Written by Bulger

23 Mar 2013

My curiosity was aroused when you told me that tonight was to be different, how could that be I wondered as we had gone through the Krma Sutra twice already. well I was tingling at the prospect of your inventiveness and gently stroked my cock through my boxers as I waited for you in the bedroom.

The door opened slowly and you walked in draped in a red satin dressing gown tied at the waist.

The material clung to the shape of your body and even now I can see the twin peaks of your nipples making an impression through the satin.

In your hand you have what looks like the satin waist ties from two other gowns.

'You need to learn a lesson' you say

'And what lesson might that be?'

'That whatever I decide is the law' you reply ' now stand up and take the chair to the middle of the room'

I take the chair from the corner and place it in the middle, my boxers are now being filled very nicely by my swiftly growing cock.

'Take off your boxers' you command

'Why don't you take them off for me ' I ask

'Because I tell you what to do' you retort

My boxers fall to the floor and I kick them into the corner, my erection is standing proud and hard.

'Sit on the chair and put your hands behind your back'

As I sit down you move behind and take my hands binding them together then tying them to the chair legs. As you come to the front you use the other tie to bind my ankles to the chair legs. I honestly couldn't move.

My cock is straining at the prospect of what could happen.

Moving back from the chair you look me in the eyes as you slowly untie the cord at your waist allowing your gown to fall open.

Underneath you are wearing a short cream camisole, cream high leg lacy knickers and matching wide suspender belt and stockings. Looking down I see that you are also wearing white stilletto heels.

'Oh my God you're absolutely gorgeous' I gasp

'Be quiet'


'Be quiet ' I said 'and I meant be quiet'

Your gown falls to the floor and I can now see you in all your glory, you really do look fantastic.

The mirror on the bedroom door allows me to see the rear view of yourself and the sight of your tight bottom partially encased in your panties and framed by your suspender belt is out of this world.

You walk slowly behind me and lean over pulling my mouth towards yours, you kiss me full on the lips and our tongues entwine deep into each others mouths and I can feel the pressure of your breast on my arm, you bite my lip as we part.

'Now let's see what we can do to make you realise that I am in charge here, perhaps you would like to cum under my ministrations?'

'Yes please'

'Well not quite so quickly is what I have in mind' you reply

You sit astride my legs with your pussy just inches from my cock and balls. Putting your arms round my neck you kiss me again, long slow and deeply. As you do so your breasts swing forward and I can feel the hardness of your nipples trough the material as you stroke them across my chest which is now rising and falling in anticipation.

' I love to feel my nips being caressed' you say as you let them swing again across my chest.

'Untie my hands and I'll caress them for you' I reply

'No way....'

Standing up you lift off the camisole top, your breasts are taut and heaving with what I hope is desire. Leaning forward you command me to kiss your nipples. I do so eagerly and you moan softly as the feelings course through your body. Your lace covered pussy is an inch from the tip of my cock and I try to thrust forward to rub my cockhead against the lace.

'Not so fast' you say as you rise from me.

Going behind me you come close and put your arms around me pressing the mounds of your breasts into my back.

Your hands reach for my nipples and you tweak them - it is someting new and it feels good, strange but good. Your fingers then drift down to my stomach as you drag your nails over my flesh. Your mouth is next to my ear and you whisper that tonight you will 'make my balls explode'.

They feel like doing that already.

Coming back to the front you yet again sit astride my knees, your eyes fixed on mine..

Gently, ever so gently, you use your nails to scratch the hard flesh of my cock, one hand either side. I squirm trying to get you to hold my shaft but you deftly avoid this.

Rising from my lap you kneel on the floor between my legs

'Yes oh yes please please ' I gasp. I want you to blow me, I need you to blow me, I have to get some release and you give such wonderful blowjobs' I gasp as my cock twitches in anticipation of your lips and tongue performing such delights.

You lean forward and your mouth opens over the head of my cock, you lower your mouth towards my cock but stop just milllimeters above my shiny purple head. I can feel your hot breath on my manhood. I try to raise my hips from the chair to let you take me in your mouth but you press down on my legs denying me the sensation of your lips and tongue on my bulbous head.

I look over your shoulder towards the door and in the mirror I can see the marvellous sight of your rounded bottom barely covered by your panties, your long legs covered by the stockings and the stilletos. I dearly wish that I could take a photograph of the sight of you bent over like that - perfection.

You rise up slowly looking me in my eyes

'Can I trust you to do what I tell you now?'

'Yes yes of course of course now just untie me and lets fuck'

'IF I untie you I want you to promise that you WILL do what I say or else you can forget about ever fucking me tonight'

'Ok, Ok I'll do anything you ask' I manage to pant out

You release me from the chair and instruct me to leave my cock alone, no fondling, no stroking and definately no rubbing against you. I reluctantly promise.

Standing up you lead me by the hand to the bottom of the bed and get me to sit on the floor with my back against the bottom of the bed. Stretching my hands out on either side you tie my hands to the bedposts.

