Written by Hubby Boy

23 May 2008

I\'ve been married to my wife Sarah for 7 years. I\'m 35 and she\'s 29, 5ft 7 with large double D cleavage. We had wanted to get some portrait photos done of Sarah for a while.

I saw an advert in the paper for a photpgrapher so I called the number and spoke to a gentleman who suggested we meet up. The next day I went to his studio where I was greeted by an elderly man in his early seventies who looked very respectable. He had grey hair and was quite thin but very smartly dressed. He said he could do some pictures of my wife. He suggested she call the in the next day around 6 in the evening.

The next day I dropped off Sarah and came back to pick her up at 8pm after her shoot. she had a grin on her face all the way home but it wasn\'t until I got her into bed that I found out why. She asked me if I loved her and I responded \"yes\" and then I asked her why?

Sarah said she got to the studio and met the photograher who seemed an nice old man. He immediately made her feel at ease and poured her a glass of wine. She went on that he started to take some pictures of her but she was quite self conscious. After a few minutes she started to relax and posed for the older man. She was wearing a white blouse and skirt after coming from work. The photographer said she was beautiful and did she want some other type of photos for her husband. Sarah asked what he meant and the old man said often people like to take sexy snaps for their other halves.

Sarah got very embarrassed and said she wasn\'t that type of girl. He said that\'s fine but why didn\'t she undo a couple of buttons on her blouse. Sarah did this and the camera snapped away. \"Go on take your blouse off\" said the old man. \"You dirty old pervert\" said Sarah. The old man said she was gorgeous and walked over and unclipped the rest of the blouse. Sarah didn\'t move but felt excited. The camera snapped away until the old man said \"take your bra off young lady\". Without a word Sarah undid her black lacy bra and her pert young breasts sprang free. The photogragher couldn\'t believe his luck and continued to take photos of this beautiful young woman old enough to be his grandaughter.

Sarah then unzipped her skirt to reveal a black thong. \"Get on your hands and knees\" he told her. Sarah obliged. He took photos from all angles then walked along side and pulled her thong down her pert bottom. \"Stand up\" he demanded of her and she did as she was told. He put his camera down and kissed her cheeks. Sarah closed her eyes and was helpless to do anything or shout \"stop\". He slowly kissed her down to her large pert breasts and sucked on her nipples. She started to grown as she loved having her nipples licked and sucked. She couldn\'t believe what was happenning to her, a dirty old 70 year old man was exploring her young body and she found it intensely erotic. Before long she was undressing him and pulled down his pants to reveal his old penis. She put it in her mouth and slowly sucked it to life. He groaned with pleasure while this 29 year old expertly sucked his old cock.

They lay down on a sofa and she guided his erect cock into her tight pussy. He slowly built up momentum and started to fuck her hard. \"You dirty little whore\" he called her as he fucked her hard. Sarah came with an intense climax and as he was getting near he asked if he could cum inside her. \"I want you to cum inside me you dirty old man\" she said to him. The old man shot his cum deep inside Sarah and they collapsed on a heap together. She licked his cock clean and slowly wanked him off again into her mouth. After a couple of minutes he was shooting more cum into her mouth which dribbled down her chin.

As Sarah desribed this to me i was rock hard and we had the best sex ever that night.