Written by Bren

5 Feb 2014

If you have read the first part you will know that I am in a hotel miles from home and have tried to engineer a meet with an old flame.

Carrying on from part one I left Alison in that corridor in the hotel and went back to finish off my dinner, some 10 mins later I saw Alison and her friend come out of the toilets they both looked over to me and grinned, they rejoined their party, I finished my food and sat at the bar for a couple of drinks before going to my room.

I had stripped off had a shower and got into bed not for one minute did I think Alison would be able to get away from the party so resigned myself to seeing her in the morning (hopefully) as I dropped off to sleep, it must have been a couple of hours later I was fast asleep and as usual kicked off the covers, I was dreaming about Alison and what was to come, I slowly wakened the room was dim but I was in that half awake stage and I heard some tittering, as I looked there was Alison stood in my room her friend Dawn was also there, I am lying there naked sporting a semi erection that’s completely on show. I grabbed for the covers but they were snatched away by Dawn, “oh no you don’t” she said “we both like what we are looking at”. I asked what are you both doing here, Dawn said “well I saw you give something to Alison when I caught you kissing earlier and I made her tell me what was going on, I recognised you as soon as I saw you and I always had my suspicions that you two were enjoying each other all those years ago, seeing you in that corridor I knew straight away”

I looked at Alison she said “ our affair is probably the only secret I’ve kept from Dawn all these years, when she caught us I told her everything, and then she pestered me as to what it was she’d seen you give to me and I showed her the room card, all the other girls have gone off to bed and Dawn said we should come here” I said “do you always do what Dawn tells you” they both laughed and said well we have been friends for a long time..

By this time I was hornier than ever and my erection had got harder this didn’t go unnoticed “Looks like your enjoying us standing here” said Dawn as she stared at my erection “you obviously need to get rid of that” she continued, Dawn ran her fingers up the inside of my leg and over my balls finally scraping them up the underside of my cock, it was a fabulous feeling. Alison said “I have shown Dawn some of our texts and she nagged me for us both to come up here to your room, I think if your willing we will have some fun if your up for it” I was mesmerised, Alison then pulled the waist belt from the dressing gown that was hanging there and tied it around my wrist and slowly restrained one hand to the bed, Dawn pulled a belt from my trousers and managed to do the same to the other hand. Dawn then loosened the straps on Alisons dress and it fell from her, Alison had put on a few pounds but had a womanly figure with large breasts, under the dress was matching lingerie and stockings. I wondered what was occurring but it soon became apparent that these two were extremely good friends, Dawn took her own dress off, she had a fabulously shapely figure for a woman in her mid to late 40’s, she looked at Alison and just said “knees” Alison dropped down and nuzzled her face into Dawns knickers, slowly she pulled them down and started to lick and kiss Dawns clit. Dawn turned her back to me and bent over the chair with her legs apart and I could see Alison’s tongue pleasuring Dawn. She started to shake as her first orgasm hit her and she gushed over Alisons face.

Dawn stood up slowly and took off Alisons bra and knickers leaving her in her stockings, I was laying there tied pleading for some attention Dawn sat Alison down on my face my nostrils filled with her wet pussy I started to kiss and lick, I couldn’t see that Dawn had positioned herself over me until I felt her impale herself on my cock, Alison was near to coming, Dawn started to ride me and I could not take it I shot my load very quickly, Dawn kept trying to ride me until my cock softened and slipped out of her.

“You said he was a great lover” Dawn spoke to Alison, I managed to say between licking give me 10 minutes. I have always had good powers of recovery even now in my mid fifties once I’ve cum the first time I can then last for ages with a second erection. Alison leant forward into the classic 69 and was licking Dawns juices from my cock and very soon I was hard again. When Dawn saw this she once again pushed Alison off and began to ride me for a second time, this time she could really fuck me and kept riding until she gushed all over me, then it was Alisons turn ……………… this was the start of a fabulous 2 nights and day ……………………… more to come