Written by AliceBlue

6 Oct 2014

I have loved falling asleep next to you and waking up with you last week on consecutive days. The mornings were special. Once I knew you were awake, slowly, my hands begin to stroke your face, then your arms and shoulders, trailing my fingers down your chest and belly; pushing the duvet away so I can feel the softness of your skin down below, trying to not get carried away too soon and reach for your cock. Moving the back of my hand backwards and forwards, I can feel your cock stiffening and twitch in anticipation of things to come.

It's wonderful to see how I can bring you pleasure and to see it manifest itself across your face. I love the feel of your hardening cock in my hand, twisting up and down, with a changing pressure, the other hand at its base. Pulling up and down that lovely shaft.

To get a better view, I like to sit opposite you, my legs underneath you stretched out on either side so I can comfortably continue to give you long strokes to maintain your hardness. I bend down to take your cock in my mouth, both hands now employed in the single task at hand which is to bring you the edge of ecstasy. I look up to see your twist and turn under my control, and then you open your eyes and we lock each other in our respective gaze. You see me spit on your cock which I know you like, to make the cock slide with continuing ease between my slick hands and fingers.

Up and down, twisting, changing the pressure and timing to keep your attention on the pleasure of the experience, I slowly move one hand down below your balls to variety the sensations and stroke them firmly but sensitively. More darts of emotions cross your face. I move further down so just in that place between your bum and cock, I touch you lightly and it certainly hits the spot. I circle round, finger tips moist and wet from cock action, they now turn to massaging that area.

My mouth is still engaged with servicing your cock which steadfastly refuses to soften and I know you will want to fuck me soon. Feeling your urgency rising, I decide to change tack and move up and cover your body so I am straddled across your pelvis and take your hands above your head so you are held like my prisoner. I bend down and take a nipple in my wanton mouth and suck hard pulling it deep in before grazing my teeth around it. I hear a sharp intake of breath as I increase the pressure. I move to the other side so that both are given equal share of pain and pleasure. You start to move, indicating that it is your time to take your pleasure of my body but I refuse to budge and bear down on you, hoping that I can keep you pinned down for a few more short moments. It won't be long before the tables are turned though and you roughly push me over onto my back and now I am at your mercy; my hands held high above my head, your knees on either side of my hips and I know that I'm in for some punishment.

From underneath a pillow you pull out some scarves and tie my wrists to the corners of the headboard and then move to do the same to my ankles to the bottom of the bed. You locate a ball and gag plus a blindfold to ensure that I won't be waking up the neighbours this morning.

I feel helpless but excited by the unknown. I am yours all for the taking and I can't do a single thing about it.