Written by keeepa

13 Mar 2010

It always happens when you leave enough time for there to be traffic problems, there aren’t any, so she’d arrived 20 minutes early. Twenty minutes to think, twenty minutes to feel guilty and twenty minutes to change her mind, which she had done twice. Each time she had started the engine then, after a minute or so, turned it off again.

She’d had time to think in that twenty minutes, that she was here sitting outside a Travelodge, waiting for her lover. She corrected herself, he wasn’t her lover and he wasn’t going to be, all she was doing was meeting a friend, there was nothing wrong with that, she was just meeting a friend.

She remembered how they had become friends, through one of the “chat rooms” that everyone sniggered at, she too had once, but it wasn’t like that. They’d chatted a couple of times and then not spoken for a while. When he’d returned he simply said,

“Hi!” and they’d chatted on again, and again, until it had become a weekly “date” Every Wednesday evening they met at ten o’clock and chatted through till the early hours, which had become “late early hours”, then one day they were still chatting when dawn broke and her husband came down, but she’d managed to persuade him that she’d got up early because his snoring had kept her awake. She felt bad about that, but all day she had the warm glow that if she hadn’t known better she’d have said was love.

So she’d had a double life, her relationship with her chat friend becoming more intense, and to her surprise her relationship with her husband became more sexual than it had been since the early years of their marriage. She was cerebrally aroused by her friend; she was genitally satisfied by her husband, the strange thing being that the chat wasn’t sexual, it was intimate. She told him things she’d never told herself. She was amazed at herself when she’d told him that she wanted more and more sex, so much so that her husband couldn’t always “manage”’

“So what do you do?”

“Nothing, what can I do?”

“You could masturbate!”

“Good God no, I haven’t done that for years!”

“Why not?”

“I never felt the need!”

“What’s different now?”

“You are!”, she’d typed it before she’d realised

“What did I do?”

“I don’t know, you make me feel interesting, you care what I say, I feel like a woman again!”

“I often do!”


They’d moved on to their favourite authors and it was a couple of weeks before they’d chatted again about sex,

“How’s erm things?”

“Things?” but she knew what he meant “I can’t believe it, I can’t stop thinking about sex, it must be how men feel, don’t they say a man thinks about sex every seven seconds”

“Yes they do”

“Do you?”

“I’m a man!”

“So you and your wife still….?”

“Not often, and certainly not every seven seconds!”

“LOL, so what do you do?”

“I masturbate!”

“Why don’t you take a lover?”

“Is that a offer?”

“No definitely not, I’m a happily married lady!”

“a married lady who masturbates to relieve sexual tension created by another man…sorry, only teasing!”


As the weeks passed she found herself obsessed with their chats, and as they became more sexual she was amazed when she found herself gently caressing her nipples through her clothes as they talked, enjoying the sensations, the arousal. Soon she wore only a robe, which would fall open during the long evenings, and she moved her hands over her body imaging him.

Once she’d said

“What are you doing now?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“I’m wanking, what are you doing?!”

“Same as you!”

“So this is cyber sex!”

“Yes I think it must be!”

After that they’d made love regularly, she’d even bought a vibrator, which she used guiltily but with growing enthusiasm, and took a great deal of trouble in hiding. When her husband made love to her, she closed her eyes, and imagined her friend inside her.

Feeling him whispering to him, orgasms were not a problem, she just couldn’t get enough of them. For the first time in their married life, she orgasmed twice before he did. After the second so intense she’d cried out, she opened her eyes to see her husband looking down at her, frowning, before she reached down and held is balls and squeezed the muscles that were holding him inside her until he too cried out.

It was inevitable that they would meet, he didn’t live that far away, but she had said

“I want to meet, but I can’t do anything with you, it wouldn’t be fair on him”

“That’s fine, I’m married too!”


So that why she was sitting here at the Travelodge. They’d both knew the hotel so it was an obvious place, and they could have coffee at the Café next door, it was convenient and innocent, after all nothing was going to happen.

