Written by Tony

10 Mar 2010


When I got home that Monday evening Eve was already there. She rushed to the door, planted a passionate kiss, took my coat and told me coffee and dinner was ready. Eve was playing the part of a new wife with enthusiasm.

I had just enough time to change before dinner. Her dress was revealing, in fact it would have been a positive danger if she was frying.

“I took the afternoon off.” Eve told me, “What do you think.”

“I think it is very good, but there is no need to do it each day. Just relax.”

Eve took it wrong, perhaps I said it wrong. I reached for her hand. She smiled. “….but it is good.” I told her.

We took brandy and desert to bed. Desert was rumbaba, and it was marvellous. Partly because I dropped some as I offered a spoonful to Eve, mostly because it was to good to not to lick it from her breast. That just started sex sooner than planed. Still desert could wait.

Desert could but the aerosol of whipped cream could not. Soon Eve’s tits grew, mounds of whipped cream, then I could not resist. I replaced Eve’s shaved hair with whipped cream and Eve just giggled. I started to lick the cream from each tit in turn. Lick and suck and lick some more.

Oh, but there was more, but when I started for it Eve pushed me away and grabbed the can of cream. My cock and balls were covered in cream, “Your not having all the fun.”

That was a bit of a shock, but welcome. We slurped and licked cream off each other, getting it all over our faces. Spreading it back where we had just licked it off. Then she did it to me. I added more cream to the canned cream. “Waah” she screamed. “It’s all over me.”

I turned, and licked a mixture of cream and cum from Eve’s face. As I did I pushed my cock into her, I was rewarded with her long tongue licking the side of my face, slurping cream.

I pushed my fingers between us and then into her open mouth. Eve supped greedily on them. She worked her cunt into my cock, loving it. Oh what a dirty cow. She came. Then so did I.

It was still early and we did need a bath. So it was off to the shower, together. Eve started to lather me up, and I started to rise up. “Sue said you like to get jaked off in the shower.” Eve informed me.

Eve worked away. She knew what she was doing now. No longer was she giving me a blunt circumcision. Eve pressed her body close to me. We kissed, eating each other, as she wanked me off. I reached for her pussy, she pushed it into my hip, hiding it.

I came, feeling myself pump cum into the shower cubicle. I rewarded Eve holding her tighter and kissing her.

I hugged her to me and took the soap from her. It was her turn. I turned her back to me and started to soap her pussy. Keeping the water from her pussy and worked hard at her pussy, lubed by soap. When she shuddered she almost pulled us both to the floor.

That is when Sue phoned. We rush to the phone wet and may be a bit of soap.