Written by Charlie T17

7 Jul 2015

I’d been waiting for the chance to see Deborah again as our first get together had been brilliant fun; and finally my work took me to a nearby town. We arranged to meet at the hotel I’d booked – a fairly large anonymous sort of place. I’d arrived earlier and had just showered and changed when she texted to say she’d arrived. I hurried downstairs so she wouldn’t be left hanging around in the foyer. I was itching to get my hands on her again but chose to resist the urge to drag her upstairs and opted instead to enjoy the anticipation a little longer so ordered a couple of glasses of cold white wine from the bar and led her out onto the terrace to sit in the sun.

The terrace was quite crowded but I spotted a couple of guys in suits in a secluded corner looking as though they were about to leave so headed in that direction, with Debs following close behind.

“Is this table about to be free?” I asked as the younger of the two men stood up.

“Absolutely”, he said, “be my guest”, and then added, looking straight past me at Debs, “you can both be my guest – any time you like”, and smiled widely, looking right into her eyes. I felt her blush slightly but then rise to the challenge as the guy moved to allow me to sit. This let him move much closer to Deborah and I noticed his hand went around her waist as he squeezed past her, just a little closer than he needed to.

“My pleasure” she said, as he passed, “but for now at least I am spoken for”.

“Ah .... my loss then” he said, smiling again before turning and walking toward the building, as Debs sat down. I watched her watching him and him turn and look over in our direction before disappearing into he bar.

“You’re a cheeky devil”, I said, “flirting like that .... but hey I don’t mind cos your mine for the next few hours”.

“Wouldn’t mind being his for the next few hours!”, she said. “Very tasty”

“Really .... well you can just forget about him for now, OK !?”

“Oooookaaaaay ...... I was just saying” she joked.

We chatted for a while, both enjoying relaxing after a day’s work and the drive to the hotel. My gaze kept straying to the V formed and held tight by the button of her blouse and also to the junction of skirt and leg, and feeling emboldened by the wine I put my hand on the exposed skin and squeezed it before sliding my hand a little further up her leg and under the hem of the skirt, sitting six inches above her knee. Without looking at me she moved her leg closer to me inviting me to explore further. Sitting to my right, where she was, no-one could see what I was doing as I turned toward her and put my right arm around her shoulders and began to tease her hair and neck while my left moved further up her bare thigh searching for the cotton of her knickers.

“Charlie ....!! ... people will see”

“No they won’t, sweetie, so just relax and enjoy yourself”.

My fingers were now stroking the gusset of her knickers and her thighs, which despite Debs’ protests had spread further, and I saw her eyes close as she rested her head back into my hand with the warm sun full in her face. I wormed my middle finger inside her kickers and found her cunt wet and slippery with her juices so it didn’t take a second to find her stiff clit. Deborah gasp as I did so and then licked her lips before trapping her bottom lip with her teeth. Moments later I felt her hips start to move almost imperceptibly on my hand and her breathing start to come more quickly now. With my right hand I now took a handful of hair and gently pulled it, forcing her head back further.

She let out a groan ... “Christ Charlie, what are you doing, you’ll make me come you bastard ......”

“Yes ... I will”, I whispered into her ear before pushing my tongue in while pressing harder onto her clit and rubbing faster.

“Shit!! ... oh yessssss” she hissed, clamping my hand hard between her legs as she climaxed.

“That didn’t take long did it horny girl” I said as I gently released her hair, but still she kept my left hand trapped between her thighs soaking my hand with her juices. I kept up a circling motion with my finger around her clit while I held her gaze. She kept up a low moaning and rapid panting breath as I worked on her, opening her legs for me again.

“Fuck me now Charlie – I want your cock inside me”, she said looking straight into my eyes.

“I will Deborah – I will”, as I slid my hand out from under the table to spare her blushes, as I’d spotted a waiter heading our way to clear our glasses

“Go get us a another vino sweetie,..... while I clean your come of my fingers” I said placing my middle finger, still shiny with her juices, into my mouth. “And bring a menu.”

