Written by city_executives

15 Aug 2014

My blackberry vibrates on the desk. It’s her! With shaky hands I read the text. I have very specific instructions. Another text. It’s my husband. He got the same message. We are both to meet her after work in Soho, 7pm.

I call my husband. We work across town from one another so we agree to meet there.

It’s Monday, two days after our ordeal in the cellar. The dominatrix, who we now call Mistress Alexandra didn’t go for “double or quits” so she now owns us for the week. Her final words ….“I’m going to enjoy your husband’s cock so much! And as for you, you little slut I have special plans for you” still rattles around my head. I can think of nothing else.

Half of me is scared. The other half is deliciously aroused. My husband is also game. Probably because we’ve not had sex since he said that her pussy was tight! But oh I wanted too. He’s been so horny I think he will agree to just about anything and anything is what we might get. The thought of the unknown sends little messages all over my body. I am so ready for this.

It’s only 4pm. I could scream. I have another hour and a half before it’s time to go home. I pace around the office. I decide to nip out and across the street to costa coffee for a distraction.

Finally, five thirty. It’s been the longest 90 minutes of my life. Now it’s here I’m scared and I don’t want to leave. The unknown is churning up my tummy but I am so wet between my legs. I text my husband “leaving now x”. He texts back “oh don’t go I will miss you x” which makes me smile. I lock my office and head for the tube.

It’s incredibly hot outside. The tube is an oven. I look at myself in the reflection of the carriage glass. The curls in my long blonde hair have stayed in all day and I still look immaculate in my crisp white blouse and blue pencil skirt. My 4 inch heels make me as tall any as man.

Whenever I feel horny I must give off some kind of message or scent as I have more than the usual number of admirers staring at me. They undress me with their eyes and devour my body. I look back at my reflection to see that I’m biting my lip again.

After a few changes I arrive at Piccadilly Circus. The station is heaving. I fight my way through the crowds and walk up Shaftsbury Avenue, then onto Dean Street. Now’s where it gets tricky as look for the side street and alley described in her text. I must have drunk in every bar in every street around here but I’ve never seen what she describes.

After much pacing up and down I find it. Tucked away from the crowds is a narrow alley full of rubbish with what I guess is the back doors to the various establishments.

Nervously I walk down the alley expecting to find a homeless person under cardboard at any minute.

A door bursts open and my heart almost has an ‘Alien’ experience through my chest. The men look as surprised as me. Two men in kitchen uniforms begin to light a cigarette. “Hey pretty lady what you doing here?” “I’m looking for something” I reply “Looking for this?” the man grabs his cock through his trousers. The men laugh. If only they knew. I walk to the end of the alley and see the steps she describes leading to a basement and the fire escape next to it. I am to wait here. I’m NOT to go down the steps. The basement door is new and made of Light Oak. It’s so out of place. The alley smells of rubbish. God I hope there’s no rats lurking around in one of these bins or rubbish sacks. The thought of it makes my skin crawl.

I think there are voices and music behind the door but the noise from the street difficult to hear.

My blackberry vibrates. Husband. “Might be a bit late. Don’t start without me x” Bloody Great!

18:55. Five minutes. The smokers continue to make lude remarks.

19:05 No sign of Mistress Alexandra or hubby. I walk back to the street. I get to the end of the alley and bump into Garry as he comes around the corner scaring me to death. “You’ve found it” “Yes” “She here?” “No” “Come” I grab his hand tightly and we walk down the alley “Nice place!” I admire his butt in his chinos and chest through his crisp white cotton shirt. Yum!

Halfway down the alley we hear her. The unmistakable noise of stiletto heels. We look at each other then back down the alley as she turns in a strides towards us with confidence. I squeeze Garry’s hand. I hardly recognise her. Blue pinstripe trouser suit, white blouse and high heels. Her dark hair in an immaculate pony tail. Designer sun glasses. She carries a black rucksack. She looks like a city trader. Maybe she is? Her large breasts bounce as she walks towards us. “Follow” she says as she walks straight past us. We follow.

