Written by Ghost Writer

14 May 2015

I've had a fantasy for some time and by what is reported in these stories I believe it could become a reality if I could only meet the right people.

I get invited to meet a couple where the man is bisexual but on top of that he loves to dress up and has one or two fantasies of his own.

After meeting we get on and decide we can trust each other and so get to meet on a more intimate level. We of course meet again in their house and after a few drinks and while we all start to feel relaxed, the husband excuses himself saying he would love to dress for us. In the meantime his partner comes and sits by me and opens my pants to expose my erection. She says what a beautiful cock and immediately starts to suck me which she is well expert at. Soon I bring her up and start to kiss her on the mouth then I undo her top and bra to expose her beautiful boobs then I start to suck them. At that moment her husband re-enters the room and catches me sucking his ample wifes' tits.

Suddenly I realise he looks stunning dressed up in his wifes' clothes and he makes a comment about me with a hard on and says he would love me to suck him while he's dressed up and while his wife watches. He wears a long blonde wig, and looks so erotic in black suspenders and stocking with lovely silk panties. Then on top he has a sexy basque. He looks very convincing and I reply that I would love him to suck but only if when he feels when he's coming, he will finish off, not in my mouth but by fucking his wife while I watch. Suddenly they are both very eager to agree. I kneel on the floor and pull down his panties to discover a nice thick six inch cock and putting it into my mouth he immediately begins to groan while his wife is vigorously fingering herself. I love the feel and taste of him in my mouth and gently start to caress his balls. He starts to thrust in my mouth and now his wife is going mad and very soon he tells us both he's nearly ready to come. I stop sucking him and drag his now almost exploding wife onto the floor and invite him to fuck. He needed no encouragement. God I was so aroused watching them fuck with such enthusiasm for each other and all but wanked myself while they came together he groaning loudly and her screaming her joy. It was wonderful watching this so convincingly dressed man fuck his wife and when they finally exhausted themselves I told him I now want you to lick her clean.

This had been a fantasy for him but though his wife loved to see him dressed as a woman she had no idea about this fantasy. He looked at her eagerly but by then she was enjoying being told what to do and almost insisted he lick her fanny clean, every last drop.

By now I was getting flushed with excitement and still I refrained from wanking and having gone this far I then told him I would love him to now suck me while he was dressed so sexily. But I asked for him not to make me come completely in his mouth but could I fuck his wife to finish. I had never realised I could find a couple to indulge my fantasy to play, they were both so very keen.

I loved him sucking me and he dressed as a woman was such an excitement and once again his wife was playing with herself, by now furiously. He was sucking and fingering my bum and soon I couldn't stand any more and withdrew from him and taking her to the floor, swiftly entered her. What a gorgeous fanny, she felt so soft and warm and lubricated by her own juices she had and she was now scratching my back with her long finger nails, in total fulfilment. God, we both come together while he had by now started to wank himself at the sight of me fucking his wife and was the best orgasm I had ever experienced. For a moment I wondered had he thought I would now lick his wife clean but I suggested he should lick her clean after I had fucked her, also. It was a joy to watch them both, he started to lick her clean and she had yet more orgasm.

We finished off by him licking her while I wanted his cock in my both and this time let him come and I just swallowed. I was wonderful.

Another version on the tale would be for me to dress up while he sucked me. The feel of lingerie next to my skin, I feel, while having sex would be a total delight.

Who could happen?