Written by Tony

13 Mar 2010


Sue had been away all week and Eve had moved in. Eve and I had been working our way around the house, fucking in each bed room, the sitting /dinning room, on the landing, in the hall and the bath room, well it was just a hand job in the shower.

That just left the office and kitchen.

Eve and I had had dinner. We were washing up, in our robes. Eve was washing up. I pulled my robe open and lifted the back of her robe. My cock became even hard as I saw her ass cleavage. “What are you doing?” Eve asked.

I reached around her hips and found her pussy, it was wet and Eve started to turn. I stopped her. I kissed her neck. She pushed her face into my head. I was going to take her from behind. I wanted her ass, perhaps now is too soon. I pushed my cock between her legs. Her legs opened. Eve was just tall enough, I was long enough. My cock with the help of my hand eased into Eve’s pussy.

Some how I felt her more. Her hands on the sink, her ass pushed back against me. Her legs closed gripping the shaft of my cock, the head on the edge of her cunt. I came quickly. As I did Eve moved, my cum shot out, hitting the sink, the floor and Eve’s little tits.

I would have lifted her on to the sink and fucked her again, but not with cu on the floor.

Instead I lifted her on to the work side and pushed my still hard cock into her cunt. To my joy she did not concern herself with anything other than getting fucked. She opened her legs. “Fuck me proper this time. Sue was right; you are a dirty old man.”

As I pushed in to her wet pussy, I asked “Do you like dirty old men?”

As I pushed in took her tit in my hand, I spread cum over it. “I like you.” She told me.

I kept it in her, shoving it hard up her pussy. “We are getting it all over the place.”

She told me.

“So, I just want you.” I did not stop. Nor did she. I could feel pussy juice spreading between us, my ball touching the work side each time I pushed hard into her. This time Eve came first, but I was not far behind.

When we had finished the floor and the work surface was covered in cum.

That was the last room ticked.