“Sure”, she said, giggling, and jumping up she headed off the bar, giving me the chance to admire her profile.

I relaxed in the sun but it was a while before Deborah returned, with a big grin on her face and our wine.

“So what’s tickled, you” I said.

“Got my self a dinner date.”

“I know you have”, I replied ..... “with me.”

“Sure ...... for tonight ....... but got another one for next week with my new boyfriend. Mike. Found him sitting at the bar when I went to order the drinks. Took him about 3 seconds to start chatting me up and about a minute to ask me for a date. He is rather yummy isn’t he.”

I feigned shock and horror but couldn’t help grinning as well.

“You really are the most outrageous slut Deborah. You come here to fuck me on my time and my money and you can’t stop yourself looking for the next cock to fuck you. So what’s the deal then.”

“Oh I got his card and I’m to call him on Monday” and laughing added, “I might even give him a freebie he’s so fuckable! But tonight I am all yours darling, to do with as you please”, she said, and putting her hand in side my shirt, scraped a fingernail across my nipple

“Deborah – you – my girl – are heading for a serious seeing to. I think a punishment fuck is definitely in order. This sluttish behaviour deserves nothing less.”

“Ooooh yes please boss!”

“Hungry now”, I said interrupting her as I caught a waiters eye and ordered a light meal for us, “but we’ll eat inside”. A cool breeze had sprung up putting a chill in the air.

“Of course sir, I’ll let you know when the table’s ready for you.”

It wasn’t long before I got the nod from our waiter so we made our way into the restaurant area and sat at our table. No sooner had we sat than Deborah broke into a wide smile looking over my shoulder. Thanks to the mirror behind her I saw that it was ‘Mike’ she was again flirting with. Mmmm, time to act I thought.

“Deborah – go to the ladies – take off your knickers – and bring them back to me.”

“But ...”

“Don’t backchat me Deborah, remember your mine to do with as I please this evening so just do as you’re told.”

“You sod” she said but complied, stalking off to the ladies, returning just a minute later.

“Give them to me ....”

Still standing she reached into her bag and rummaged before offering me her scrunched up fist with glimpses of material.

I held out my hand and she tried to discreetly pass me the underwear. I took it and without making any attempt at subtlety raised my hand to my nose and inhaled her scent deeply.

“Still sticky with your juices I see, and ready to be fucked I’d say. How about I invite your new boyfriend to sample what’s on offer – a sort of taster session.”

“You wouldn’t dare”, she retorted and sat down again, watching me slightly nervously now.

“You’ve tried my patience Deborah. The only thing stopping me is that I think you might enjoy it too much and that you don’t deserve the pleasure. Now let’s eat while I decide what to do with you.”

As we ate and chatted I hatched a plan and on finishing my meal got up and walked over to the bar, leaving Deborah’s hissed protest behind me, to where Mike was seated on a stool with a drink in front of him, looking at his phone. He was well dressed in an Italian suit and was clearly athletic, perhaps 30 years old.

“Mike”, I said, “I’m Charlie”

He looked up a little startled at being addressed by name, “Errr ... Yes.”

“I’ve got a gift for you from Deborah; actually more of a loan really, cos she will want them back.”

“What do you mean” .... he was clearly a bit wary ... knowing that he’d been chatting up my date and wondering if I was about to cause trouble.

“Relax – here you go” – and I slipped my hand into his jacket pocket.

Quickly reaching into his pocket he pulled out Deborah’s knickers that I had deposited and looked down at his open hand, before quickly closing it again.

“What the hell ....what’s going on ... what’s this ....”

Those, my friend, are Deborah’s damp knickers. I gather you made a date with her for next week but I’m offering you the chance to fuck her now. She’s a randy little slut who’s mine for tonight to do with as I wish, and I’m willing to share her with you for a hundred quid; so if you want her she’s yours to fuck with me as a threesome........... I’ll leave you to think about it .....”

