Written by Angela 1

6 Apr 2009

A few of us from the office went for a beer after work on Friday night. By about 7.30 there were only 2 of us left. Me and a girl called Arabella. Once the others had gone, me and Arabella went for something to eat. By 10 o’clock we were back at her place drinking wine and snogging on her couch.

I had her shirt undone and she had managed to wriggle her way out of her bra. Her tits were fantastic and firm with great nipples. I was massively turned on when I got her trousers undone to discover that she wasn’t wearing any knickers and was wonderfully smoothly shaven. She was struggling to get my belt undone but once I helped her she had my trousers off in no time.

She stood and took her own trousers off and told me she wanted me to take her from behind. She knelt on the floor and leaned forward over the chair seat cushion. Also on my knees, I positioned myself behind her and fingered her for a short time. Eventually I got my dick in to the right place and with a little effort I forced my throbbing bell-end in to her tight, wet hole. She was so fucking tight that I was a little worried I would come too soon. But I managed to hold off so that I could enjoy sliding my dick in and out of her and before too long she was telling me she was getting close to orgasm.

I really loved the sensations I was experiencing as I continued to fuck the living daylights out of this gorgeous girl with the tightest fanny I’d ever known. I was playing with her braless tits and my mind was wandering to the wonderful thought that she had been commando. I wondered was she always commando in work. My thoughts served to spur me on to keep control and keep on fucking her. As she started her second orgasm, I could feel that I was on the way to mine. I increased the power of my strokes and, holding on to her hip with one hand and her shoulder with the other; I pulled her hard against me and fucked her as hard as I could.

She was almost screaming as she came again and at the same time, because I wasn’t wearing a condom, I pumped my spunk in to her soaking hole. I had an amazingly strong orgasm and my cock stayed hard enough to give her another orgasm before I withdrew.

To my absolute delight, she pushed me back on to the floor and sucked me off and squeezed my balls as my cock softened. As we lay recovering, she told me that she loves to taste her own juices on a dick after she has been fucked.