Written by city_executives

30 May 2014

I am Emma. I am an attractive 45 year old who looks 35. I feel sick. I am shaking inside. I am trying desperately to look calm and collected but my body is giving me away. I am breathily heavily and my cleavage is rising and falling in my low cut dress. My knickers, what there are of them are soaking wet.

The three large glasses of wine over dinner hasn’t helped. They have not helped settling my nerves. Normally I’d be under the table by now after that many glasses. We have never done anything like this before. I am sitting at the bar in smart London Hotel in docklands. It’s Friday night and the bar is heaving as there is something going on at ExCeL. The bar has a mix of business people and exhibitors. My husband’s has left me siting on a bar stool for what seems like an eternity. His half full pint still on the bar which I hope will deter any advances. I am wearing a short dark brown dress (size 10) from Phase 8 with a plunging neckline, some ridiculously expressive underwear we bought this morning from agent provocateur and killer 3 inch black patent heels and expressive jewellery. I can see myself in the mirror behind the bar and though I say it myself I look smoking hot. My long blonde hair is perfectly curled.

I am terrified. I am waiting for a text. I don’t know what hubby has arranged. I don’t want to know. I don’t want to think about it. If I think about it I just get wetter between my legs. I need something to district me.

There is a group of businessmen next to me at the bar. One keeps smiling at me. The others keep staring and undressing me with their eyes. I give them a cold hard stare and they look away. I look away. My blackberry buzzes on the bar and makes me jump. I try to pick it up but my hands are shaking. I am desperately trying to read the text by my hands are fumbling on the buttons. Ok, I have my instructions.

I take a deep breath, put my phone in my bag and try to elegantly slide off of the bar stool without my dress riding up too much. The businessman all turn around to watch. I ignore them.

I try to navigate the busy bar to the lifts but no one will move. I think the men do it on purpose so I have to squeeze between them so they can look down my chest. I am sure someone put a hand on my bottom.

I reach the lifts. It is quieter here. There is an open door I walk in the press the button frantically to close the door so no one else gets in. I press 7 repeatedly.

I stare at my reflection. I have reached our floor already. I take a deep breath and exit the lift. I put on my confident face and walk down the long corridor as they would on cat walks, crossing over my feet trying to look as sexy as possible but it’s not easy in these shoes. I get to our junior suite and enter the card in the lock. It takes me several attempts before the door opens. What is it with these things?

The bedroom door is closed, the text says I must not enter it. Shit I need to change my knickers. They are soaked. I chuckle a little as there is a note on the table saying “you cannot change your knickers – hubby x” He knows me so well. Next to the note is a blindfold. It’s my leather mask from home. I see the casino chip on the floor. This is where I am meant to stand. Hubby has rearranged the furniture. There is a two seater leather sofa and two matching comfortable chairs arranged in a horseshoe facing the floor to ceiling glass windows. We have a panoramic view across to the O2.

I don’t have long. Now it has begun I am now terrified and excited in equal measures.

One last look at the reflection in the glass. I put my bag on the table and put on my blindfold trying not to mess up my hair. I stand over the casino chip and face into the room. I pull down the blindfold, hands by my side and enter a world of total darkness. I am now hidden from the world.

I notice that the room is warm. My heart rate accelerated. The silence is defining. All I can hear is white static. The silence is now deafening.

A few minutes pass. I am more clam now. I trust my hubby. I hear a key card in the door. Someone enters the room. They approach me. It’s my hubby I can smell his aftershave. He whispers in my ear if I am ok, I nod as I am not allowed to speak. He tells me we can stop at any time. He gives me a slow passionate kiss and I start to melt. There is a tap at the door. He moves away. My excitement builds.

Someone else has entered our room. I can smell aftershave. It isn’t my hubby’s. Now I can smell perfume, Giorgio I think. There is a couple in our room.

I can sense them circling me. I can feel a man’s breathe on my neck and he inhales my scent. Someone sits down to my left on the leather chair. He stands behind me and strokes my bare arm with which makes me jump. With both hands now he strokes both my bare arms. In my darkness I can her someone entering the bedroom. The man’s breathing is shallow. He is excited. The man’s hands now encircling my shoulders down my back, over my hips and over my bottom like a gentle massage. Still behind me he reaches around my arms and now caresses my tummy. He gently runs his hands over my breasts. My breasts are swollen and my nipples are hard. I continues to caress my body. His gentle hands circle me.

I am relaxed now. He can sense it. Someone puts things down on the table to my right.

This time he reaches my bottom and continues down the outside of my legs. On reaching my ankle he ever so slowly moves his hands up the insides of my legs. My heart starts to race. I fidget slightly, my god he is going to discover my soaking wet knickers. He stops just short of the hem of my dress and runs his hands down the outside of my legs, then again up the inside ever so slowly. Without thinking I part my legs a little. Something is said very quietly. I cannot hear what they say.

