Written by Viviennebiondo

20 Aug 2009

It had taken months to arrange this 1 month off work, also finding out all the information on caravan sites, dogging areas and very unpopulated areas.

The motor home was built very specifacly to be able to carry everything that was needed, and included a 1000 watt inverter, so that the computer could be used for contact.

It had taken years of hiding everything, including what layed under the tight bandages over the chest, years to get the right figure, and years to build up the extensive wardrobe of clothes and accessories.

But now was the day to set off.

Having cleansed and waxed the body the night before, it was only needed to shave the light stuble, and take the conditioner out of the hair from dying it strawberry blonde the day before.

Now there was no further rush, The motorhome glided nicely from the hardstanding onto the road.

First stop was the petrol station, next stop was 60 miles away, at a truck stop.

deisel bought, light snacks and even more cigarettes than the 2,000 already in storage. ( just for the journey ). but there was a longish stop that had to be taken, 20 miles up the road.

It took 40 minutes only to get there, and 'there' was just a simple layby.

Stopping, and getting out of the driving seat was heaven, closing the thin front curtain was heaven, taking off all the clothes and putting them into a small bag was heaven.

removing the tight bandages was more than heaven, as now the firm and ample breasts were on full view, the hormones had worked only too well, and the thrill of being free of the contstraints made the nipples hard and tingly.

Now it was get the hair wet and put in the curlers with curling lotion, then it was time to paint the fingernails, ( they had grown so long ) and once painted a beautiful post box red, they were expertly filed into shape. then the top gloss to finish and now the fingers looked as good as the toes which had been done last night. The silk pink gown just to be normal was put on, and the make-up drawer open, the mirror in position, and time to start work.

First the intense moisturiser applied evenly.

Drying time, 5 minutes.

Now for the foundation, clinique, matt cover. then the opaque powder,

To gain a better look, a light russet powder applied on the cheekbones and above the very well plucked, high arched and fine eyebrows. A quick wash of the hands.

Next the first coat of max factor Ultra lash, taking great care to do the undersides of the top lashes and finely coating the lower lashes.

An intial lip liner, just a bit broader than the natural lips. and filled in with a dior light plum that was non transferrable.

Time for the eyebrows to be drawn in, using a medium dark brown eyebrow pencil.

Everything was going on perfectly. Even the Jet black khol bottom lid liner.

Time for a cigarette and a brandy.

but first, the Chanel coco perfume, deep to the nape of the neck and lightly under the jaw line as well as the wrists.

Enjoying the cigarette and totally oblivious to the world outside, the small brany was drunk, the cigarette finished.

Eyeshadow time.

A broad white sparking eyeshadow applied under the eyebrows to the eye socket on both eyes and extended out towards the ears.

the same colour used to both sides of the inner bridge of the nose.

a hint of peach rising from the corner of the eye to half way, then a deep russett also taken well beyond the side of the eyes.

The depth line was in charcoal, going from mid centre to the flare-out and just inder the eyes,

More mascara, jet black, and 5 even coats. ( the eyelashes now looked like expensive false eyelashes ).

One last thing for the eyes, a shiny green eyeliner that extended and blended in with the depthline.

Just the coat of Clinique Parisian red lipstick, and the face was done.

All the make-up exept the powder and lipstick went back into the make-up drawer. The silk housecoat, removed.

Now for the underwear, pink being the choice for today.

A 6 string deep pink suspender belt was put on and the hooks and eyes expertly done up from behind the back ( a size 10 ), Black lacetop stockings without a seam, then drawn up the satin smoothe legs and atatched to the 6 suspenders.

A rose quartz belly bar then put in the piercing.

The same deep pink low cut bra, ( 38 D ) was put on and fastened at the back, the shoulder straps tight, but not too tight.

The cleavage was amazing. ( and some perfume in the cleavage )

with black 3 inch heeled fluffy bedroom mules on, it was time to choose a dress.

Yes, it had to be pink too, and an A line pink floral dress was chosen, ( a !2 ), the bedroom mules swopped for black 4.5 inch heels with open toes and a thin ankle belt, and then it was time to finish the hair.