Moving to the other end of the bar I settled our bill and asked for a bottle of Prosecco and ice bucket to be taken up to the room, before returning to our table with Deborah’s eyes on my every step.

“Charlie,...... what have you done, what did you say to him.”

“You’ll see my darling – either you’ll get your knickers back – or you won’t.”

“You gave him my knickers!!.... Oh fuck ..... you sod ..... oh shit, he’s coming over .......”

“So now you’ll have your answer won’t you. Deborah. Oh and you remember our ‘safe word’ don’t you and you know I’ll respect it – it’s up to you whether to use it.”

“Er, yea, OK”, she mumbled, as Mike appeared at the table.

“Hi Charlie, been thinking about your offer.... hello again Deborah”

Deborah was blushing and more or less speechless but managed a squeaky “Hello”

“Please, be my guest, take a seat”, I said, offering the seat next to Deborah on the upholstered bench.

Mike sat and slid along the bench up close to Deborah who turned to look at him then to me.

“Charlie”, ...... she started, but was interrupted by Mike.

“I think I have something of yours, Deborah, but I’m not going to let you have it just yet; in fact you won’t be needing it for a while if Charlie’s plan falls into place and if I get my way with you. Charlie – I think you said £100 didn’t you”, and opening his wallet Mike counted out five twenties and handed them over.

“Thanks Mike. Now then, there should be a cold bottle of wine and 3 glasses in room 305 so shall we go on upstairs with your purchase to see how she performs”.

“You bet !”, and turning to Deborah who had watched the conversation and the exchange of cash with something between bemusement, horror and excitement, “Let’s go”, and, standing, Mike took her hand and led her to the lift with me closely behind. Once in the lift I turned Deborah to face me and kissed her. She rather nervously put her arms around my neck and kissed me back, eventually giving me her tongue which I took greedily. I slid her skirt up her legs to reveal her bum to the watching Mike who wasted no time in exploring between her legs. She moaned “Oh God!” into my mouth and I disengaged, whispering into her ear. “Feel safe, darling?”

“Oh yes Charlie .... totally”

I winked at Mike, who rearranged her dress as the lift stopped and the doors opened. I led her down the corridor to my room and let us in. The sun was streaming in and had made the room comfortably warm, lighting up the enormous bed.

Turning to Mike I said “All yours buddy” before going to the ice bucket on the desk and starting to open the bottle.

Mike took Deborah in his arms and kissed her long and hard. He was much taller than her and completely dominated her. I watched as he again slid her dress up to get his hands on her arse. She soon had her hands inside his jacket and was pulling his shirt out.

The cork popped and I filled my glass, then sat in the chair to watch the show unfold.

Deborah unbuttoned Mike’s shirt and made a dive for his chest and licked a stiff tongue across his nipples. His hand came up to press her mouth to his chest as his other hand undid the zip at the back of her dress, while she had one hand around his arse and the other massaging his cock through his trousers. Then Debs was on her knees quickly undoing Mike’s shoelaces and removing shoes and socks while he stripped of his jacket and shirt, tossing them onto the other chair. Deborah got up to sit on the bed and pulled Mike towards her by his belt before undoing it and then his buttons to let his trousers fall. It was an impressive bulge in the white briefs and I watched as Deborah began to mouth it through the material. I stood up and poured another glass for myself and then one for Mike which I handed to him.

Deborah now wormed her hand inside Mike’s briefs and wrapped it around his cock before pulling down the materials with her other hand.

“What have we here” she said, “my favourite after dinner luxury”, and bending her head forward she opened her mouth to take in just the head of Mike’s cock. Mike gasped and she did and closed his eyes. I knew from experience what a fantastically soft and fuckable mouth Deborah has and her skill as a cock sucker but it was a new experience for me to watch her pleasuring another man. She was clearly loving it too looking into his eyes as she worked his cock and balls with her mouth and hands with he drank the wine down. I poured her a glass of fizz and gave it to her.

“You know what to do”, I said.

