Written by Tony

30 Mar 2010


Sue and I had booked an apartment in Spain. It was before Eve had become my second wife. It was easy to get her a flight. I knew that would be easy. What I had not thought would be easy was getting another man to fuck my two wives. Sue had been with many men, but never anywhere near me.

When I asked Eve she told me I was only the second man she had had. She turned red and Sue put her arm around her. So the idea of seeing Eve fucked was hard to imagine. So hard I never considered it on this holiday. I was to be proven wrong.

It was the first night and we were out for dinner. A man was looking at our table. Sue had not missed the man, but it was not her he was looking at. It was Eve. “That man is looking at you.” Sue told Eve. Eve went pinkie red.

“Why don’t you go over?” I offered. If she could, she went redder. Eve shock her head.

It was Sue that went over to him. He returned to the table. His name was Hans; he was from a small village in Germany. We talked over coffee and brandy, moved in to the bar. Then back to our apartment. All this time Eve was some what withdrawn.

For my part I liked the guy. Sue liked the guy; it was only Eve that may have disliked him. I opened another bottle of wine. Sue was leaning into Hans. Hans had changed his extension to Sue. He moved away as I returned, but relaxed as I put an arm around Eve and sat next to her.

Sue cleared all doubt from Hans when she asked him, “Do you want to go to bed?”

Hans looked to me and Eve. I gave a nod. Hans did not answer; he just got up and allowed Sue to lead him.

“Is Sue going to…..” Eve let the question hang in the air.

I dropped my voice, “They are going to fuck, shag, he is going to knock her up, stuff her, bang her, and I want to fuck you, here on the sofa.”

Eve stopped, looked at me and I opened her top. Laid her breast bear, and then I laid her. I dropped my trousers and well that was all I needed. I lay between Eve’s legs, one leg on the floor, a good place to thrust against. From the bed room Sue called out. “Yes, like that…..more…yes yes.” Sue was not so loud normally. It was for me she was calling out not Hans, or her own enjoyment.

For years I had been wishing for something like this, wanking to a fantasy just like this. It must have been the fact that I was now living that fantasy; I came far too soon for Eve to enjoy. I spilled into her, so soon, almost without warning.

I sat back on the edge of the sofa and pulled Eve’s right leg over my own. At any other time I would help Eve find her enjoyment, do what ever it took to make her come, but I had another plan.

Eve sat up, I started to remove everything from her body, even her necklace. We were both naked. The noise from the bedroom had dropped away. I took condoms from my coat pocket. “I want you to fuck Hans.”

I put my arm around Eve and started towards the bedroom. Sue was at the bedroom door, naked, “Come in.” she said, and turned away, back to Hans.

Eve sat on the bed, next to Hans. Sue came around the bed and whispered something into her ear. Eve reached out, I hoped, hoped that Eve would take Hans into her; where I had just been. There was only one wish stronger. That I would fuck my wife, Sue right on the next bed.

Sue turned back to me. Over her head I could see Hans. He was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Sue pressed herself against me. Kissed me and I looked for the other bed. “You have wanted this for years, do it.” Sue reminded me.

I lay back on the bed. Sue sat on me. My cock lay along her warm, no hot pussy. Not in it. My hand ran over her thigh as I watched Eve and Hans. Eve was kissing his chest. “Ride him like a cowgirl.” Sue told her.

Eve cast her leg over Hans. I could see a drop of my cum leak from her. Sue raised herself on her knees. Pulled my cock upright and lowered her hole, swallowing my shaft. Eve was swallowing Hans. Sue and Eve started to move, almost keeping time.

Sue knew what she was doing, she did not let me cum. She rode me and I looked at Eve being fucked on the next bed. Felt my cock in Sue and wished we were closer, but how could we be closer than we were now fucking side by side. Sue flushed above me. Pressed down on me with her hands and “Uh” I came. Sue kept moving milking the last drop from me.

I looked over at Eve, she was biting her bottom lip. I knew she was about to cum. Eve stopped almost before she came. She sat there on Hans, her long hair hiding her tits. She tossed her head forward and back. Her hair flew back, revealing her tits.

“How’d you like that Hans.” Asked Sue.

Hans was breathing heavily. Eve answered for him “fanbloodytastic”

“Yes, I think it was.” Hans said.

Sue debeded and crossed to Hans. She laid her hands then her lips on Hans. I followed and took a tit in each hand, one of Sue’s and one of Eve’s.

Eve kissed me and whispered to me, “I will do anything. This was…..like nothing…it was so good.”

Then get off him and let me fuck you. She did and I pushed into her on the corner of the bed. Sue was sucking and licking at Hans. Cleaning away my cum that covered him while he was fucking Eve. Eve lay back on the bed. I hammered her so hard her little tits moved around her chest. I was fighting to cum. Eve was not she just came and came again.

All of a sudden Sue left Hans and scooped my cum from between her legs. Sue spread cum over both of Eve’s tits. Eve did nothing, but Sue did, she told Hans what to do, “Suck on that.”

He did, and Sue sucked on the other tit. Hans covered Eve’s face and she pulled both him and Sue to her. I just pushed my cock in and out of Eve. Willing myself to cum. Then I did. Looking at my wife sucking at the tit of the woman I was fucking. Smelling sweaty bodies and cum. I came and slipped from Eve, I fell to lick at her cunt.

I pushed her legs up and apart, opened even her ass. I could feel her body tense and relax in cycles. I let my tongue wonder all the way to her anis. Her ass twitched. I went back to her pussy, then returned to her ass. Eve let out a “Yes.” It was a long soft yes.

My right hand found Sue’s pussy. Her legs closed, trapping my hand. I looked up as Sue kissed Hans. As Han sat back, Sue kissed Eve, I could not believe it. It was not a big kiss, but it was on the lips.

We all lay on the bed. We grabbed what we could of each other and fell asleep.