His hands move up my back to my neck. He then very slowly unzips the back of my dress all the way down to my bottom. The air is electric. I can sense he is really excited. Now moving his hand up my bare back he slips my dress off of my shoulders and it falls to the floor. The circling hands are back again gently caressing my body top to bottom. His hand run down my back and expertly unclips my bra. His hands circle around and free my breasts from the cups and holds my breasts in my hands. After a few moments he gently removes my balcony bra and it falls to the floor. He is close now, his breathing is heavy. His hands run over my shoulders, one hand now travels with purpose down my spine, between my bottom checks and fingers feel the fabric of my wet knickers. I gasp. While this hand is still in place the other hand moves down my front and continues until it finds my knickers where it gently feels my soaking wet pussy through the material. God I am wet. Something is said. His hands fall away. I think he sits down to my right. Someone gets up.

I can smell my husband. He whispers OK in my ear? I nod. He removes my jewellery and helps me step out of my dress. He moves away.

I think the woman gets up. Yes I can smell her perfume. I am still is darkness but sense she is behind me. I feel her hands on my shoulders. I can feel her nails. She scrapes her nails down my back and over my bottom. She gain this time harder and without care. These are bitchy nails. They claw at me. The mood is changing. I remain still in my darkness, hands by my sides.

She moves to my front. Grabs my chin and pushes it upwards. She now runs her long nails down my neck and over my breast clawing my skin. She makes sure a nail on each hand catches my nipples. Ouch! But I say nothing. The hand moves down my front down the outside of my legs to my ankles. She unceremoniously pushes my legs further apart and I also topple over. My legs are now about two feet part. The bitch’s claws now travel up the inside of my legs to my wetness. They don’t stop. She claws at my pussy through the material. Again something is said but I can quite hear. Suddenly she rips my knickers down. I gasp and ouch at the same time. They are now down my knees, stretched. She moves away.

I can smell my hubby. He whispers “Ok” in my ear. I slowly nod nervously. He helps me out of my knickers and spreads my feet a little wider apart. He then put my hands on the head. I interlock my fingers. All I have on now is my killer black shoes and my blindfold which I am hiding behind.

The man returns. He caresses my body as before, gentle, soft, caring. Ok I get this game now, good cop bad cop. He carefully fastens fur lined cuffs to my wrists and ankles. I know these. These are from home. He fits a spreader bar between my ankles and carefully fits my fur lined collar. From the back he puts a hand right through my legs and starting just above my clitoris, drags a finger ever so slowly across it which makes me shudder. There is a sudden injection of wetness between my legs. His finger continues across my pouting pussy lips and back, back further. My breathing is really heavy now, his is too. His finger slowly traces its way to my anus, stopping there for a nano second before moving between my bottom cheeks and up my back tracing my spine. Ok I am properly wound up now. I am transforming from a terrified innocent to a wanton slut. I don’t care what they do but I need a release. He moves up and cups my breast and expertly rolls my nipples between his thumb and finger. I instinctively move my bottom back to his crouch. He is still fully dressed. He has a massive hard on. I love my nipples being played with. It’s as if they are connected directly to my pussy. More juices are released down below. I can actually feel them running down the inside of my legs. I know my hubby and I decided that as this was our first time there would be no intercourse but if you put me back in the bar downstairs now I would fuck every cock in the place. Right there on the bar. I am so horny.

The man moves his fingers through my pussy a little harder one last time, to my anus which is pressed a little and the finger starts to slip inside just a tiny bit. His finger continues to move through my bottom cheeks and up my spine to my neck. He moves away.

My heart was racing. I know bad cop bitch is coming. I can hear the jingle of chains. I can smell her. With both hands she roughly pulls my hands from my head and behind my back. She lets go. My hand fall a little. Without warning she slaps me hard on the left cheek of my bottom. I quickly put my hands higher up my back. She grabs them and roughly secures the clips on the cuffs to the back of the loop in my collar. Now I am now helpless to their games. This makes me more excited.

My hubby whispers Ok in my ear. I nod.

I am so turned on. If hubby said he had arranged a gang bang next with 12 black guys I would do it. I am now I wanton whore. My pussy is pulsing.

Cop bitch now picks up something from the table. She trace it down my throat. I know this. It’s my love honey paddle that says SLUT on it. The word in engraved in the leather. She firmly drags it across my breasts making sure my nipples fall between the wording. The paddle traces down my tummy. Down the inside of my legs. She gently start to smack the inside of my thighs. Slowly getting harder. Closer and closer to my pussy. She turns it flat and drags the indented wording through my pussy. I bear down on it. As soon as I have done it I know it’s a mistake. It’s quickly removed and my pussy given a little slap with the paddle. Not so bad. She slaps me again, harder this time. Ok. And again harder still. I am panting and pouting all at the same time. She Stops. A few seconds pass, then without warning rapidly slaps my pussy with the paddle. Oh my god I am in heaven. If she continues I will come like a train. I am pouting, panting, I start to moan loudly. She instantly stops. The paddle is thrown to the floor. She grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back. Holding it there. She is close, her breathing heavy. This is really turning her on. Bitch cop grabs a nipple and pinches it hard then lets go. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Then she does the same to the other one. A surge on endorphins rush through my body. I pant. I am out of breath.

