Written by dreamer

19 Apr 2010

I love dressing up at every opportunity,my wife was away so I had a chance.I decided to

dress up and go for a drive.I put on red panties and bra,black tights,a red pencil skirt

and black lacy top.I then added makeup,foundation,eyeshadow and red lipstick,I put on a

short dark wig,my stiletto heeled boots and a wide belt,looking in the mirror I looked

good for a sixty year old,I put some things in a handbag picked up my car keys and went out for the first time dressed.

I drove around excitedly,it was getting dark but people could see me,at a small garage no one around,so I got out and put petrol in my car,WOW,so exciting,I went into the shop to pay,the man there was about thirty,he really looked at me,I paid,THANKYOU DARLING he

said,I felt myself blushing,would you like some company he asked,I close soon you could give me a lift.I didn't know what to say but stuttered YES I'LL GIVE YOU A LIFT.

I waited in the shop for him,I so nervous but also so high on the thought of being out dressed up for the first time and now going with a man, wow so exciting I COULD FEEL MYSELF LEAKING CUM IN MY PANTIES.

I'll let you know what happened