Written by Bob Dog

23 Jul 2009

After a recovery of you massage my back and kissing my back, followed up with a sucking back to attention we get back down to the fun.

You are lying on your back and I straddle you so that my cock lies between you big gorgeous boobs. You squeeze then together and I start to tit fuck you. Each time I move forward your tongue stretches out and licks the end of my knob. You can taste the pre-cum and your own juices from before. You wiggle and squirm as my hand finds it way to your pussy.

My hand also finds your vibrator and I begin to get your clitoris hard with a slow slide up and down your slit. Occasionally, I let the tip enter your hole but not often. Mostly I concentrate on your clit all the time I'm looking you in the eyes and tit fucking you.

You begin to demand more. Again you ask me to fill you up with my cock. I move down your body and my cock slips from your tits and trails passed you belly button to the top of your lovely shaved pussy. I'm hard and hot and I let the end nudge your pussy. You try to wriggle on to him but I stop you.

I rub your pussy with 3 fingers and let one linger at your opening. Your pussy is very wet. It trickles out and down to your other pink hole. My finger follows the trail and rest lightly on your bum hole. I rub in the moisture and gently push a knuckle up your dark place. My thumb drops into your pussy and you feel both holes tightening. I lick your clit with broad wide stroke and you start to come. I'm holding you in both holes in one hand and licking your pussy and you're cumming.

I stretch over and get some lube. You stretch over and get a condom. Expertly you draw the condom over my full length as apply lube to your pussy and bum. You know what this means and you clench slighlty at the thought.

Now I'm in position between your legs. My plastic covered cock first enter your pussy and takes on some more of the lube. I withdraw and nuzzle my hot stiff cock at the edge of your anus. Gently I push in, not far, and then come out again. Second time I'm in a bit further and you feel the resistance against this big cock. Out again and then pushing in for the third time. This time the whole head of my cock is passed your tight ring. But again I come out. I apply some more lube and push in this time even further. You feel the cool lube inside you followed by hot cock. I wait for a moment.

Somehow I get your vibrator and start to push it into your pussy. You start to feel full to bursting but I persist. The vibrator make its way in all the way it can. One of my hands keeps it there..

You look at me and I look at you. I ask if you feel full now? You reply that I'm not big enough to fill you up and I say we'll see.

I push further into your dark hole and then pull out only to dive straight back in. I do it again and at long last your ring begins to relax. Out and in I go again with long smooth strokes. All the way out and all the way in. You smile as you feel another orgasm buliding.

You didn't know you were going to cum like this but vibrator and cock have filled you so full you are loving it. More you ask, more. and I keep up the pounding rhythm. In and out, in and out.

You feel me getting harder and harder and you start to cum hard your muscles squeezing tight on my cock. I too start to reach a peak and you sense it. You beg me to cum in your mouth again so I come out of your hot hole and whip of the condom. I only just make it as a long spurt of spunk lets fly and lands on your approaching lips.

Your mouth encapsulates my cock and once more you are eating the fruits of your sexpolits. More spurts land deep in your mouth and the silky liquid covers your tongue. You open wide to show me your handiwork. Then you close your lips and swallow every last drop.