We go up the metal fire escape next to the basement door. She opens a beaten up door at the top with a key. We go inside what looks like a store room full of boxes of booze.

“Stand” she undoes her rucksack. “Put these on”. She hands me a red collar, Garry a black one. We look at each other and put them on. “Turn” we turn around as she cuffs our hands behind our back.

“Face front” we face her as she clips a metal chain about 5 feet long onto each of our collars. The end has a leather loop. She undoes her ponytail and shakes her hair. Her long dark hair falls around her shoulders. She takes off her jacket and hangs it on a hook. I catch Garry drinking in her magnificent chest and a pang of jealously fills my head. She gathers the chain in her hands and picks up her rucksack.

“Follow” we follow like lambs to the slaughter. “You do not speak unless I tell you too. You do exactly what I say to the letter. Nothing more. Safe word for both of you is Purple” She turns to look at us. We both nod.

We are led by our chains down a steep staircase. At the bottom there’s a door. Beyond the door is the sound of music and people voices. She pauses momentarily. She opens the door to a busy bar.

I think I’m going to be sick as she tugs on our chain pulling us into the bar. All these people. A song ends on the sound system and another begins. I know this one. ‘Blurred lines’ plays across the bar. Oh how appropriate. The people in the bar are city types, men and women. All immaculately dressed. They are like Garry and I.

She leads us to the end of the bar. No one bats an eyelid as we pass people at tables as if two people with collars and being led by chains is perfectly normal. She loops our chains over the rail at the bar while she waits to be served. We stand there is disbelief. I have shaky legs. Garry admires her butt. Two women approach Alexandra, they greet and kiss each other on the cheek.

“What have we here then Alexandra?” says the tall one. “Newbies in training” “I so love fresh meat” says the other as she grabs Garry cock through his trousers giving it a good squeeze” she continues to grab and rub it while they talk.

The other woman keeps running her nails down my back through my blouse. Still no one bats an eye lid. A couple approach from a table where they were sitting at the other end of the bar. “Alexandra” says the man. They embrace and kiss. So too does the woman. “Have you brought us something to play with?” you can tell the excitement in his voice as he grabs my butt. “Maybe” “You owe me” He looks me straight the eye “Nice Arse. I’ll look forward to spanking that later on and when you’re good and ready …. I’ll stick my cock in it” My pussy explodes with juice!

His wife starts unbuttoning my husband’s shirt and rubbing her hands over his chest. “This one’s fit. He must work out” The first woman is still playing with his cock through his trousers which is now very erect. “Mine”, she says to his wife but I might let you share a little. Garry’s face is a picture as two attractive women make claims to his manhood. I try desperately supress my jealousy as I look on.

I’m soon distracted as I can feel the man unbuttoning my skirt. He’s now pulling down the zip. Fuck! All these people. A few people are now watching but no one is taking a particular interest. My skirt drops to the floor together with any remaining dignity. “You naughty boy” Alexandra says to the man. The man grins. I stare at his chiselled features. This is a man that gets what he wants. Alexandra indicates that I step out of my skirt. I do as she says. She picks it up, carefully folds it and a places it on the bar. The man’s hand is now up the back of my blouse and with thumb and forefinger undoes the back of my bra in a single movement. How did he do that? . He unclips the removable straps similarly with no effort, still with one hand and pulls the bra from me. ”Might want to put this on there as well” Alexandra grins at him. “What are you like?” “Real bad” he replies.

The woman who has been running her nails down my back now runs them over my breasts and nipples through the material while talking to her friend. God my nipples are so hard and she keeps catching them with her nails sending waves of pleasure between my legs. Garry gives me half a smile. I can see why. The woman groping his cock has unbuttoned his trousers and is pulling down the zip. I watch as her hand fishes around inside his boxers. “Nice” says the woman. I try not to think about another woman playing with my man.