“Oh yes !” and taking a half the glass in one swig she passed the glass back to me then returned to Mike’s cock and took it into her mouth now full of the cold fizzing wine.

“Oh Jesus that’s cold you bitch” he cried out, trying to pull away as the cold fizzyness engulfed his cock, but she had her hands around his buttocks and followed his attempts to withdraw, instead pulling his cock deeper into her mouth and working it faster then circling his scrotum with thumb and forefinger, and pulling firmly down to force his cock horizontal and his testes down tight into his scrotum. She looked up at him as she swallowed the wine.

“Go on Mike. Fuck my face like the slut I am” and opened her mouth wide. I watched as he put his hands around her neck to gather up her long blond hair into his fist and then just start to fuck her mouth. Debs was moaning and sometimes just choking as his cock triggered her gag reflex and I could see he was building up to a climax. I wondered if he would but he suddenly stopped.

“Get on the bed ...... it’s your cunt I want to come in ..... all fours Deborah.”

Deborah turned and climbed on the bed, still with her dress around her waist, and presented herself, tilting her arse up and back at Mike, who stepped forward and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, before taking his saliva covered cock in hand and rubbing it up and down her open pussy..

“Oh God Mike fuck me ... fuck me now” then turning to look at me. “Oh Charlie, thank you, I am a good girl aren’t I?”

“Yes my darling you are ... Fuck her now Mike ..... she loves it hard and fast”

“O yess Mike fuck me. I love that fat cock inside me ..... oh God yes.......give it me all” she said as I watched his cock disappear into her pussy inch by inch, he was big and I knew her cunt was tight so she would be stretched wide

Whilst watching I had stripped off my clothes and then climbed onto the bed. I undid her bra and then pulled her dress off over her head. Mike began to pull out and then to fuck her slowly, almost pulling right out before going right back in deep again.

“OK Deborah this is where you learn to take two cocks” I said.

“Oh yes, you fuck me too Charlie, let me taste you”, as she reached forward greedily with her mouth to take my cock into her mouth.

“Oh fuck, I said “I’ve been waiting too long for that”, and reached under to find her nipples.

“We’ve neglected these lovely titties haven’t we”.

She nodded and tried to say something but with her mouth full of me it came out as a grunt.

Reaching further I found her clit and set to work on that, thinking I’d time things with Mike’s actions but the response from Deborah was instant. She started moaning then squealing, bobbing her head up and down faster on my cock. Mike got the message and upped his speed till he was fucking her full tilt.

Things got a bit blurred then as the sound of his thighs slamming onto her arse, his rhythmic grunting and her shrieking muffled by having her cock in her mouth, and my own grunts.

“Go on Mike let her have it – cock at both ends eh Deborah – just what you’ve always wanted.”

I gathered up her hair again and gave it to Mike who took it and pulled lifting her head up off my cock which I took it in my hand and knelt up wanking myself and rubbing my knob over her face

“Look at me Deborah .... what are you ......”

“I’m a slut and a whore who loves to be fucked...... fuck me Mike - give me your spunk now, you sod... give me yours too Charlie ..... I fucking love it, .....fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, now, now, now,......... Oh Jesus yes” , and her body went rigid as she climaxed on his cock as Mike tensed rigid too as he emptied himself into her, while I was wanking my cock and still rubbing the knob all over her face with her turning to try and take it. Eventually I let her and watched as she greedily gobbled at my cock with Mike still buried deep inside her cunt.

Greedy with lust myself now ....“Right, my turn” I said . Mike got the message and pulled his cock out of her pussy so that I could take his place. I jumped off the bed, cock raging to see that Deborah’s cunt was still gaping from the stretching Mike had given her so I was able to just slam my cock straight into her which made her squeal again.

“Oh Charlie, yes....... Fuck me again ...... give it me ....... you know how I like it.”

