Written by Mistrell Realm

9 Feb 2010

With shaking sweaty hands & a fast heart rate, he rang the doorbell to his mistress's house.

He knew he dreaded these moments but his mistress is the only person who can give him what he desires so much, but dreads the treatment that satisfies him so utterly.

Mistress Realm opened the door & stood there with her hands on her hips, dressed in a black velvet corset with suspenders & stockings covering her very long legs. Her cleavage looked very inviting as she turned to one side & said "Enter slave" pointing to a door off the corridor.

He smelt her perfume as he walked past her & through the door, into a room with a bed & dark curtains drawn.

" the foot of the bed" she said without looking at him, she walked past & sat in a chair in the corner of the room crossing her legs & picking up a cane leaning up against the wall.

"Now strip off completely slave & be quick about it, we have a lot to get through today" she said menacingly, tapping the end of the cane against the floor.

He held his breath at the sound of her words & began to remove his clothes. As he removed the last bit of clothing, his underpants, Mistress Realm started to shake her head.

"No no no my little slut" she said as she touched the underside of his swollen cock with the cane, making him breath in quickly, expecting pain.

"Today is going to be a soft day, so I want your cock soft all the time. Now how should I make it soft for you slave" she laughed as she removed the cane from him cock & scratched the underside of his balls instead.

"So I want you to tell me you have a hard on & ask me to make it soft for you, right worm" she commanded.

"Yes Mistress Realm, thank you. Please would you make my cock soft please" he said with the terror of the cane about to hit his cock, in his voice.

"Of course I will slut, I can always help with that" she bought the cane down hard onto the end of his cock, making him yelp & jump back.

"Stand still slut, move again & I will tie you down" she said as she hit his cock again even harder.

This made him yell out loud & turn away to stop a third beating by the cane.

"Please Mistress Please don't please" he pleaded, standing naked in front of her as she was getting ready for a third hit on his cock.

"I warned you slut, not to move or else" she yelled as she got up & left the room. Leaving him standing naked in the middle of the room with a sore hard on.

She returned holding a spread bar with cuffs attached to the centre of the spread bar.

"Sit on the bed & spread your legs slut" she said as she caught hold of his right leg & put the trap around his ankle that was already attached to the end of the spread bar.

"Now the other one slut" she said as she did the same with that.

"Now kneel on the floor slut & reach back to the bar with your hands" she whispered in his ear. As she latched both his wrists in the cuffs attached the centre or the bar.

Now he was helpless & exposed as he was forced to push out his pelvis & leave his erect cock open for all to see & anyone to touch, as he knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Mistress Realm sat back down in her chair & started to tap his cock lightly & then give him a hard smack once & a while, making him cry out in pain.

"Shut up slut or I shall gag you" she replied as she hit his softening cock harder.

He tried to stifle his cries of pain but couldn't stop himself & just let out a yelp, much to the delight of Mistress Realm, who began to laugh & enjoy her new chained up toy.

Soon his cock was soft & hanging down over his balls.

"Right" said Mistress Realm as she got up from her chair & leaning the cane up by the wall. She walked past him & to the head of the bed; he could not see her only hear her & a draw open & then shut.

Mistress Realm returned with three large dildos.

She bent over him & she came right up to his face saying

"You have a choice slave, so choose wisely & choose now."

As she held the three dildos up to his face,

"Kiss the one you want up your ass my little perverted slut slave"

He kissed the black one as they all looked massive, so close up to his face.

"Right slut " she said "you can lubricate it while I go & put these two away" as she pushed his chosen dildo deep into his mouth, making him choke as it hit the back of his throat.

Mistress Realm quickly returned & stood towering over him as he knelt at her feet with a black dildo in his mouth, sucking & licking it.

"That's right little one you get it all nice & wet for you ass" she laughed as she pulled up her chair close to him.

"Don't you forget to ask me to soften your cock, my little toy slut" she ridiculed him in a soft sexy voice.

"Now I am going to remove your pubic hair now with this old electric razor" she said hold up the razor in front of his face.

"But first" she said as she removed the dildo from his mouth, "We will have to put this up your ass my little fuck toy slave" laughing as she disappeared behind him.

Mistress Realm reached down & inserted the dildo into his ass bit by bit, making him moan as it gradually went inside his bum.

She pushed the whole length into his bum & then bit into his ear & whispered "Hold that in at all costs slave, if it comes out I will indeed insert a bigger one in" she then bit his ear again, painfully.

"Right now what's next" she said as she returned to her chair.

"Ho yes your pubic hairs" she stated to pull on them making him wince in pain.

"You have rather a lot & all the hair on your balls has to go too" she commanded, as she switched on the razor.

"Please Mistress Realm" he chocked out of his throat, "My cock is getting hard, please make it soft for me please" as he tried to hold his breath as he knew it is going to hurt.

"Is it now, well I will have to see to that first" as she put the razor down & pick up the cane leaning against the wall & proceeded to cane his helpless hard on swaying in the air as the cane rained down hit after hit onto his cock shaft & bell end.

He was in a lot of pain, but dare not yell out too loud in case Mistress Realm gags him. He could feel the dildo starting to move & slide out of his bum, squeezing his buttocks together grabbed hold of the black shaft & stopped it's slide for the moment.

"There now all nice & soft" she said as she put the cane back & picked up the razor.

"Now you stay soft now slave" she said as she tore into his pubic hairs. The razor pulled his hairs out in clumps.