“May I?” says the man to Alexandra holding out his hand. “Only if you behave” she says as she hands him the loop of leather at end of my chain. He unhooks the cuffs behind my back and refastens them around my front. He then unhooks the chain and reconnects it to the cuffs. “Come”.

Shockingly aroused, in just my blouse, thong and high heeled shoes he leads me down the bar. My heart is pounding in my chest. Every bit of me feels alive.

Now people start to take a little interest as I pass by. And so they should it’s not every day you see an almost naked woman being led through a bar by a chain.

We stop at two men sitting side by side at a long table. The men get up. They all shake hands. “One of Alexandra’s new pets” .The men sit down and I stand between them facing the table. My temporary master sits down opposite me and puts the chain on the table. I feel like some kind of price race horse on display. I try to stand proud. This is as exciting as hell. All these people and me with almost no clothes on. The thought sends more messages to my sex.

The men begin to chat. As they do, I can feel a wandering hand between my thighs. I strokes up and down. It pulls a little to the inside indicating that I should open my legs a little. I move my feet apart. I can see Alexandra’s reflection in a mirror opposite as she looks on with interest. There are a number of women around Garry. I’m not sure but I think they have tied him to a chair. He’ll love that.

A second wandering hand joins the first between my thighs. They caress between just below my knee to just short of my pussy. Always stopping just short. I am tempted to bear down a little but know this could be fatal. Their caress is hypnotic. Slowly and in unison they both put a finger in both sides of my thong and they slowly pull it down to my knees. With my legs parted it can go no further. They leave it there for all to see. This act was efficacious and they know it.

Suddenly and without warning a passer-by slaps my arse and makes me jump out of my skin. I bump against the table almost spilling the men’s drinks. The men stop talking for a few seconds, then carry on. My master indicates that I should back away from the table a little. I can see my slapper in the mirror as he goes to the bar. A suited, grey haired gentleman, in his fifties. My heart is racing. I stare at him in the mirror. ‘Slap’, someone else catches me unaware. A woman walking past the table in the other direction. Now every inch of me is on edge.

I can see her nod to my master in the mirror on the wall. One of the roving hands touches my pussy. It’s soaked. His thumb gently plays with my lips ever so gently. I’m willing him to press harder. The men continue to talk. Then without warning, Wham! He shoves his thumb inside me really hard. Oh God! It makes my legs shake. He slowly pulls it out and contunes to caress the inside of my leg. The men continue to talk as if nothing has happened. The other hand is now coming up, it doesn’t stop. His thumb straight into my pussy like the other. Shit! This man rotates his thumb inside of me. He now pushes in harder, harder still with his hand almost lifting me onto my toes. Still they talk. I am sopping wet. I so desperately need to be fucked. He slowly removes his hand and goes back to caressing my legs.

The grey hair man comes back from the bar and whispers something in my master’s ear. One of them has a rucksack the same as Alexandra’s. My master gets on his phone. He’s texting. In the mirror I can see Alexandra look at her phone, she pauses, see looks at the man. His phone bleeps.

Something tells me something has just happened. I think my fate has just been sealed by a text.

The other men look at one another. I cannot read their faces. My master reaches for my chain and draws me towards him inch by inch making me bend over the table. He keeps going until I am inches from his face. “Grip the edge of the table with your hands” I do as he says.

“Perfect” says the grey haired man as he walks around the table with the rucksack. His rips off my thong. Wow! The two men either side of me quickly hook my legs with their arms just above the knee and force my legs apart. Bloody Shit! This is so fucking turning me on.

They move their chairs so my legs are spread wide. I can feel my ankles being taped to the table legs. I wonder what else he has in the bag. The anticipation is killing me. Pussy and arse spread for all to see. The anticipation, the excitement is immense.

I rest my chin between my arms on the table. I am so ready for this. My whole body yearns to be fucked, the rougher the better. I want primeval. Nothing held back. Alternatively I might get the absolute spanking of my life, no remorse. I’m getting myself so worked up. I grip the table hard in anticipation. Whatever it is, I want it. I want it now. I think what the man said at the bar which fuels the stove further.