I knew I wasn’t going to last long so I just took her by the hips and fucked her as hard and fast as I could while she panted and grunted before screeching out “Fuck yes, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeesssssss!!!” as she orgasmed again on a second cock in two minutes and I pumped a second helping of spunk deep into her into her pussy grunting as I did so “Yes ..... go on girl ........ take it all ...... that’s it ..... lovely fuck..... lovely cunt ...... good girl ..... good girl.”

Deborah soon collapsed onto the bed, sweat shining on her back in the sunlight through the window my spunk covered cock slipping out of her as she did so.

I rolled to lay beside her.

Mike had thoughtfully emptied the bottle into our glasses and placed them on the beside table. He came to sit on the bed, positioning himself so that Deborah was now lying face down with her head between his legs. I too sat up and drank the last of my wine before passing Deborah her glass which she also emptied. She then shuffled herself up the bed a foot or so and began to lick Mike’s half hard cock clean of the spunk that still covered it. As he closed his eyes I came closer to watch. looking into Deborah’s eyes as she licked the now hardening cock.

“You are a greedy girl aren’t you”. She smiled and nodded, then moaned as she felt my hand exploring her cum soaked pussy. I gathered up the mix and used it lubricate her tight little anus, gently probing her, and slipping my little finger in just to first knuckle before slipping it out again.

“Again”, she whispered and tilted her hips up presenting herself for more. Again I took the sticky mix of cum and her own juices and pushed my little finger into her again, then out and in and out and in, a little further each time til I was fucking her tight little arse with my finger as she moaned and sucked on Mike’s now rock hard cock and his balls. Suddenly she stopped.

“Want to ride you Mike, want to feel that cock inside me again.”

She took a pillow and folded it in half.

“Sit on that”, she said, which Mike obligingly did.

“Now lie back” ..... pushing him in the chest.

Deborah straddled Mike then felt for the cock and grasped his shaft to guide it to her open cunt again. She just sat straight down on it.

“Oh yes” , she said, her eyes closed again, “God that feels good.”

With the pillow under his hips Deborah was able to grind down hard on Mike before starting to rotate her hips, using the cock to stir her insides. Her hands on his chest she began to lift herself up off him a little then sit down again, then up again, higher this time, and again sinking down. And again and again. I watched fascinated as she used the big cock to pleasure herself, in a world of her own, mumbling quietly to herself with her eyes closed .... “Ooh yes Debs you’re such a slut, a slut who loves cock, aren’t you ?,..... the bigger the better ........ oh yes that’s it ......... fuck the cock, ........ don’t you dare come you fucktoy,............ this girl wants more, ........ much more, .......... more cock ...... more spunk.”

I stroked her back, whispering encouragement into her ear, ‘That’s it Deborah, good girl’ before finding her tight little anus again and slipping my finger in again.

“Oh yes...... finger fuck my ass Charlie, ...... make me come again ..... oh yes, yes, yes, yes.”

Debs slammed herself down on to Mike’s cock one last time and threw her head back as she climaxed, eyes wide open, mouth wide open, growling like some beast, as she watched me climb onto the bed, then feed my cock into her mouth again, while Mike grunted and pinched her nipples as he too came again. Feeling myself about to come I grabbed Debs’ hair and fucked her mouth til the come spurted, pulling out to let it shoot over her throat and run down between her breasts, before again rubbing my knob over her face and again into her mouth where she eagerly licked the remaining come off it again, before finally collapsing onto Mike’s chest.

I headed for the bathroom and ran a shower then called Deborah to me, who joined me in the shower and let me wash her gently before I stepped out to dry myself, leaving her to enjoy the cascading water. I stood by the sink admiring her, then wrapped a towel around her when she too stepped out of the shower. I kissed her long and deeply and tenderly to let her know what I felt about her

“My darling – you were magnificent, just fantastic”

“Thank you” she replied “ you made me feel safe to just let go and enjoy myself. I have never felt so turned on. You don’t mind me behaving like that do you ?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way my darling”

Mike appeared so we left him to enjoy the shower after which he dressed and departed, but not before confirming his date with Deborah for the following week.