He yelled out loud as she continued to shave him. He yelled again & again. His cock was beginning to get hard again. He thought he would have to stop her & hit his cock soft again.

"Is this cock growing slave" she shouted at him, then slapped him hard across the face as tears started to well up in his eyes.

"Yes Mistress Realm" he was beginning to cry & tears rolled down his cheeks.

"I am sorry Mistress Realm, please don't hit my cock any more I beg you please" he sobbed.

Mistress laughed at him & picked up the cane.

"You're a little wimp & a cry baby too, aren't you slut" she stood towering over him.

"Well tell me what you are then" she shouted at him as she began to cane his cock once again.

"Mistress Realm I am a cry baby...ouch! ...ouch! ..please. I am a cry baby & a wimp too Mistress Realm" he shouted out loud as she still kept on beating his cock.

All this happening at the same time resulted in the black dildo coming out of his bum & falling onto the floor.

Mistress Realm stopped using the cane on she slaves cock & reached behind him & picked up the dildo.

"Hear" she said as she shoved it in his mouth, the tears still rolling down his cheeks.

"I have a big one for you now, this will make your eye's water even more." She smiled as she stood upright & left the room.

Returning almost instantly with a dildo twice as long & a lot fatter. This one was white with a ribbed section down the length of the shaft.

"Here try this slut it should please you even more" she whispered in his ear as she reached behind him & simply rammed it up his bum leaving the other end firmly jammed against the floor. Preventing it from coming out of his bum at all. She then threw a switch & it began to vibrate inside him.

"God no Mistress realm please no" he pleaded, not wanting to get a hard on again.

"Ho shut up" she snapped "Take it like a man you snivelling little boy" as she began to continue shaving him.

The vibrating in his bum & the razor's touch around his cock & balls was all too much for him.

"Please Mistress Realm please make my cock soft please" he yelled out with a painful stutter in his voice.

"Well if you insist slave, remember it's you that is asking for this punishment not I, your mistress" she said as she picked up the cane & stated to beat his cock soft.

This went on for a long time; until Mistress Realm was satisfied he was all nice & smooth around his cock & balls.

"There now all nice & smooth." She said as she stood back to admire her handy work. "Right I am going to release your less dominant hand, you left hand, I want you to cum on my command" she said as she released his left hand.

"Now wank your self off my slut toy" she whispered in his ear "But don't you dare cum until I say so" as she went into the kitchen & returned with a tall glass in her hand.

"Right you have 2 minutes to cum" she said "Now wank it fast you miserable excuse of a man" shouting into his face.

The dildo still vibrating in his backside making him get hard all the time. At least he could let him self-go now he had permission to cum.

"One minute slave, hurry up" she said as she stood over him with the glass in her hand.

He wanked faster getting closer to his first orgasm in a month.

"I am nearly there mistress" he said as he approached the edge of his orgasm.

"Stop" she yelled "Let go of you cock NOW!. What did you call me mistress, MISTRESS WHO!." She continued to yell at him.

"Sorry Mistress Realm sorry" he begged in his voice.

"You will be slut" she said as she undid his other hand, leaving them both free, " stand up now you little excuse of a worm" she roared as she reached under him & snatched out the dido from his ass. Making him scream as she did so.

"Now get on the bed, on your back" she said pointing to the bed behind him.

His legs were numb from kneeling for such a long time & his cock was throbbing & twitching in the air waiting to be stroked.

"On your back legs up & hold on to that spread bar slut." She said as she left the room for what seemed like an age.

She returned & he gasped at the sight of his mistress with a cock strapped to her hips, a very large black one.

"Right shuffle down to the bottom of the bed slut & hang your butt over the edge." She said as she stood there with her hair falling down over her shoulders & her hands on her hips.

"That's far enough slave" she said as she moved to the bed & poured some lubricant on her cock, strapped to her hips.

"Hold the bar with your left hand & wank with your right one & when you want to cum you will ask me for permission right?!" she said as she inserted the cock into his sore bum, making him gasp as she drove it into him all the way.

"Yes Mistress Realm" he replied as she worked the cock in & out of his bum, which made his eye's roll with pleasure and also pain.

He then began to wank as Mistress Realm looked down on him as she pumped in & out of his ass.

"Please Mistress Realm" he shouted as he approached is orgasm "Please can I cum Please".

"No it's too soon wait a bit longer" she said smiling down at him with the glass still in her hand.

She began to pump his ass faster now, making him rock his legs up & down in time as his mistress shags him.

"Please mistress I beg you can I cum" he said pleading with her; he was so close to cumming.

"Oh very well slut, cum in this glass" she said as she held it over the end of his cock as he wanked his cock into the glass.

He exploded into the glass pouring in a large amount of thick cum into the glass Mistress Realm was holding.

She was still shagging him & she was going a little faster too. As he continued to stroke his cock to get every last drop into the glass.

"That's it all nice and full" she said as she took the glass & slowly removed her dildo from his ass.

"Thank you Mistress Realm" he said

"Sit up on the end of the bed slut" she said & passed him the glass.

"Drink this all up NOW!" she said with a smile on her soft lips.

"Yes Mistress Realm" he said as he took the glass from her hand & poured his hot cum into his mouth & swallowed with a gulp.

"Good boy" she said as she undid his feet from the spread bar.

"Now get dressed" she said as she left the room, closing the door behind her.