The Grey haired man walks off! NO! You’re kidding right?

The men continue to talk and go back to caressing the inside of my legs. I feel deflated. All that build-up and nothing. I don’t like this game. This is agonising and calculated.

Then suddenly someone slaps my arse. Wow! That was hard. Another passer-by. Then another slap from the other direction as someone else walks past. Lots of people are getting up from their tables now and going to the bar slapping my arse on the way. Some are going the long way around to slap my arse on the way. I’m at sixes and sevens never knowing when the next is going to come.

Some twenty minutes pass. I have lost count of the number of slaps but my backside is absolutely glowing. My pussy dribbling like crazy and hot at hell. I am so aroused but the men never go near my pussy. It aches to be touched. In needs to be penetrated. I wonder what’s happening to hubby I can’t see. My masters texting again. He gets a reply.

He looks into my eyes “Are you good and ready? I think you are” he stands. My heart starts racing. Some people from the other tables stand too. He walks around the table. One of the men give him something from the rucksack.

“I’ve been so looking forward to this” he says as his runs his hands over my glowing bottom. He’s been looking forward it? I’m on the edge of begging for it. We now have a crowd of on-lookers. I try to hide by putting my head between my arms. He strokes my pussy with his finger. Oh my god at last. “Aren’t we worked up” he says has he dips in a finger. He has no fucking idea!

He dribbles cold fluid between my butt cheeks and begins to massage my anus with his fingers. Oh that feels so good. Around and around goes his fingers, slowly increasing the pressure. Slowly stretching me, preparing me. I now get just a fingertip which makes me moan out loud. The finger slowly slides into me. I feel his knuckle. I feel his hand as he is all the way in. Pausing for a second he slowly withdraws his finger. Now two finger tips explore me. Slowly, slowly stretch me. God I’m in heaven. Two fingers enter me. Stretch me. My legs start to quiver. His fingers go around in little circles. They prepare me for his cock. He rubs in more lube with his fingers. Then I can feel him. The crowd gathers in. Slowly his cock slides into me. Deliciously slowly. Deep, deep inside it goes. I can feel his tummy on my bottom. Slowly it slides all the way out. In it goes again quicker this time. God Yes. He puts one hand on the table the other grabs the back of my collar. Then Wham! He trusts into me. He catches me by surprise. I pant trying to catch my breath. Then slowly out. His hand moves from my collar to my hair. He grabs hold of a good handful. Pulling up my head. Then Wham!

There’s no stopping him now as his rhythm builds as he begins to fuck my arse with big long powerful, angry strokes. Yanking my hair on each inward stroke. I’m so close to cuming. I’m desperate. I am also most at the top of the hill.

I desperately hold onto table. He’s grunting, I’m moaning. People stare at my face. I don’t care.

One massive push moves the table across the floor. He pulls out as I feel warm sperm spatter all over my sore bottom. God that was good, but I still haven’t cum. Please, please someone fuck my pussy! The crowd start to disperse. Show over. I can feel a tongue on my bottom clearing up the mess. It’s the guy’s wife. I am then patted dry with a hankie. The men untie my ankles. I’m still on heat the fire still rages inside of me.

“Go to Alexandra I’m done with you” I try to stand up with as much dignity as I can muster. I carry my chain back to the other end of the bar.

I see Gary tied to a chair. Nail marks on his chest. He member very sticky indeed and resting. There’s a note written in marker pen beside the chair. USE ME AS YOUR DILDO X.

He looks fucked. Literally. His cock is really red. Despite this he gives me a big smile. He’s pleased to see me and I him. After what I have just done I can’t deny him his fun.

“You two need a lot of work” says Alexandra. “…and all I have is a week.

“Find your clothes, get dressed and get out of here” Garry looks relived. I untie him. He stretches his hands and fingers. I still really need satisfying but I don’t think he’s up to it.

End of Part 4 - Emma x

PS this is fiction so too is the club. Sorry!