Written by Spankalot

27 Apr 2015

Mrs H sighed and tutted as she read the letter from her local practice,it was time for her annual check up and her GP Dr M was always very strict on keeping his records up to date.Mrs M liked the aging white haired doctor really and it was very handy that his practice was so near to the new address to which she had moved with her hubby and kids barely two years ago,it was just that..Well..

Mrs H at 35 years old was a fine looking and voluptuous woman,dark haired and pretty,with very large breasts about which she was shy and self conscious,it made her blush to think that the elderly Dr M had seen them bare,that he had insisted on examining them on that initial 'new patient check up' only two years ago.Mrs H was essentially rather shy,she certainly would not have paraded semi naked for anyone not even her beloved hubby,but she had obediently and unquestioningly gone behind the screen in the good doctors surgery and taken off her summer frock and bra and presented herself for examination in just her demure and sensible patterned knickers.

Had that been really necessary?Mrs H was very innocent and naïve in some ways,surely a nice old man who had seen it all before could have no ulterior motive in insisting his female patients undress completely for an exam,it was probably a lot easier that way.

However Mrs M recalled in detail how he had spent what seemed like a very long time cupping and squeezing her embarrassingly big G cup breasts during the exam that followed on from her blood pressure test and her height/weight test.

Mrs H felt a strange thrill course through her as she stood in her dressing gown reading the letter,her hubby had already left for work taking their two sons with him to drop them off at the school they attended.

The appointment was for tomorrow afternoon,part of her wanted to cancel it,but why risk being struck from the list? And Dr M was a good doctor really,and then she'd end up having to explain to hubby who was also registered with Dr M along with the boys why she wasn't comfortable with Dr M when it was all in her imagination really.

Even so Mrs H felt her nipples harden as she recalled that last time when she could not conceal them from the doctors avid gaze..Had he really commented on them? Had he really said that she had "very wide auraeolae".Had he really remarked that it was a perfectly normal response for her nipples to become erect?How embarrassing? Her face had gone as red as beetroot to know he had noticed,but most embarrassing of all was the comment about what a lucky man her husband was to have such a big pair to play with.Surely that was very impertinent of him?But still Mrs M was to reserved to rebuke him,instead she just giggled nervously.

Then there had been all the questions of a personal nature regarding her sex life.Why would he need to know such things?

Both of the previous exams had been similar experiences.Mrs H had of course visited Dr M before when she had been poorly,sometimes she had taken the boys for various reasons and she had always found him very professional,it was only these two exams where she had felt a little strange..Just imagination,she told herself.

However there was the time she had forgotten an appointment and Dr M had been quite firm with her the next time he saw her,saying something rather stuffy about "young women having no discipline in their lives".

Without really knowing why Mrs H threw away the letter not even bothering to call the surgery to cancel the appointment within days she received another letter this time strongly worded..From Dr M.

The night after the appointment Mrs H lay in bed with her husband feeling friskier than usual,something had aroused something deep in her,she could feel the warm hot glow that came from her fleshy rounded buttocks.Hours bfore she had listened to an interminable lecture from Dr M about the missed appointment,suitably chastened she had gone behind the screen to undress to her knickers as per the established routine,again of course the good doctor found a reason to spend five minutes groping and fondling her big ones as she blushed crimson.

But why had she just stood there speechless when instead of telling her to get dressed after the exam Dr M had took a gym slipper from his drawer and told her to bend over and touch her toes?

It was too unreal,here she was a grown woman being told she needed to be spanked for forgetting an appointment.

Dr M smiled at Mrs H with a look of kind concern on his ancient face,she was a good girl really and she knew it was for her own good.

Mrs H was horrified and thrilled all at once,but she felt utterly powerless before the determined doctor.

twelve times the slipper whacked hard on Mrs H's big bottom,Dr M was delighted he had found a new bottom to spank,and what a lovely big bottom it was too,encased in those sensible good girl knickers.

Mrs H did not protest as he took them down even though she felt his leering eyes on her cunt lips and her tingling vulnerable little brown arsehole..It was total embarrassment but it filled her with that exhibitionist thrill she had felt before.

Mrs H hoped hubby wouldn't see her bum for a day or two..She also knew that it probably wouldn't be the last time Dr M found an excuse.