Written by hiflier

12 Feb 2010

Emma arrived home early from another day at work where she had been chatted up and she had spent a lot of time flirting with the older guys at work. As she was early, she decided to check her emails straight away rather than get changed first as she normally did. She made her way to the bedroom where her laptop was on her dressing table and signed in. She was still dressed in her work clothes and today she had on a dark grey suit with a fairly short skirt, a white blouse and her normal black lacy underwear and for a special treat she was wearing seamed stockings and high heels.

Emma signed in to her email and then into her messenger programme and was surprised to see Phil on line. She had been chatting to Phil over the past few weeks and as they got to know each other, their chats had got more flirty and dirty and 2 days ago Emma had spent about half an hour watching Phil wank over her pics on webcam! She started chatting to him while she read her emails in the background and before long things started getting steamy! Phil started asking Emma about what she was wearing and when she mentioned she was wearing seamed stockings, she wasn’t at all surprised that Phil switched his webcam on!

Phil was wearing a polo shirt and jeans and a wicked smile as he asked Emma if she was feeling horny which she had to admit she was beginning to. Phil was in no mood to be shy and asked Emma if she was going to put her webcam on too but she declined – at least for now. Phil asked her if she knew what he would do to her if he was there right now and she said no and asked him to tell her. He said that he would walk up behind her as she sat in her chair and slide his hands down from her shoulder inside her blouse and over her lovely large firm tits. Then he said he would remove her jacket while he stood behind her and then unbutton her blouse while he kissed her neck.

He told her how he would then instruct her to reach down and pull her skirt up to show him her lovely shapely legs and sexy black seamed stockings while he played with her tits. He said he would be rock hard by this time, just as he was now and he told her to watch as he undid his jeans on cam. Emma watched as he slowly leaned back in his chair and undid his button fly jeans to reveal a large bulge in his white boxers. “Do you want me to show you what’s inside ?” he asked teasing Emma as she watched him “Yes” she typed back and she felt her pussy start to tingle. Phil reached down with both hands and slowly and deliberately eased his fat hard throbbing cock out and held it in front of his cam so Emma could clearly see it. She had forgotten just how fat his cock was and she watched as he slowly wanked it and it seemed to grow even bigger before her eyes.

“How’s your pussy feeling now Emma?” Phil asked, “very moist” she replied, “mmmm just how i like it, put your cam on and let me see”. Emma was nervous as she had never done this before and she hesitated and typed, “I’m enjoying looking at your lovely cock” and Phil replied with “well if i was there, I would grab your hair and pull your cute sexy mouth down so that you could suck it, would you like that Emma?” Emma felt herself blushing but she also felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she replied “yeah i’d fucking love it”. “I bet your pussy is soaking now baby put your cam on and show me” and this time Emma did as she was told. “Mmmm fuck you look hot” Phil said as Emma pulled up her skirt to show him her sexy black stockings and black panties. “Now show me how you play with yourself as you watch me wank over you baby” Phil told her and she spread her legs wider and slipped her hand down inside her panties and felt the warm wet flesh of her pussy beneath her fingers.

As Emma played with her pussy, legs spread wide for Phil to see as he wanked his fat hard cock which filled Emma’s screen, she didn’t notice that the door to her bedroom had quietly slipped open. Suddenly she was aware of a sound behind her and she turned her head to see her boyfriend standing in the doorway watching her. For a second she froze in panic at being caught but he simply looked at her and said, “Don’t stop baby that’s so fucking horny” and she realised that his cock was in his hand and he was wanking as he watched her. She turned back to the screen and typed a message to Phil that her boyfriend was watching and wanking while they played on cam, and this turned Phil on even more. They carried on like this for a few minutes then Phil said “tell you bloke to come over so that you can wank him as well as yourself” and Emma called him over. By now her boyfriend had stripped off his own jeans and he stood next to Emma while she took his cock in one hand and carried in sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy while Phil watched.

“Fuck that’s horny Emma, I bet you’d like to take that big cock in your mouth, let me see how you give you boyfriend a blowjob”. Emma looked at the screen and Phil was naked now, she could see his nice body and hairy chest, and his cock in his hand was bigger than ever as he slowly wanked very close to the screen. She looked up at her boyfriend and stared at him as she leaned over and took the tip of his cock into her hot wet mouth. She did it slowly at first so that Phil had a good view and she could taste the pre cum on her mans cock already and she took more and more of his hard smooth shaft into her mouth. As she sucked him, her boyfriend leaned down and she felt his fingers join hers in her wet pussy, she knew that this must be making Phil really horny.

She glanced back at the screen and saw an image of Phil leaning back in his chair furiously wanking his fat hard cock and she typed him a message “what do you want us to do next?”. Phil heard the chime saying he had a new message and after reading it and staring into his screen seeing Emma being finger fucked by her boyfriend, he simply typed “sit on his cock and fuck him while I cum for you”. It only took a few seconds for Emma to stand while he man sat down and as he was sitting there she bent down and sucked him again before moving onto his lap facing her pc and webcam. She made sure that Phil had a great view of her pussy by putting her feet on the dressing table and then slowly lowering herself onto her boyfriend’s hard cock. She leaned back and started to slide up and down on his cock as her mans hands slipped round and squeezed her tits.

Emma was wildly turned on by this exhibitionism, she looked down at her screen and saw Phil wanking hard as he watched her fuck her man in full view. Suddenly she heard her boyfriend groan and she knew he was about to explode and just as he did she slipped his cock out so that Phil could see him shoot his thick creamy spunk all over her smooth pussy. As her man came she saw Phil finally unload too and he sent s huge wad of spunk shooting out and she watched as he continued to milk his cock until every drop of cum was out. She saw phil type a message which said “clean up his cock then” and she smiled as she moved round to let Phil watch her suck the cum and her pussy juices off her boyfriends softening cock. “that was fucking awesome” Phil said, “yes it was amazing” Emma typed, “I can’t wait to do it again” but she was really thinking “I’d love to do it in real life with the two of you! And you never know, that just might happen!