Written by Simon61

7 Sep 2010

I have thought a lot about dogging, although never actually been. This has been a fantasy that I have wanked over for a long time...

I am parked in a car park. It is fairly dark and there is one car parked in a distant corner. As I look over at it, I see the interior light flash on and off. I stay where I am and keep watching. Again I see the interior light flash on and off. I decide to move a bit nearer to this car and so I start the engine. I slowly drive round the car park until I am parked fairly close to the other car. The window on the other car rolls down and I lower mine too. There is a girl sitting nearest to me in the passenger seat and the driver is a man. We start to chat. They ask me to walk over to their and as I do so the passenger door opens. I walk over to the open door and bend my head down to watch. The girl lies back across the seat so that her head is on the man's lap. He start to unbutton her top and as it falls open her gorgeous breasts are revealed. He massages them and her nipples stand up. Her breasts are a good size and respond to the gentle massaging. Her eyes close and she is clearly enjoying the sensation of having her tits played with and being watched. The guy moves his hands down her clothes and starts to lift up her short skirt. Slowly her pussy is revealed to me. It is shaved. The guy beckons to me and offers me her pussy. I put my hands on the inside of her thighs and move my hands up towards her pussy. Her legs move apart and I can now see the lips of her pussy part slightly. The guy has gone back to her breasts and i start to stroke her pussy, lingering on her clit. She is wet and lets out a gentle moan. This spurs me on and I start to massage her pussy and between her lips. She opens her legs and slide two fingers inside her. My fingers move in and out of her as a massage her clit with my thumb. She judders and moans and orgasms. The guy then asks me to fuck her. She gets onto all fours with her arse pointing up at me. As I slide my rock solid cock into her soaking pussy she starts to suck the guy. Now she is being spit roasted. It doesn't take long before I go past the point of no return and I groan as my cock spurts hot cum inside her. She continues to suck the guy's cock and he groans as he shoots his load into her mouth.

Yet again, thinking about this made me rock hard and now I need a wank. One day, I will try dogging and I just hope it's as good as I imagine. If anybody fancies helping me fulfill this fantasy, please drop me a line!