The knock on the window made her jump, and he stood back. When she opened the door he said

“Sorry did I startle you?”

“Yes sorry I was miles away!”. She didn’t know whether to kiss him or shake hands, nor did he, so they did both, awkwardly.



As they walked to the café they talked, shyly, and once their hands brushed, and she hid the shiver.

The coffee went cold as they chatted, chatted like they did on the computer, giggling teasing reminding each other about the “one handed typing” until suddenly realising that people were listening to the conversation. He covered her hand with his and said

“I want to be able to talk to you properly..!”

She knew what he meant, but it was innocent, all they wanted to do was talk!

She couldn’t bring herself to go with him to the Travelodge reception even though all they were going to was chat. She waited in the car until he tapped the window again and they walked chastely into the hotel, she was sure everyone would know they weren’t married, and she could feel herself blushing, but the place was empty.

The room was typically sterile, large bed, TV, tea-making facilities, impersonal. She sat carefully on the edge of the bed, not daring to look at him, but aware that he was standing in front of her.

The silence oppressed, and she knew, she knew that if she stayed they would make love.

“If you want to leave, you can you know that, I wouldn’t mind!”

“I know, but it seems a waste of money”

“Money isn’t important,!”

She felt his hands on her shoulders and she stood, and moved into him. It was as if he knew how difficult she felt and he held her, not moving, his face in her hair, waiting. Eventually she turned her face up to him and they kissed, softly. After a few seconds they parted, looked at each other, then kissed again. She pressed closer and felt him harden against her.

“I want you but I don’t want to hurt him, promise me no-one will get hurt!”

“Look I’m going to the loo, if you want to go when I come out let’s go, nothing will change our chatting, if you want to stay…” he looked at the bed.

By the time he returned five minutes later, she was in bed, covers pulled up to her chin. “You sure?”

She nodded and watched as he started to undress, and she tried not to laugh as he staggered tripping over his trousers. Finally he was down to his briefs, and she could see the outline of his semi erect penis through them. He looked at her and then reached for his briefs, and asked the question with his eyes

“Oh yes, I’m not being naked on my own!”

He eased them down and his cock sprung free!

“Well look at you” she murmured

He lay on his back and she lay alongside not touching, until eventually he lifted his arm over her head and she turned into his embrace, and they talked again. She felt his hand caressing her shoulder and she felt the hairs on his chest against her face, and deep in her tummy she felt the tingle start. She brought her hand onto his tummy, and when she spread her fingers she felt the coarseness of his pubic hair, then the heat of his erection against the back of her hand, His heart beat faster against her ears, and when she circled hid cock with her fingers he groaned, and she enjoyed the power.

Turning her face she kissed his chest, then his neck, and moving her leg over him she straddled him. Leaning down then kissing him again she felt herself losing control.

“Not too fast, I’ll cum!” he whispered and turned her onto her back. She enjoyed the weight of him on her body and his kisses on her neck, opening her legs she pushed up to him and tried to take him into her, but he pulled back and started to kiss down her body.

Stopping him she said

“No I want you inside me!”

He stopped moved back up and she reached down and guided him into her, wrapping her legs around him and directing his thrusts with her other hand.

It started deep within her, and though she tried to control it, it wouldn’t be denied and then it exploded through her; the voice that cried out wasn’t hers, in the midst of the ecstatic agony she heard him grunt and until she felt his desperate thrusting slow, then stop and his whole weight was on her.

Eventually she felt him slip from her and he rolled onto his back and she turned to him..

“I thought I’d feel guilty, but I don’t!”

“There’s nothing to feel guilty about!”

“You mean apart from the sex!”

“Well yes apart from the sex!”

They laughed together and cuddled some more, before the time came, too quickly, to leave.

After dressing, strangely facing away from each other, they walked back to the car

They both knew something had to be said, it was her who said it

“I didn’t mean that to happen, I didn’t want it to happen, it shouldn’t have happened, but I’m glad it did!”

“And will it happen again?”

“I don’t know!, I really don’t know!”

But she did!