Written by Oralnmore1

3 May 2012

For the past four years I have been holidaying in Spain, to be more specific a nudist complex some 90 kilometres from Almeria, this complex is called Vera Natura and its a nudist complex with nice self catering apartment spread over three acres or so, its very clean, well maintained and there are no roads between the site and the beach which has three bars, one which will feature in this tale. Some of these apartments have roof top sun bathing areas and one of these also features.

One morning about ten I had just got up and I walked over to draw back the curtains, open the french windows and check what the weather was up to ( you can tell I,m English !)and as I stood there stark naked enjoying the warmth of the sun on my naked body a couple walked past on one of the many paths that link up all the apartments, " good morning" I said "cracking day" the woman said back " it is from we,re standing" she started smiling and looking at my genitals and I suddenly I realised I had the stiffy to end all stiffies ! normally I can boast a true eight inches but the combination of badly needing a wee, the lingering effects of the erotic dream I had been having and the fact that I felt pretty damn good, must have added another inch!, the chap who was with her smiled and smilingly said something I didn,t quite catch I nodded and smiled back and after standing there for another minute they walked down to their apartment I turned to go in and suddenly realised that what he had said was " I wouldnt mind getting to grips with that myself"!, forgetting the loo for a minute I ran back to the patio but they had gone inside, bugger !, Oh well back to the loo, sometime later after I had breakfasted and showered I prepared to do some heavy sunbathing, I stopped on the patio to check had everything; keys ( to the flat and to the apartment which is gated )water, towels, book, suntan oil etc when a movement caught my eye it was the woman I had said hallo to earlier, her breasts were resting on top of the parapet and she looked as though she was in pain and then she jolted forward then again and then with increasing rapidity ahe started to smile and looking at me said something over her shoulder a head came into view, it was her partner, he said something to her and she shook her head and then he whispered something in her ear and she nodded, turning to me he said " why dont you come up ?"

Well, I may be grass coloured but I,m not green (as they say) so I went back into the flat took a viagra got some condoms and headed ovet to their apartment, he was standing by the open door and his cock was standing out like a horizontal flag pole !, it was very red, almost purple and it was dripping "Hi my names Pete, come in" as I walked he took my cock in hands and started stroking it, as it got harder he said " do you like that ?", as an answer I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it gently once or twice " does that answer your question ?, my names Mike by the way".

"I fancy a threesome but Sue isn,t too sure but if we take it nice and slow and dont try to rush her we should have some great sex", as we started to climb the stairs to the roof he turned to me and said "Sue doesn,t like condoms she,s allergic to them" and then we were on the roof , Sue was one of those women who through excercise, sensible eating and self-care manages to if not hold back time and least slow it down. I guesses she was over thirty and under fifty, beautiful breasts with lovely pink nipples, a nice little round tummy, completely shaved and a sturdy pair of.."have you done ?" she said "well now you,ve eaten me with your eyes what do you think ?",I looked her straight in the eyes ( blue )and said "you are drop dead gorgeous and Pete is a very lucky man " Pete moved behind her and pulled his her arms round him making her breast stand out even more.

"Come on " she said " les get some sun " so we layed down on the towels and started to rub sun-tan oil on. Pete was first " someone do my back please " "go on Mike " Sue said "you do it" so I went over to Pete who was laying face down and kneeling astride him I started rubbing oil on to his back and massaging him at the same time he opened his legs and moved to the kneeling position so I started rubbing oil on his balls and his cock he was very hard and I started wanking him very slowly I turned to see Sue,s reaction and she was sitting cross legged with one hand on her breast and the other touching her pussy, she looked at me and started poking her tongue against the side of her mouth and I guessed she wanted to watch me suck Pete, no problem !, I layed on my back and pushed my head through Petes legs and started to suck him we went like that for a little while and then he knelt upright and started to fuck my mouth, I love it !, I took he cock out of my mouth and said "do it to me " so now we were in the classic sixty nine position, turning my head I could see Sue she was laying down on her back legs akimbo and pushing her fingers inand out of her pussy sometimes caressing her clit and then pushing her fingers back in.

"Hey Pete, we,re leaving your lady to do it for herself we cant have that" so Pete knelt near her head so she could suck him and I put my head between her legs and started to lick her, now my handle isn,t "oralnmore 1" for nothing and I remembered something I had read, dont lick a woman as though you are tiling the roof! try drawing the letters of the alphabet with the tip of your tongue and dont concentrate on the clit cover evry inch, this I did and now and then getting her pussy right in mouth and sucking it gently, Sue started to get very turned on what sucking Pete who was piching and rolling her nipples, and she pushed us both away " I want a fuck and I want it now, c ome on Pete give it to me "saying this she went on her knees and Pete took her from behind as he did this I lay on back and put my head between her legs,it was fabulous !I could watch Petes cock going in and out and every now and then I would put his cock in mouth and then back into Sue. wWE payed like that for a while and then we changed positions and I fucked Sue and Pete licked and sucked us both. Pete and I wanted to come but Sue wasn,t quite there so as Pete licked and bit her breasts I went back down to her and almost immediately she started to buck and heave and then she cried "bloody hell I,m coming ! harder you bastards, faster !" she pushed her pussy down on to my face and srarted to come, I couldn,t breathe ! but I held on until she finished only coming up for air when she rolled onto her back." you men" she said panted "sometimes you,re worth all the trouble you cause us women ! and now I suppose I,ve got to pay for my pleasure " so saying she knelt doen and started to suck us, first Pete and then me, we didnt need much !, we both came at almost the same time shooting the white stuff all over neck and breasts, Sue rubbed it into her skinso she shone like burnished gold and said" if someone doesn,t get me a drink right now someone is going to get no more nooky !". I had a brainwave " I bought a bottle of spanish champagne yesterday and its in thefridge in my apartment " "go and get it "she said " and we,ve had a shower we can start all over again"...The End...

Did it really happen ?, yes, on the day Sir Jagger was made Pope, Keith Richard the Archbishop of Canterbury and politicians started telling the truth !, oh well a man can dream.

Now this really is the end...or could it be the beginning ?