17 Feb 2019

“You love my fingers deep in here don’t you?”

He grunted, morphing into a long, low stilted moan; a second finger had slithered its way beside the first, pain and pleasure cascading through his mind. The gag was muting his moans; Karen loved when he tried to reply to her teasing, he was sure her pussy was slick, just as his cock was throbbing with every move of her fingers.

His head was strapped to the bed, the pastel wall clashing with the colours in his mind, the soft hue of pleasure mixing with the bright pain each thrust of Karen’s fingers induced. His wrists tied behind his back, ankles roped to the foot of the bed, his knees similarly restricted. He shifted; fresh fire bursting in his ass, cock aching, desperate for her hand, mouth or pussy.

“Oh no you don’t, you’re mine tonight bitch.” Karen’s fingers plunged deeper still; fucking him forcefully, in and out. God he loved the names she called him. His arse throbbed, the lube allowing her fingers to move fast and deep, waves of pleasure masking the pain, near to orgasm he couldn’t keep still, the rope scratching against his legs.

He felt the mattress move; Karen shifted her weight, her fingers pushed to her knuckles, “Hmm, that cock looks on the verge of coming. We can’t have that now can we bitch? Oh no, I’m not ready for you to shoot your load. You’ll come when I’m good and ready for you.”

Her fingers eased themselves out of his arse, fresh fire from her nails. The pleasure would return soon enough, he would savour the pain, ready for the next instalment, moments away. His breathing returned to normal, arse burning, the throbbing in his cock subsiding.

He heard Karen open the toy draw, toys rattle against each other. Then silence, her selection made. She moved to stand beside him, her naked pussy close, yet achingly out of reach of his gagged mouth. Her hand reached out, gently stroking his hair, “Ready to see what I’ve got for you now baby?”

He blinked twice, whatever she had he wanted, he was ready.

She smiled, her other hand showing him the toy she had selected. “Time we tried some cock in that tight little ass of yours.”

His eyes widened. Sure he’d had toys in his ass before, butt plugs of various sizes, a thin vibrator, but now Karen has selected one of her dildos. Sure it wasn’t one of the monster ones he slammed into her pussy when she was tied to the bed, but there was no way to mistake it for what it was, a plastic cock, sculpted head, veins along its shaft. He was about to be fucked by a cock. His pulse began to quicken once more.

“How hot will this little cock sliding in and out of your hole look?” Karen began to lick the dildo, slipping it into her mouth, sucking hard. He moaned, knowing how hot Karen’s mouth would be on his cock.

Karen moved her face close to his. He closed his eyes, waiting for her soft kiss on each, asking the silent question. Did he want this? Sure he loved toys in his ass while Karen stroked his cock. Every time they played this way his orgasm was amazing, so hard, fast and long. This felt suddenly different. Sure it was only a toy, but one shaped like a cock. He opened his eyes, looked deep into Karen’s, two blinks sealed his submission.

“I’m going to fuck you hard with this little cock bitch, deep in that tight ass.” She disappeared; he forced himself to be still, his heart beating out of his chest almost, loud in his ears, the colour in the room draining away.

He felt the tip touch his ass, cool and slick. He tensed, knowing he mustn’t. “Don’t.” The slap on his cheek caused him to jolt despite the ties, his ass backing onto the cock, tip slipping inside. He forced himself to relax; his breathing short and sharp despite his efforts, ass stretched as the dildo was eased deeper. He knew he’d taken larger before, had his ass stretched wider but this was… different. The ridge at the head of the cock teased as it slid deeper still, each inch a steady pressure, new pain, new thrills.

“Cry for me bitch, you’re loving this cock in your ass, I can tell.” Karen’s hand wrapped around his cock, the dildo pushed deep into his ass. He couldn’t tell if he was making any noise, if he was struggling against his bonds, his world consisted of two cocks, the one in his ass and the one in his lady’s hand. Stars danced before his eyes in a kaleidoscope of colour. The dildo began to move, slowly out, faster in, Karen’s hand matching the motion on his cock. He couldn’t breathe, the fire in his ass driving his cock harder than he’d ever felt before. He had to come, he must come.

The cry broke through the gag, muscles tense as he came, his cock bucking, Karen milking every drop from him, the dildo pressed firmly in his ass.

He was spent, white stars before his eyes. Karen released his cock, removed the gag. He gasped for air, his heart refusing to still, tiny waves of pleasure still crashing through him.

Karen removed the dildo, eased his bonds, released his head as he finally gained control of his breathing, heart beating fast, but steady. She moved behind him, body pressing close into his, her arm moving over his body, taking his hand in hers, holding him tight.

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