Written by oldtimer

2 Mar 2007

Having recently retired, in my forties, with a decent pension and no mortgage I had a few months off so to speak before becoming slightly bored. The kids have left home, at college and university and I had time on my hands. I am a good driver, my police training coming in handy and I had contacts so set myself up as a private hire \ courier service. It wasn’t long before I was delivering all manner of items and yes I had the usual ‘home alone woman’ to cater with. Susan in particular became a favourite. In a small town only 20 miles or so away she would arrange all sorts of deliveries, from ebay and even local shopping stuff and always appreciated my service. It started with the usual cup of tea and after a couple of visits she answered the door in a bath robe and soaking wet. It may well have been planned, I still don’t know, but I didn’t refuse either. She is in her 30’s and about 5’5” tall slim built with gorgeous tits and huge nipples that I was later to find were pierced, as was her clit.

We fucked like rabbits for the afternoon and I made several trips there afterwards, never leaving disappointed.

One day though I ws taken by surprise when another woman opened the door and invited me in. Slightly older and not as good looking but still fit, she was wearing a light summer dress and from the light passing through t fro behind I could see she was wearing little else. I was invited into the living room where another five or six women were sat on the sofa and chairs whilst another was giving an Ann Summers party display. A loud cheer went up as I walked in, each of the women having had liberal quantities of wine and vodka to loosen up. Susan introduced me and explained that I had been ‘ delivering the goods’ for her for a while and that she would value my opinion on a few items. With that she opened her silk dressing gown to reveal a gorgeous basque that showed off her tits to perfection. I made a comment that it looked fab, just as one of the others commented that my hard on said it was better than that. Someone’s hands brushed against my jeans and others whooped up the atmosphere. Susan walked across to me and kissed me full on the lips and whispered in my ear that I was going to be fucked senseless; with that she dropped her hand to groin and started to stroke my cock. I kissed her back and felt other hands around me, opening my shirt. I moved back and said, “if this going to work, you’re all going to have to get naked” It seemed to take them by surprise and only a couple began initially to strip, until the party organiser, Janet, said that there would be free use of her toys.

Janet was a doll, late twenties I would say and dressed in a smart office type suit with pencil skirt and stockings and a loose fitting silk blouse. I looked at her and beckoned her to join in, he hesitated until Susan said, “you won’t get any orders unless you do luv “ Janet undid the zip on her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor revealing hold up stockings and a tiny thong, shaven fanny with a tattoo of “Taz” just above it and a small tattoo of a tongue on her left arse cheek. She walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips before dropping to her knees and undoing my trouser zip. Being commando style I was instantly erect and on view. Janet took hold of my cock and fed it into her mouth as Susan joined her on her knees. They shared my cock as the others watched on. Each sucked me in turn, licking my bell end to within an inch of cumming before they agreed to completely undress. They stood up at either side of me and Janet said to the others, “ well get him naked then”. A frenzied mob tore my clothes off and some bright spark decided that my clothes should be taken outside and put in my van. Susan took them dressed only in her basque, her neighbours didn’t care, they were all here. I was then laid on the floor and had one woman squat over my face telling me to lick her fanny. It was big, wet and hairy, not the best combination but it didn’t take long before she came in my mouth. I was still very much erect and two sets of hands were playing with my cock and balls, shaved balls, but hair above. Janet lifted one of my arms up and placed a handcuff on as Gillian did the other, the cuffs were then fastened together and someone held them above my head. Two others held my legs in place as Sandra, a coloured girl, who only looked to be in her late teens straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. Her small pert tits bounced nicely as she rocked back and forth and then were enveloped with white hands from behind as another girl fondled her and kissed her neck. This seemed to really excite her and in no time she came explosively onto my cock; it as all I could do not to cum myself. Janet had stripped and held in her hand a glass butt plug that she inserted into Sandra’s arse as she leant forward over my chest, now all the girls were beginning to take part and hands explored everywhere about me, from my toes to my head, Sandra rolled off me and Susan knelt between her legs to lick out her cum juices and any of mine that may have been there, as she did so hands wrapped around her own arse as fingers explored each crevice. Janet returned her mouth to my cock and Beverley licked my balls, saying she had never seen shaved balls before. I couldn’t hold back any more and shot my load over Janets face and hair and onto Bevs tits. I writhed about and shot spunk everywhere until I was spent. I then watched as different girls licked my sperm from Janet and Bev and used the toys to pleasure themselves. Wow what a sight. Janet had loads of orders placed and said that I should have the job of delivering them personally rather than her take them to Susans. I look forward to it.

I’m really glad I took early retirement.