She made sure everything was tidy, and went to the bathroom taking 2 micralax mini enemas with her. and after inserting both of them into her arsehole, she waited, quivering until the last minute then sat on the toilet and released the contents of her bowels, then wiping herself clean and washinh around her rear cunt, she squirted some lubricant deep inside, then pulled on a rubber glove. removed her dress and first inserted one finger, then 2, then 3, then 4, rubbing her gloved hand around, really ensuring her rear cunt was clean, then pulled her thumb in, and changing position slightly, pushed her whole hand inside up to the wrist, twisting her hand this way and that inside her, whilst looking for the blow up butt plug, which was not hard to find at all., removing the very well lubed gloved hand and noticing it was 100% clean, she pushed in the butt plug quickly, ( whilst taking a sniff of amyl nitrate ), then pumped it up, and closed off the valve. )

Leaving the toilet and putting on the wide crutch pink thong, she let the air line hang over the side of her thong, and put her dress on again, after adjusting her 'manhood' so it would not further embarress her till later.

With this inflatable plug inside her she 'wiggled' even more than usual.

She put her make-up bag, drivers licence, a small ammount of cash into her purse, her cigarettes, lighter and perfume all wnt into her red shoulder bag.

Lastly, she sprayed her hair with ultra hold hairspray, emptied the ashtray, cleaned up everything, put her pink angorra coat next to her bag at the front and undid the thin curtain.

The motorhome is a left hand drive, as its easier to get out onto the english pavements.

Starting it up, was a joy as now she could drive to her first prepaid camping site ( which was within a 10 minute walk of a very popular dogging site )

She texted the camp site and asked for the gate combination as she would not

be arriving until after 11.30pm and asked for her pitch to be ready

It was now only 2pm She'd get to the dogging site, park up, close her curtains and get on the internet, on a dogging site.

She was there in 40 minutes, parked up, curtains closed, the kettle on, and sat in the 'lounge / diner' with her internet on and her webcam running.

It was possibly 15 minutes before she started to get offers, but she was only interested in guys within a 15 mile radius of where the dogging site was.

Cocks were being flashed at her online, guys were wanting to know what she was into, so moving her cam a bit, she got up and walked some- where she could be seen full length. she was smoking, in fact she told every guy she loved smoking while she had sex, and hopefullu double anal.

She took off her dress, and put on a bit of a show, then when she finally removed her thong and showed she had a cock and a huge butt plug in her arse, offers of sex were flying at her.

She just told them that at 6pm she'd be sat on one of the picnic tables drinking some wine, and if she wasn't being used by someone, then feel free to use her.

he proved where she was by pointing the cam out at the picnic tables. saying that was where she would be.

there must have been 20 guys who wanted her, but she was intrigued by a couple, ( black guy, white woman ) who wanted to meet her as early as possible.

the woman wanted to 'queen' her and piss into her mouth while her black boyfriend took her up the arse. She ( Vivienne ), suggested they should come asap to her motor home.

they agreed.

Vivienne sprayed her face with a make-up fixative, and got out the glasses for drinks, the amyl nitrate for sex and the plastic sheet in case she missed a drop.

within 20 minutes they were knocking on her door.

She introduced herself in her best feminine voice as Vivienne and was told that the woman, in her 40's, slim and very slim and sexily dressed was Diane and he ( almost 6ft 6 ) and very very black was Carl.

Drinks were offered, carl had a beer, diane and I had a rum and coke.

Diane liked to smoke too then told me that carl was huge and she could only take half of him in her cunt and though he always wanted anal with her, she could never do it.

They both saw the plastic sheet and smiled, He took off dianes dress, then mine, then dianes bra, then mine, and she was amazed at my breasts, carl even said they were bigger than hers. carl took off his shirt and shoes, socks then trousers then finally his pants. Diane was not joking. I asked her to undo the pressure valve on my butt plug, which she did and removed it, as I took off my thong. They were both very impressed.

I lit up another cigarette but had dropped the amyl on the floor, so I stood up, bent over and Carl was upon me, I quickly sniffed some amyl. as I felt his huge cock slip into me, without mercy, so i took another sniff as he didnt stop, his cock just driving into my bowels. " Diane, look at this honey ", she got up and said " omg Vivienne, he is up to his balls in you, how the fuck do you manage it?"

