Written by mikey

26 Feb 2007

It was 11.30am and I was the last customer of the morning for an eye test.

She was small, about 4ft 10in, with dark coffee coloured skin, large dark eyes and long black hair- very attractive with a firm, slim, almost girl like figure. Must have been in her middle to late twenties, no wedding ring and very, very sexy. We exchanged polite chat and as I looked into her eyes I felt a sexual attraction as she smiled and looked directly back at me. It was a small, almost claustrophobic room and the lights were turned off as she started to carry out a close up examination of my eyes. I could feel her breath on my face as she stood close in front of me, straddling my right leg, to shine the light into my eye. She smelt good and I could feel a familiar ache in my groin as my cock started to stiffen - how I longed for her to tell me to strip off for a full body examination!! I felt my mind start to wander as I thought what it must be like to see her naked, to examine her body with my trembling hands - to feel the wet slit between her legs and to kiss those tiny breasts. I was pulled out of my fantasy as she moved round to examine the left eye, now with her other leg between my thighs and her right leg just touching the outside of mine. I held my breathe as she moved in close again with her knee almost rubbing against my groin - she must be able to feel my erection now! She moved forward and was almost on top of me - I felt her breasts press against me as her knee pushed up hard into my throbbing cock. My mind raced - I must be dreaming this - but her knee said otherwise as it rubbed up and down my cock. It was all or nothing now as I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down onto my lap. We kissed and she offered no resistance as I put my hands on her breasts, so I moved my right hand between her legs to feel a warm damp patch between her thighs. It was very hot in the room now and the tension between us was electric. I had to force the pace so I unbuttoned her jeans and she stood up so I could pull them down - she wore a tiny black thong which I pulled down to reveal a neatly trimmed flash of black hair. I quickly dropped to my knees and put my head between her thighs to lick her small juicy cunt. She was really wet now and starting to moan as I pushed my tongue inside her. After a few minutes I stood up and dropped my jeans to release my throbbing cock, which she soon grabbed and started to wank. Then she went down on her knees and sucked my cock as I stripped of my shirt, playing with my balls as she licked and teased my cock even harder.

I needed to fuck her, so pulled her up and over to the chair to straddle me and she pushed her tight wet cunt down onto my aching cock. She was breathing heavily now and started to ride me hard as I slipped my hands under her top and pulled up her bra to fondle her tits and squeeze a pair of large hard nipples. She didn’t seem to care about fucking bare back and I could feel her start to shudder as she bounced up and down, pulling almost off me then pushing her cunt down hard on my shaft. I asked if she wanted me to cum inside her and she whispered “yes“, “yes” as my cock stiffened and I emptied my hot spunk inside her. After we had calmed down she pulled off and licked my cock clean - “all part of the service” she said, “better get dressed now, my next appointment is due” and my eye test came to an end.