Written by Horny bitch

20 Mar 2014

My sister had just come out of a bad relationship and needed cheering up. Some guys I vaguely knew from Uni were having a party that Saturday night so I suggested we go along. Free drink, no doubt some good music playing, hopefully some fit blokes too. Go on, I said, it's just what you need.

We showed up about 10 o'clock. I knew the address, it wasn't far from the flat I shared with my 3 pals during term time. We'd spent ages getting ready, just like we used to when we were younger. Giggling, drinking cheap fizz, swapping make-up, egging each other on to wear this sexy top or that sexy skirt. By the time we were ready, Susan looked a million dollars. I'd convinced her to ditch the outfit she'd originally intended to wear, and instead persuaded her to borrow a skimpy halter neck leopard print dress I'd had for ages and hadn't the nerve to wear. She had smaller tits than me and in the dress, with no bra, they looked amazing. Proud and pert, they stretched the fabric in just the right places. The dress also made her peachy arse look completely edible, and those legs of hers made all those hours on the treadmill seem worth it.

I decided that if I was going to get a look in at the party, I needed to wear something equally sexy. I squeezed into skin tight shiny black leggings and a sheer black top that showed off the new black lacy bra I'd bought that day. So, with our hair done, our make up done to perfection, including scarlet lippy that screamed oral sex, the boys didn't stand a chance!

The place was full when we walked in. I was pleased that noone really noticed us because despite everything, I didn't like being the centre of attention. We headed to the kitchen and I saw Pete, the host, and waved a hi to him. He came across and gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I looked fucking amazing. The dirty beast couldn't take his eyes off my tits. I said 'I'm up here, Pete!', and he laughed his easy laugh. I realised I fancied him like mad. Susan and I got some drinks and made our way out and followed the sound of music playing in the living room.

By about 2am Susan and I were blitzed and had been dancing for hours. And drinking. We'd been oblivious to the fact that most of the party goers had left, cos we'd been having a great time dancing with each other and with loads of hot guys. Susan had asked Pete to put on some old 80s dance music and the two of us had been bumping and grinding to some of Prince's sexiest songs when we noticed that we had an audience of Pete and a handful of his mates. 'Go on girls!' they shouted and we were having such a laugh (fuelled by the booze) that we ground against each other and basically dry humped for the benefit of the cheering crowd. 2 guys came up to join us and one guy had his arms round Susan, and was grinding his loins into her bum. She was loving it and was wriggling against him. When he put both hands on her tits she wriggled some more.

Another guy came up to join them and Susan was the meat in their sandwich, and the 3 of them were moving in time to the music, writhing and feeling each other in one tangled group of hands and bodies. I collapsed on the sofa laughing, and 2 guys joined me on either side, Pete and his mate Steve. Before I knew it, Pete started kissing me. I kissed him back, and I didn't resist when I felt a hand on my top, squeezing my tits. I could feel a rush of warmth invade my pussy and knew how turned on I was getting. I got turned on even more when I realised that it was Steve who was feeling me up, not Pete! I turned to him to say something but before I could get the words out his lips locked on mine and I felt his tongue explore mine. I opened my mouth and let him know I wanted more. I was getting more and more turned on and I could feel hands on my tits and pressing against my pussy. I didn't know whose hands were where and quite frankly I didn't care. I rubbed Steve's crotch and felt him stiffen. Fuck it I thought, this is heading in one direction and I'm just going to enjoy it. I unzipped Steve's jeans and released his cock for me to play with. I broke off my kiss and went down on him. I peeled back his foreskin and a huge dollop of precum flooded my tongue. The combination of his salty precum and traces of the last pee he'd had made me hotter than ever. His cock tasted so good and I loved feeling his hands through my hair and hearing him groan.

I felt hands peeling my leggings off me, and then pulling my panties down. I knew it would be Pete and the anticipation of what he was about to do thrilled me to the core. I was concentrating on licking and sucking Steve's gorgeous cock and suddenly I could feel a fingers on my pussy, rubbing in between my swollen lips and opening my butterfly up for what I was about to take. Then I felt Pete's cock enter me. Despite how wet I was, it felt huge. He inched it in to me, inched it out, then in deeper, then out, then I could feel him up to his hilt. Fuck me! His knob pushed against my cervix and when he started to pump me and get into his rhythm I knew I was going to cum in no time.

I came up for air and gasped in ecstasy, only for Steve to pull me back onto his throbbing cock. 'Don't stop!' he moaned, 'I'm going to cum you fucking whore'. Noone had ever called me that before but I was so carried away in the moment and I loved hearing it. I licked at his knob furiously. 'Give me it! Give me it! Give me all your creamy spunk!' I hissed at him, my tongue wrapping itself round his helmet and my hand pumping his meaty shaft faster and faster. I could feel his knob spasm and I knew I was going to get it all any second now. I took him into my mouth, and Wooooosh!!!! I felt my mouth flood with thick creamy semen, and 2 seconds later my clit exploded as Pete's cock slammed its hot load deep into my cunt. Both cocks spasmed again and again and again - fuck those guys must have been saving it up for days!

Eventually we collapsed in each others' arms. I looked across at Susan and she smiled at me. I could tell the dirty bitch had had more than her fair share of cock as well!