The feel of the deep carpet against my bottom is rather nice and my anticipation of what you are going to do next heightens my arousal.

Standing with the crotch of your panties barely an inch from my face you slowly peel them off revealing your pussy. I gaze on your labia and try to reach your hooded clitoris with my tongue but you step back.

You place a finger along the length of your pussy and slowly start to rub it up and down in short slow strokes. It is rubbing against the entrance to your moist tunnel, your labia and your clitoris. Your other hand is teasing your nipples which stand erect on your lovely breasts.

Taking your finger out of your pussy you order me to lick the juices from it. Eagerly I take your finger in my mouth and revel in the delightful sweet taste of your pussy.

When it is cleansed to your satisfaction you place it back between your legs and start to rub even harder.

You hand slides down from your breasts over your taut stomach and stops between your legs.

Using two fingers you spread your labia and expose you clitoris.

I can see the delicate pink flesh of your pussy, I can smell the delicate aroma of your juices, I can still tase the sweetness of your juices in my mouth.

With your clitoris exposed you bring your free finger and start to trace small circles around its prominence.

Your breathing starts to become laboured and I can see your legs trembling slightly as your ministrations become fore fervent, I can sense that perhaps you are building up to an orgasm.

Then you stop.

You walk forward.

Clutching my head between your two plams you pull me forward and order me to lick your pussy.

My tongue laps at your sweet haven, it darts in between your labia, it tickles your clit.

You grab hold of my hair and pull me closer forcing my face into your crotch, grinding yourself against me. You seem to have difficulty standing as the feelings crash around your body causing you to tremble and shake.

Sudenly you pull away, I can see the slight beads of perspiration in the valley between your breasts as they rise and fall quickly.

Turning round you bend over and I have your bottom and pussy inches from my eager tongue, you shuffle back and my tongue darts into your pussy 'doggy style'. I love the feeling, the taste, the sensations of tongueing you in this way. I take out my tongue and use it to lick that special place between your pussy and your little bum hole.

You love it also and quiver with excitement as I then insert my tongue back where it belongs - inside your warm wet pink pussy. You grind your self back on to me as you try to get every last bit of my tongue inside you.

I struggle to get as far forward as possible but your knots stop me.

Standing up and turn towards me, your pussy mere inches from my eager tongue.

'Do you like my pussy' you ask as you yet again begin to masturbate by taking your clitoris between your thumb and forfinger and rubbing it between them

'Love it , love it, love it' I reply almost shouting

'Well I want your cock to pleasure my cunt now, I want it to give me an orgasm, but I warn you not to cum until I allow it.'

I hastily agree.

Slipping off your shoes you lower your self down onto your knees just in front of my hard cock.

Taking a firm grasp of my shaft you move forward and use the head to wank your clit, your labia , your entrance. I twist and struggle as I try to buck my hips and to get it inside your tunnel but you anticipate this and stop me.

Turning round and leaning forward you then lower your pussy onto my cock as if getting fucked doggy fashion.

I can feel the warmth and tightness of your tube as it slips down over my shaft. I can feel the end of your tunnel as it settles over the head of my cock.

I am quivering in an attempt to stop cumming and just manage to suceed.

You are rising and falling gently on my cock, occasionally pushing down hard and moving your hips round in a circular motion.

I can see your back is also covered in a slight sheen of sweat from the tension and heat of the moment.

As you rise and fall you reach between your legs and stroke your clit with your free hand, the other is on my thigh and is needed to stop you falling over.

Your motions become faster as you begin to ride my cock harder and harder, your hand is rubbing your clit faster and faster.

You begin to shout and curse as the tension in your stomach begins to grow. You feel the need for release in your pussy, your stomach, your clit, your nipples, your head feels like it is going to explode. You don't know if you want to laugh, cry, shout or moan so you do them all at the same time as the peak rises and the feelings crash through you like waves on a shore.

You bury my cock as deeply inside you as you can moving your hips in circles as your fingers finish their work on your clitoris.

You lean back with your back against my chest, I kiss your neck, I nibble your ears, I bury my face in your hair.

'Thank you' you manage to gasp, 'now for your turn'

Still sitting with your back against me you rise slightly and let my cock slip out of your pussy.

You sit back down and it looks as if you have a cock growing out of your body.

'I'm going to wank you like a man'

And you do!

As your pussy nestles against the base of my meat you clasp my cock in your hand and begin to wank it in long slow strokes (the kind you know I love).

'I want to see you shoot, to cum, to jet your spunk as far as you can'

You weren't dissapointed either as the entire contents of my balls shot from the slit at the head of my cock. You could feel the spurting and contractions in my cock as the spunk jetted out in long arcs of white.

Eventually there was nothing left to come out despite your gentle ministrations.

Standing up you reach over and untie me from the posts of the bed.

We stand and hold each other completely spent, our orgasms we agree have been some of the most intense that we have ever had.

'Come on' you say leading me by the hand 'I've got a bottle of wine in the ice bucket at the side of the bath'