She picks up an item from the table. I can smell sweat and sex in front of my face. She pushes a material ball into my mouth. It’s my knickers! Well it’s either mine or hers I think it’s mine. They are cold and wet. Must be mine.

She moves behind mind. I can feel tassels. Gently swishing around my bottom. I guess it’s our Cat-O-Nine Tails flogger from home. She gets to work on my back and bottom. Progressively harder. Something is said very softly. She stops. I can’t’ hear what.

She moves to my front and slowly starts to work on my breasts. Whipping each one in turn. My breast are swollen and my nipples are like bullets. I like this but mustn’t let on. She moves behind me and begins to flick the flogger between my legs. Oh yes. Slowly getting to work on my pussy. The ends of the flogger just reaching below my navel. She moves to the front and again gets to work between my legs with the ends landing on my bottom. I am in heaven. She stops. Pulls the knickers from my mouth. I gasp for breath. She moves away.

God I need to be fucked. I don’t care who. Anyone will do. It sort of slips out of my mouth. “I need to be fucked” Ok I have said it now. “If someone doesn’t fuck me soon I will go down stairs and fuck everyone in the bar, I don’t care who”. The room falls silent. What have I done?

I smell by husband. He removes the spreader between my legs, ankle straps, collar, chain but fastens my hands behind my back with the clips on the cuffs.. I stand up straight. It is good to stand up straight. There is movement. A rustling. Still in darkness he moves me forward and gets me to kneel on a pillow. I can smell the man in the chair. Hubby pushes my head forward so that I am bent over with my head is in the man’s lap, hands fastened behind my back. He still has his trousers on but I can feel is massive erection beneath. I hear a zipper. My husband’s cock slips into my wanton pussy. Oh the joy. I need this. I want this. Starting real slow he builds up momentum. He’s now slamming into me. I am lost in abandonment and without thinking I bite the man’s cock through the material. He grunts loudly. Shit I didn’t mean to do that. I can feel a warmth on my face. I think he has come in his trousers. This pushes me over the edge. I cum like and train and don’t stop. Wave after wave hits me like a rough sea against the rocks.

My husband withdraws. I lay stay there gently coming down. My husband moves me back to the kneeling position. Something is said. The man gets up.

I can smell the woman. She sits down in from of me in the same chair. My husband begins to lower my head into her lap then stops. He pulls me back. The woman gets up. Moments pass. Something is said. The woman sits down. I can smell her sex. It’s strong. My husband whispers “OK” in my ear. I nod. Ok to what?

He slowly lowers my head onto her lap, she shuffles. She has no knickers on! My face hits her fanny. She grabs a handful of my hair and pushes my face into her sex. She rubs her sex with my face. My nose on her clitoris. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I try to lick her. She is salty. I have never done this before. My hands are still behind my back.

I jump as soothing cold is dribble between my bottom cheeks. Its lube. I feel my husband’s finger coming up to meet the running stream of lube and gently push into my anus. I let out an Oooooh. He removes his finger and gently but surely him pushes his cock into my bottom. I think I’m going to cum. He withdraws slowly and this time slides it all the way in. Out and then slowly in, out and slowly in. Then slams it in pushing me forward. I bit one of the woman’s fanny lips really hard. She yelps. Take that Bitch I think! He slams in again. I bit the other one. This time I don’t let go. I hold onto one of her flaps with me teeth my husband brings me to orgasm thrusting in and out. The woman cums too so does my husband. Moments pass. I am helped back to my kneeling position panting but don’t take off my mask. The woman sits in the chair still. Someone turns my face. I can smell the man’s cock. I strain to hear. I suddenly realise what he’s doing. He’s wanking in front of me. Without warning her sprays sperm all over my face. Grabs hold of my hair and rubs my face all over his cock.

After a few more seconds he moves away. I curl up on the floor. There is activity in the bathroom. Low voices. My husband comes to clean my face with a warm flannel. Luckily the mask has prevented it from going into my eyes. I think it’s in my hair. He releases my hands. Removes my cuffs.

After sometime the hotel door opens and closes. My hubby is back. He removes my mask and says “let’s go to bed”. We curl up in out luxury king. Spooning together. I am emotionally and physically exhausted. He says “you Ok”. I nod.

I start to drop off to sleep. I am just about there when he whispers “they are staying over in town this weekend and wondered if wanted to hook up tomorrow”. I am gone. I am asleep.


Here ends my first story. Sorry it’s a bit long just got carried away. Emma x