Written by Tony

8 Mar 2010


It was Sunday morning. I had had a raging cock ever since my wife had invited Eve for dinner on Friday. It had been a long time since I had fucked another woman in this house. In fact there had only been one.

She was a friend; of both Sue and me. Sue was at work with Janet’s husband. Janet had phoned I asked her around. I wanted her, had done for years. Then we went around too their house for a party, a sex party. It all went wrong.

A week or so later Janet came around. It was along way for sugar. We sat on the same sofa, the same sofa I fucked Eve on last night. Well it was in the same place. We sat and talked. The one thing we did not talk about was the party, but I was thinking about it.

I moved close to kiss her. Janet stood up. “I have to go.” She said.

Then she turned kissed me and she did not go. She kissed me again. We exploded in lust, hands everywhere. I wanted her, she wanted me, I had her, she had me. It was a fabric sofa then. It must have been wet when Sue came home. She said nothing. Not even when Janet and I started air kissing every time we meet. That evening was the only time I entered Janet. It was almost like making love, not just fucking, but there was lust. It was so quick, too quick. We made love; she left, still pulling her top around her as she reached the door. It was the first, last and only time. We still keep in touch, but the job moved John and Janet away.

Now I was fucking Eve here, and Sue was asking her to stay. Sue woke, kissed me. “You had better wake Eve, you know how.”

I walked along the landing. Tapped on the door to Eve’s room and walked in. I had my robe on, but not tired. Eve was all ready awake. I left the door ajar. I bent down and kissed Eve on the forehead. She pulled my lips to her’s.

“She knows, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, Do’s it change anything? Do you want to stop?”

“No, I want it to go on for ever.”

“Then stay for lunch.”

Eve nodded. I kissed her, all down her side, over her hip, down her leg, along her foot, kissed her right toes, then her left and started back up her left leg. The higher I kissed the more Eve opened her legs. I could still smell my cum on her. It was dry now, matted to her little trimmed triangle. I licked at her pussy. It was wet again, fresh juice, a sweet and sickly sweet smell. Eve took hold of my cock. She started to yank at it. I stopped her and slipped my body between her legs, slipped my cock into her cunt. Her arms pulled me close to her. Her legs closed around me. It was good to be back. Warm, wet, tight, I moved. Sue walked past the door, almost stopped but continued. I wanted her to see, come in, and see me fucking Eve, she never.

As Sue walked by Eve held me tighter. Pulling me even closer to her. Did she need the comfort of my body? Was she trying to hide under me? Was it a thrill? Eve came pulling me even closer to her, squeezing me with her legs. Then I came just a minute later. Slowly she relaxed, letting me breath again.

I sat back on my heals, looking down the length of her body, pussy, flat stomach, small tits, hazel eyes, long brown hair. I was leaking from her and running down her pussy. Eve pulled tissue from the box beside the bed and mopped up the spilling liquid. I leaned forward on my arms and kissed her. Her lip rose to meet my own. “Come down when you are ready. Stay for lunch.”

I went down to the kitchen and told Sue Eve was staying for lunch.

After breakfast I went out for milk. We had plenty, but I wanted to give Sue and Eve time to talk. I took my time.

Two weekends later Eve stayed over again. She stayed over all most every other weekend. Each time she stayed in the spare room. They both knew the was getting fucked. Both kept their distance.

That is how it happened for the next six months. Until, but that is another story.