Written by TM

26 Nov 2009

I had just flown in from San Diego. I checked in to the hotel. I was expecting Ella, what I got was a note, which read,

“Sorry. I had to see my dad in New York. Stay in, I have arranged a surprise.

Love Ella.”

So I did. As I unpacked there was a knock at the door, a Japanese lady in full kimono and a high hair style. “I am Aimi. You are to come with me please.” She said.

This was Ella surprise? I went with her and got into the waiting car. As it pulled away the lady offered me warm sake. “I have been told to please you. An evening has been planed for you.” The lady informed me.

The car drove for about half an hour along the ribbon of concrete that is Miami. As we continued more sake was poured and drunk. We arrived at a large house in its own grounds. The door was opened and I got out, holding a hand out for the lady. “This way pease.” She dropped her ‘l’.

I was taken to a changing area and handed over to a man. I next saw the lady as I started to pour water over myself. She was naked and approached me holding a small towel over her triangle. She started to soap me. Then mixing water into a bowl to body temperature; used it she rinsed the soap from my body. A second lady had entered and began to soap the first, who waved her hand towards the large soaking tub. “Please” she said sounding the ‘l’ longer than needed.

I sank into the water, leaving my towel on the side. I could see her being washed and rinsed, but did not look directly at her or the other lady who wore a short cotton kimono. Aimi held her towel covering her pussy, as she sank into the bath she removed it and left it on the side. Soon she was sitting opposite in the hot crystal clear water. The other lady left and returned with more sake. This time Aimi drunk with me. Aimi told me about the house, we talked about many thing, always what I wanted, but mostly we just let the hot water seep into our bones. Finally she asked, “Would you like a massage?”

Thinking it was a personal offer, I said, “Yes, that would be wonderful.”

I stepped out of the bath and dried my steaming body with the small towel. Aimi did the same. We returned to the changing room and Aimi offered me a robe. I put it on and Aimi put on her cotton robe. She took me into another room and the man was waiting. Aimi left me with him and he started the massage.

When he had finished he opened a partition and I went into the next room. Aimi joined me. For all the world she could have come from the gashia district of Edo 200 years ago. All bar the lack of white make up. “Would you like to eat.” She asked.

“Thank you, yes.” I told her, and she clapped her hands. The door slid open and the other lady, now dressed in a simple kimono entered and served dinner. Aimi eat sparingly and drunk even less. The other lady came back to clear the dinner trays.

Aimi asked if I would some music. Aimi played the shamisen. An instrument I can appreciate for the skill of the playing, but not the sound it makes.

“Would you like to sleep now.” Aimi asked.

It was late and I answered “Yes”

The other lady rolled out the bedding. When it was done Aimi asked, “May I stay?”

“Please.” I replied.

The other lady carried a lacquer box from the side of the room. Aimi opened it. Inside was a collection of condoms, lubes, tissue and beads.

Aimi stood and the other lady held each kimono and Aimi let them fall from her. The last kimono opened her breast held it, her pussy peaked though the opening, then Amaya pulled the kimono back and her breast came into view. She stood there naked. Aimi waved at the door and the other lady left taking Aimi wig with her.

Aimi was perfect, her small breasts pert and firm, her pussy was shaved. Aimi helped me remove my robe and she folded it neatly. The room walls were made of paper and I knew others were close enough to hear.

“Please ask for anything you want.” She instructed me.

I knelt close to her, “Touch me.” I told her.

Aimi reached out and ran her hand down my arm. I tingled. Her hand ran down my leg and I reached for her breast. Aimi bent forward and took my hard in her mouth. My hand found Aimi’s buttock to caress. Aimi never let me cum, I almost did twice, but each time she let me subside. I was desperate to touch her. Aimi was kneeling and bent over, her little breast were hidden and her pussy was well out of reach. My right hand passed over her buttock and a finger found her anis. I gently touched her, I wanted her pussy, but I could not reach around her. Then I came. Aimi sucked and licked cleaning my still hard dick. Then she took a moist tissue from the box and cleaned my cock and right hand.

I lay back on the bed. Aimi rolled a condom over my cock. It felt warm. Aimi sat astride me and lowered herself slowly onto me she sank onto my shaft. I felt her warm body heat around my cock and knew that I had more that lube in to condom. I reached up and held her body. Aimi moved back and forth, I felt my cock moving within her. Now as I felt myself growing to orgasm I felt a very warm tingle. Aimi opened her mouth, she arched her back as she continued to swing her pussy around my cock. Somehow as I came so did she. I felt juice run around by balls. Aimi remained above me. She had a hint of a smile on her face. She sat there as I ran my hands over her breast, side and hips.

