11 Oct 2015

I'm curvaceous and beautiful., with 42DD breasts that I like to show off.

Last summer I took myself off to the local nudist beach, it's a remote spot, but well used in all senses of the word. It was a hot day, so I made myself comfy and stretched out naked on my towel. I could hear a mans voice from some way off discussing my body and remarking upon my all over tan. Some time later on returning from a swim, I was greeted by an elderly gent asking if I would like to join him and his friends for a cocktail. I'm well used to nudist culture and was not at all phased by standing around having pleasant conversation with strangers in the nude, so I joined them a few yards away, where I found a proper bar area complete with mini fridge. The elderly chap, Stan, introduced me to his son, Mick, and his friend Neil, and over a few cocktails I discovered that they were all London cabbies down for the day. They were good company, and I was feeling distinctly merry, Stan who was well into his 70's asked me if he could get a photo with me, and when I agreed pulled me onto his lap in his chair.

As we posed for photos, Stan jokingly buried his head in my breasts, I suddenly realized that he was sucking my nipples. I was shocked to find that it felt fantastic to have an old guy sucking me, while the other 2 took photos. I must have groaned because he started to finger me, and my legs opened so he could get more fingers into my wet pussy. He said " I've got a popcorn" and laughed. The others just watched, amazed as I climbed off his lap and took his cock in my mouth. I could hear them breathing hard and could tell they were turned on as I sucked him hard and within a couple of seconds he spunked into my mouth.

Mick immediately pulled me up, slammed me down on the sand and rammed his rock hard cock into me, he was a big bloke and the force of him thrusting into me made me come almost immediately. he didn't last much longer, and shuddered as he came in my pussy. He rolled off me, gasping, and Neil knelt in his place, pushing my legs up above my head, and sinking his cock into me. he had an unusual rocking action, and pushed his finger into my arse at the same time, which gave me a massive orgasm, and then he came in me. Stan was encouraging the others to fuck me again, while he took videos, and they didn't need much encouragement. They turned me over and I took Neil in my mouth while Mick fucked me from behind. Neil was soon rock hard again, and he got underneath me, and slid his cock in me, while Mick fingered my arse, and then pushed his cock into my arse. the sensation of having two blokes in me was amazing, and the video was so good, that we repeated the experience a few hours later, but this time with me sucking Stan at the same time.