I told her I'd had a bit of practice, but then he pushed me to the floor, rolled me onto my side and then lifting one leg up he started to fuck me, it was very big and very thick, and I needed more amyl, I asked Diane to pass it over, but she was mesmorized as she passed it to me. Carl said that I was a brilliant shag, and the first to have ever taken all of his cock. He moved under me, and slid his cock deep into me again, and fucked me harder telling Diane to give Vivienne a drink, as I was straddling him, my legs wide apart and my hands on

the floor near his shoulders. she slipped off her panties and stood astride me.

lowering her shaven pussey onto my open mouth. gently she let out a trickle,

then slowly got into flow, giving me time to swallow it, and lick her clit, she was so good at watersports and we both knew what we were doing, but then as her flow got weaker, she got off me, and took pictures of carl fucking me hard, She even lit me up a cigarette and passed it to me, but then took pictures with her mobile of carl fucking me hard, my tits swinging every which way. as carls thrusting got faster and faster.

Diane knew that Carl was about to cum, I knew he was about to cum, and then I felt his cockhead deep inside me get bigger and bigger and I could feel him shooting into me, not just the power of each salvo, but the intense heat of his semen, Diane was fascinated, I was truly fucked and then carl pulled straight out, pushed me onto my back and emptied the rest of his load down my throat.

I asked Diane to pass me 3 tampons from my handbag, and she prepared them for me so that I could insert all three at the same time, to stop the flow of cum from dribbling down my legs.

Dianne helped me up and helped me to sit down, poured me and herself a very stiff rum and offered me a cigarette.

"Vivienne, god sake honey, you are amazing. you should really be a woman",

I giggled a bit and told her that I'm glad I'm not, as guys would not fancy me as much, and women might get jealous. I got her to give Carl a beer, and he said

" how long are you around here for " and when I said I was staying at the camp site just 4 miles away he looked Diane and said " cant we get her over for dinner tomorrow night, get Dave and pete too oh and that guy you see on a sunday" Diane said " I see what you mean Vivienne, this woman is jealous already, but yes, would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night, say about 7 ish, I can pick you up and I know that you will not be able to walk by the time you leave, so bring a nightdress" She gave me her mobile number, I gave her mine, and as we were all getting dressed Carl just said " yeah, I'm pleased you arent a woman too, some bastard might marry you, and you are the best fuck I have ever had, and yes I love Diane, but she has sex with a guy she can take, but thats all it is, just sex. and I want some more of you Vivienne"

I put my bra back on, then checked on my hair and make-up. Yes i needed a bit more powder and lipstick, and my hair needed some attention and within 15 minutes I was looking great again. I sat on the toilet and removed the tampons,

and waited for the oozing of the cream pie to slow down, flushed the toilet and lubed up my bum a bit, though my rear hole was still widely dilated. back on with the dress, a bit more perfume and checked the time, 5.30. I opened a bottle of red wine to let it breathe for a while, then re-checked my handbag.

I removed my purse, put in the bottle of amyl nitrate, made sure i had cigarettes and a few lighters, removed the rubber sheet from the floor and generally tidied up. I put on my angorra wrap, left a small light on, as it was not yet dark, picked up 2 cheap wine glasses and the bottle of wine, picked up my motor home keys after checking all the doors and windows were shut, and let myself out of the rear door, then lowered the step.

The ground outside was firm and the grass dry, making walking relatively easy.

Though I must admit I was feeling bandy, but still swung my hips as I walked over to the picnic table. I sat down, poured a full glass of wine for myself, and put a drop into the other glass, took out my cigarettes and lit one up.

I do this to make others think I'm not alone, therefore safer.

I was on my third cigarette and second glass of wine, when I noticed 6 0r 7 guys around, possibly dog walkers, possibly doggers.

I poured another glass of wine and lit up another cigarette, and two guys walked over to my table and sat down, one opposite me, the other, next to me.

they were looking me over.

The daylight too ws getting dimmer.

'Its Vivienne, isn't it! ' one of them stated, rather than asking. I blew out my smoke and said 'of course it is, and you want to fuck my brains out, dont you ! '

they both nodded but said the picnic table was too obvious, why not come over to the edge of the woods.

well, i'd agree, just in case at this hour we were spotted by a 'vanilla'.

I drank the rest of the wine, and walked between them, my arms through thiers. and got to the woods quite quickly.

'What colour panties are you wearing Vivienne' I was asked. 'None at all' was my honest reply, and as we wre beside a wooden bar fence, I lit up another cigarette as one of the guys lifted up my dress.

MMMMMMMMM, She's very ready for it. and unzipped himself saying to his mate that he could have sloppy seconds, and I just said, thirds, in a sexy soft voice. and opened my legs to let him have me. one full thrust and he was in me, sodomising me, saying that i was very used to being fucked, and his hand snaked around to my throbbing clit, before i brushed it away.