tapping you on the shoulder. "Oi, mate, you can't come down here in this kind of weather".

A slow, lazy smile crawls across your face as you reply 'Sorry officer, but we already have and if its all the same to you, I think we're cumming again!"