Written by Zebby

8 Dec 2008

I have a fantasy;

I’m at a dinner party and my partner blindfolds me. He then tells me to strip slowly. I can’t help but think of all the friends that I know who are in the room, knowing that they will be watching me. I also remember that most of these friends are people that I have fantasised about and I can’t believe I am getting the opportunity to show off in front of them.

I am then laid down on my back on the dinning table and I feel a pair of hands spread my legs apart. I try to guess who the hands belong to but other than the fact that they felt large and masculine I did not know. I hear laughter in the room and I wonder what is happening. Before I know it I feel the flow of cold fluid being poured over my tits. Two people then come and suck the fluid, which may have been wine, from my tits. One of these people was a man as I could feel a beard. There was only one man in the room with a beard and I knew then that this was my work colleague Ian. I had always fancied Ian and we had flirted at work, I couldn’t believe he was now here sucking my tits.

While I was enjoying the attentions of the two people at my tits a lady then spread my legs apart, how did I know it was a woman, by the long nails and the sensitive way she dragged her nails along my inner thigh until they teased my clit. Oh I could have come just from that, she was getting me so horny. I wanted her to lick my clit and drink from my pussy. I felt something ice cold and slippery put up my pussy (I later found out it was ice cream) and this was then licked from my pussy. I imagined it was the female that had dragger her nails over me. She was shoving her tongue all the way up my pussy and eating me like I was the last meal she was going to get.

Meanwhile, I heard my partner tell everyone to get stuck in and not be shy; then a man forced my mouth open and had his cock rammed down my throat and was face fucking me good and hard. Another was pulling on my tits (I do love that) and I had my partners cock in my hands giving him a good wank (funny how you always know your partners cock from others). I knew there were two women in the room originally so I was wondering where the other was. I didn’t need to wonder for too long; I was told to get up on all fours. As I did so I felt someone slide underneath me and they started sucking my tits (from the sounds they were making I could tell it was a woman). Ian then came and kissed me before putting his cock in my mouth (he wanted me to know it was him). He has a fantastic cock, a nice length (7”) and lovely and thick. All of a sudden someone was slapping my behind and shoving their cock up my arse. I just needed to have my cunt filled and I would be in heaven.

After people swapping positions and holes eventually I was turned over onto my back again. My blindfold was removed and then all the men started pissing on me whilst the ladies licked me clean.

That would be some party !!!