Aimi reached for more tissues and cleaned herself, then removed the condom and cleaned me. “Again,” I asked her, “kneel for me.”

Aimi rolled on another condom and turn her back to me. I was much taller than she and my cock bent as I found her pussy. I started to move as Aimi bent forward, kowtowing to the wall. Aimi moaned as I started moving, four shallow and gentle, one deep and hard; five the perfect number. I continued until I came.

I slipped from her and rolled her over, parting her legs. I ran my tongue up her leg from her knee to her pussy, then the full length of her valley. Her legs opened wider and I parted her pussy with my thumbs, pushing her hood back with two fingers. My tongue danced around her clit and she let out a loud moan as she pushed my head down.

I heard the door slide open and Aimi said something in Japanese. I looked up, the other lady had opened the door. “Let her stay.” I told Aimi.

There was more talk in Japanese, and I understood even less. The lady shut the door. She was in the room. As I return to Aimi pussy I heard silk rustle. Aimi came again and I sat back looking at her open legs, open pussy. I was still hard, the condom still in place full of spunk.

Aimi stretched her hand towards Amaya. Without being asked Amaya passed a tissue. Aimi wiped herself, first her pussy then leaks of her juice and my saliva that had ran along her valley to her anus.

Amaya who was knelt now placed her hands firmly in front of her and her bent knees came forward. She was now close and with another tissue removed my condom. Aimi had not moved, she was still lying with her pussy open wide. A foot either side of my knees. It was not difficult for Amaya to see, as I turned to her she was completely at ease. I placed my right hand to her hair and kissed her once. She returned the kiss politely.

I edged back from between Aimi legs. She left them open, giving me a long look at her pussy until I turned to Amaya again. Then Aimi sat up, still her legs were open, only closing as she knelt again. Only then did she ask, “Amaya would you like to open your heavenly gate.”

Amaya looked to me and asked me “Do you want me?”

“Yes, very much, I would be very pleased.” I answered.

Amaya picked a condom from the box, opened the packet and place it on the tip of my prick. It was the wrong way around; she turned it over then rolled it down. She stopped, now she did not know what to do next. “Lay down.” I told her.

She lay down in front of me. I stretched out beside her, welcoming straight legs. She was perhaps eighteen. “It’s cold; would you like to put your kimono back on?” I asked her. It was not cold, even with the lateness of the hour.

“No. I would like to please you.” She informed me.

I ran my hand slowly up her body, over her shoulder and into her hair. I kissed her again, this time she kissed back. My hand found her breast and it fitted perfectly into my cupped hand; her nipple hard against my hand.

My hand wondered down to her pussy, shaved and smooth. My finger ran around her clit and then down to the final gate. It was tight. Amaya flinched as I pushed to hard. I kissed her and returned to her clit. Then I felt a cool gel and another hand. I looked down Aimi’s hand was massaging lube into Amaya’s cunt. I raised myself and kissed Aimi over Amaya. Aimi’s hand and my own danced in Amaya deep valley. I felt Amaya’s hand on my side. I noticed the other playing with Aimi’s right breast. I tried Amaya’s cunt again and my finger found a sloppy hole. Tight, but I was in. I pushed two fingers in and kissed Amaya. Her mouth opened to my kiss as her cunt opened to my fingers.

I ran my slimy hand up her side to her breast and pushed my cock into her slowly; letting her adjust to me. Finally all the way into her still tight clinging cunt I turned her on her side and pushed her back into Aimi. I fucked slowly and Aimi took Amaya’s breasts into her hands. Then she bent and kissed Amaya.

Slowly, Amaya became more relaxed. Her pussy became more comfortable. Then to my shock I came all of a sudden. I allowed myself to fall from her. Aimi who was kissing Amaya breast, moved down her body kissing all the way down. As Aimi reached Amaya’s pussy I took her place kissing and pinching Amaya’s breasts. Amaya came, I felt her hold me tight. Aimi head was between Amaya’s legs; her tongue deep in Amaya’s cunt. Amaya came again.

In the morning Aimi showed me the film of the three of us. “Ella would like to see this, do you agree?”

I considered the question, “Why not, yes, let her have it.”

As I got in the car to be taken back to the hotel; both ladies bowed until I was out of sight.